Happy Christmas Eve!

So, as I sit here at home, finished my Christmas shopping and contemplating whether to go and wrap my gifts now or later, I remember-IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! A wonderful time of year, one of joy and happiness and an overall sense of peace from everyone.
I have to admit, I was angry today. I was driving, and there were these two boys in the middle of the road and they were ignorant enought to NOT get out of my way when I was driving. The INSOLENSE!!! THE NERVE! seriously, did they want me to hit them? I'm not sure some kids are in their right minds sometimes. The sidewalk was right there beside them; they only had to move one foot to the side. I was angry and frustrated, and felt like running them over. OH dear, nice Christmas spirit-nice CHRISTIAN spirit I should say. At that moment I didn't feel very Christian. It is hard for me to keep my temper in check, however, I need to remember that God wants me to live in a spirit of joy and happiness, because that is what He gave us....an incredible joy! It was found in Jesus when He came down as a baby to Mary, and eventually when He died on the cross to save us. His birth and the begin of His life as a human is the real reason Christians celebrate Christmas. So, as we are opening gifts and visiting with family this Christmas, let's not forget about Jesus, who is still giving peace and joy on earth even now.


two days until Home time!!!

I have to work today and tomorrow, it is because of this that I'm not going home until Thursday-yet this is how life can get once you get older. You start to get less and less time off for Christmas holidays. However, I have been enjoying these past few days here by myself, crocheting, watching sad movies(which never look sad when I want to watch them and then I get to the end of the movie...aaargh) and eating....eating...eating....oh man, ok, fine, I've been eating candy cane ice cream!!! Almost the whole tub!!! yes, I did share it with one of the girls who was here on Sunday, yet, I have felt rather compelled to eat it...ALL of it. Not too sure if I can handle anymore of it, but I have one more bowl left, and that is for tomorrow.
So, after we finish taking a look at my sliding foot eating habits, we can talk about the LACK OF SNOW!!! ok, I must admit, I have been an advocate of a green Christmas of late, but as we near the date, I start to wonder if I actually will enjoy a green christmas, if I can actually take this shock, this, undue pressure on my heart, this yearning to listen to the sound of snow falling on snow on Christmas day. All in due time, my dear friends...all in due time. Clearly God knows what He is doing, and we just need to trust Him that he will give us snow for Christmas (which is in six days, God, don't forget).
Love, Ash


100th post today!!!

I can hardly believe that I have now written 100 blogs since March. The time has just flown by, and I'm not too sure that I like it so much. I wish that I could hang on to memories forever, that I wouldn't have to watch them as they sift through my fingers, only to remain a tiny rememberance in my mind. Some things that meant so much, that had such an impact on me, are only small things now. Things that I wanted to remember and hold on to for the rest of my life, all of them but a whisper in the wind. It is a wonder that more people don't journal. Being able to write at least what happened during the day, a sentence, a word, a feeling...taking a memory and making it concrete. Holding onto it, keeping what you wrote it on. Knowing that future generations have that much more to remember you by, realizing you were a real person with thoughts and feelings, much more than just a name that was given to them when they were born. It is a way to look in to the past, feel things that were forgotten about, some that were meant to stay in the past- relationships that need to be restored, people forgiven, remembering who you loved- remembering who loved you. Mistakes you have grown by, learned from. Reliving the good old days when things were normal, peaceful, full of clarity, innocent, selfless, vibrant...Remembering what God has done for you-staying with you in times of loneliness, providing everything in time of need, saving a loved one, and even taking away a loved one-He does everything for a purpose. Reading a journal is like looking into another person's soul-many are not meant to be read by others-most are not meant to be read by others for that very reason. They strip barriers, leaving people inexplicably vulnerable. Yet it is in this way that true feelings come out, when otherwise suppressed. It prepares the heart for God to work, it reveals a canvas for Him to paint on when otherwise covered. Not a physical task, yet physical, for it is to the hand, through the pen, and on to the paper that the emotions flow. They flow, and flow,and flow, unabashed at the volume of their intensity, unbiased at the minuteness of their serenity, forever flowing until the very. last. drop. Slowly the pen is put down, as the muddled thoughts from the mind were put to right on the paper, and everything starts to make sense...memories are easier to conjure when reading back through these emotion-filled pages, and that last grain of remembrance slipping through the fingers is caught, scrutinized, held on to for just a little while longer...
Love, Ashleigh


9 days till Christmas....

Good afternoon to all-I hope that all of the college students are enjoying their time at home, while I am stuck at college all by myself-yes i'm a little bitter...JUST KIDDING!!! Although I am wishing I could be home right now, it is soooooooooooooo nice having this relax time all to myself. I don't have to worry about people keeping me from sleeping at night, or worry about being woken up in the morning. It's wonderful!
Today I bought new crochet hooks and some wool...I just got addicted to crocheting again-it's a good thing I had a gift card from wal-mart, because wool can get extremely expensive!
I just heard on the radio that tomorrow is supposed to be 11C. That is insane, but we really shouldn't be complaining-we should be soaking in every moment of this beautiful weather. Come middle of February we'll all be wanting it to come back, that's for sure!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening-I know I will, working on my culinary skills, watching movies, and crocheting!!! hehe
love, Ash


I think I am on my way to catching up on all my sleep. I got almost nine hours last night, and maybe seven the night before...sleep is very good!
It's getting lonely here. Pretty much everyone has gone home now. I think there are only four or five girls staying here until Monday, and I'm the only one who is here until Thursday! but that's ok, coming home in the morning, so I won't be here too much longer! I can't wait to come home and see my family and friends and people!!! so excited!!!
There is this lady at work who speaks Italian, she's actually my supervisor, and she's been teaching me a few words in Italian. It's a fun language too.
Today I made couscous and stirfried up onions, green and red peppers, and tomatoes, and then mixed in chickpeas and mixed it ALL together and ate it!! SO delicious! I'm actually eating it right now, and it's absolutely heavenly!
Well, it looks as if the white Christmas dream might be shattered this year. However, seeing as we still have more than a week to go(exactly 10 days today!) it's ok. Many things can happen in that period of time!
I'm going to get going now, get some candy cane ice cream and delve into the delightfully delectable and delicious dessert!
Love, Ash



haha, I know it really wasnt't that bad, but I'm so happy that I made it through. I stayed up all night last night writing an essay, but it's all finished now and I got to sleep so I'm ready to go...not really-think I still need LOTS more sleep to catch up on my late nights I've been having.
The weather today is incredibly beautiful. Although you can't see the sun, the air is mild and makes you want to go for a nice long walk.
We had a surprise birthday party for my roommate last night! It was awesome. She didn't suspect a thing. Her birthday is on Friday but most people are going home tomorrow, so we wanted to do it before they all went home.
It was fun! And we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2...I liked it!
I definitely bought candy cane ice cream! That is my absolute favourite part about Christmas-candy cane ice cream and egg nog. They are two Christmas time staples for sure! What other things are Christmas "must have" things for you? It doesn't have to be food, it could be something that you must do at Christmas time. Just leave a comment and reminisce!

Love, Ash


One down, one left to go....

I can almost smell the freedom...one more exam and one more paper to write and I'm officially finished with this semester!!!
It's so ironic: one of our professors said something that is so true-Although we pay for education(post secondary), it seems that everyone pulls their teeth to get through with it. I have enjoyed this semester though-the different classes and the experience itself have taught me many things about not only God but also myself.
I wanted to add the photo because I forgot to add them the day after the banquet, not to mention I haven't really been paying attention to much of anything else except school. This is of me and my residence advisor...she's so awesome and a great friend!
well, time to go study for another exam tonight and finish writing my paper on sibling and family rivalry in Genesis.
Hope everyone has a great day, and thanks for the encouragement!
Love, Ash


Exams, Papers, More papers.....

Well, we all know the outcome of procrastination. If you don't do it beforehand, the pressure becomes unbearable until finally you have to pull an all nighter to get things done. Which is what happened to me and most of the people in my John class last night. There were three papers due today, each worth 20% or our mark, and mostly everyone started them either Saturday night or last night. Me and a friend stayed up all night working on them...finished the first paper and wrote two papers all in pretty much ten hours straight. I slept for an hour and a half and now going to write another paper due today, plus work, plus study for 2 exams tomorrow! Ah, the life of a college student! So I know that most of my family is praying for me, but keep going, because I'm pretty sure I won't be getting a good night's sleep until Wednesday during the day! haha
Love to everyone, see you on the other side of this mountain!
Love, Ash


It was such a beautiful banquet last night. Although it was sort of boring, I still enjoyed it and had fun getting dressed up and getting my pictures taken with what seemed like everybody!
It's so wonderful to know that Christmas is almost here and I'll get to go home and visit with my family. I miss them so much. It's hard when you're the oldest in the family, because you miss seeing everyone as they grow up while you move on and do other things in your life.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, just like I am NOT having...haha, cramming for exams and last minute papers is so incredibly fun I can't even begin to express my happiness!
Love, Ash


An evening affair

I'm so excited. Tonight is our Christmas banquet at school, and all the girls in dorm are going crazy getting ready to look beautiful for tonight. It's going to be so much fun.
I bought my first little black dress for the event, but I'm wearing something over top of it because our school's dress code doesn't allow spaghetti straps by themselves.
My choir is singing, too, we're singing a remake on "hark the herald angels sing" and a new piece that is called "so wonderful".
I only have five more days to go and this semester is officially over. It went so fast, almost too fast. I don't even want to think how fast the next semester is going to go, especially considering the fact that after that I won't be coming back.
It's funny how Christmas time just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. What a wonderful and enchanting time of year. I wish it would feel like this all the time in the winter-the summer doesn't need to feel like snow and christmas lights-it's fine the way it is!
I hope everyone's evening goes a well as mine will-I don't have a date for it, which makes it stress free. Most of us girls are just going with each other, besides, it's more fun that way anyways!
Peace out...
Love, Ashleigh


I can't believe it's almost the end of the semester! Next week we just have exams left and that's it! I'm so excited!
Last night there was a coffee house here, and it was a Christmas edition. There were many performers, playing guitar, singing, acting, and fun things like that.
I even played a piece on the piano- I was so nervous, haven't played the piano in front of anyone for almost two years. It went surprisingly well,! though, and although I made a few mistakes I covered them up well enough that no one noticed.
Our choir sang as well without our director and acapella. It was so nice and I enjoyed it alot.
Another thing that was so random was what one of our favourite performers asked me to do. When he started playing "Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer" I was to come up onstage and speak in Portuguese until the end of the song. I asked, "well, what do you want me to say?" and he said, "whatever you want!" So I got up there and just started speaking random things in Portuguese, like saying one of the guitar player's guitar was beautiful, saying it was dark outside, random things like that! It was a lot of fun, and even though I knew that no one understood what I was saying, I tried to use inflections in my voice so it would be interesting at least!
What a random night! It was a fun way to spend our last coffee house of the semester.
There were a lot of beautiful and talented acts, and I commend everyone who performed.
I enjoy college coffee houses a lot!
hope everyone has a great day.
Love, Ashleigh


I heard that it was freezing rain today in my home town- fortunately here it was a nice mist (at times it poured) and warm as warm could be. I love it! I should stop bragging about how nice this town is. Such a change from living in the snow belt!
Next week the cafeteria closes on Wednesday for the holidays, and we have to fend for ourselves until January 8. That will be fine-I enjoy cooking anyways. I'm just going to miss having lunch with my friends :(
I'm having writer's blog tonight-I'm going to keep with the rain theme and type in a poem I wrote on June 14, 2003 entitled "Rain":
Big droplets.
Soothing mist.
Washes over me.
Cleanses my soul.
Clouds crying.
No one knows
When tears
Stream down
My face.
Face looks
Up to
In awe
Of this
Love, Ashleigh


a beautiful day...

What a beautiful day it was today! oh my goodness, I wish I had spent more time outside, but I went from one thing to another it seems. It wasn't sunny, but it's funny, you know that rain I wrote about yesterday? ya, it happened today. Well, it was more like a mist all day, but incredibly amazing just the same. And it was so balmy...I love this weather, and I wish it was like this all year round!
And choir this afternoon was awesome, too. We have our first performance on Sunday, and we're getting so excited to finally perform what we've worked so hard on!
Next week is final week of classes!!! yay!
Love, Ash

The Call of the Rain

For one of my classes this year we are reading through this book called "Space for God" and making reflections on the reflections in the book. I just wanted to share this one with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I will add my comments after it....by the way, thanks those who have been leaving comments-it's nice to know that people are still reading my blogs. Here's the reflection:

"....Water is always an invitation to immersion[for me], an immersion with a quality of totality, since it would accept all of me, as I am. Some primal urge invites me to return whence I came. At times I have done so. There is some special delight in simply walking into a stream, stepping into a lake. The child's delight in a puddle is my adult's in the sea...No rain falls that I do not at once hear in the sound of the falling water an invitation to come to the wedding. It is rare that I do not answer. A walk in an evening rain in any setting is to walk in the midst of God's loving attention to his earth, and, like a baptism, is no simple washing, but a communication of life. When you hurry in out of the rain, I hurry out into it, for it is a sign that all is well, that God loves, that good is to follow. If suffering a doubt, I find myself looking to rain as a good omen. And in rain, I always hear singin, wordless chang rising and falling. When rain turns to ice and snow I declare a holiday. I could as easily resist as stay at a desk with a parade going by in the street below. I cannot hide the delight that then possesses my heart. Ony God could have surprised rain with such a change of dress as ice and snow... Most people love rain, water. Snow charms all young hearts. Only when you get older and bones begin to feel dampness, when snow becomes a traffic probelm and a burden in the driveway, when wet means dirt-then the poetry takes flight and God's love play is not noted. But I am still a child and have no desire to take on the ways of death. I shall continue to heed water's invitation, the call of the rain. We are in love and lovers are a little mad."
-Matthew Kelty, Flute Solo, "Reflections of a Trappist Hermit", pg 117-119

I really enjoyed this reflection by Kelty. I too love rain, but find it's only welcome when I am in a good mood. Rarely, or come to think of it, I have never thought of it as a sign from God or as a way that He communicates with us. But it is true. When we become baptized, it is done in water. When rain comes down, it connects with our skin as if God himself is touching us. It is another wonderful way of communication between God and us. I think God meant for us to enjoy rain. I'm not too sure I agree with the author about snow and ice. I don't really like snow too much, but I guess if I really think about it snow is more tangible than rain. We can connect with God by enjoying his creation and actually playing with it, like when we make snowmen or have snowball fights.
I guess rain is another way that God tells us to remember Him and how He can shower us with blessings. I have to remember to fully appreciate the rain even when I'm not in a great mood.


Well, it's been a month since I last wrote, well almost a month. Thought a new post was long overdue. As we go into this crazy Christmas season, I just wanted to take the time to remind everyone to slow down-and I'm talking to myself as well. It's going to be really hard for me-exams are coming and I have some papers to write still-all in the next two weeks! However, I need to remember to learn to take the time to appreciate the simple things in life, like hearing my favourite song on the radio, watching the first snowflakes fall(when you're inside nice and warm of course!), going grocery shopping with a friend(even if it's for ten minutes), or even just sitting down to a nice cup of tea and relaxing for once.
I know, I know...it seems almost impossible. Which is really unfortunate in North American society. Being in Brasil really opened my eyes to a different lifestyle. If they are late, it doesn't matter. They take the time to talk to people, give a hug, and they enjoy the simple things in life. It's something that is foreign to us way up north. Although it may be out of our comfort zones to slow down, it is totally doable. I believe that God created things for us to enjoy, things like a sunset and sunrise, a flower, or a baby smiling. When we take the time to enjoy them, we are creating an opportunity to remember God and all that He has created and done for us.
I hope everyone of you is doing well, and keeping healthy from all the colds that are going around!
I will try to write more at least before Christmas! haha
Love, Ash


It's November already???!

How the time flies...I can't even believe that it's only 51 days until Christmas. It's my two brothers birthdays this month, and there's midterms on Tuesday, and it's almost the end of the semester.
Remember-November 11 is on Saturday.
I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with everything that I have to do before now and December 11, but that's ok. With time management skills and with strength from God I'll get through it.
Love you all


My Roommate...

I am going to dedicate this blog to my roommate. She doesn't know that I'm writing about her, so let's just keep this between you and me!
She kind of reminds me of my sister Melissa, so it's nice, because I feel really comfortable with her!(Although it's not the same...I miss my sisters!)
She makes me laugh soooooooooo much! She's like the life of the party, and when she walks into the room everything just gets louder and somehow funnier.
She plays on the volleyball team, and today they had a tournament. Last night she was supposed to go to bed early because she had to get up early, but you know how it is when you get two night hawks trying to get to sleep when the room is way too hot...it just doesn't happen! So, we ended up talking for about an hour and a half, wasting beautiful sleep time to swap stories about troubles we've been through, and also about our families and how much we love them. It was fun, and definitely a bonding time. There's something about sharing a room with someone for so long when you had never met them before: you just have to bond with them, unless you want the whole year to be miserable. It's not hard to bond with my roommate at all, and I'm so glad that she's who she is. With her "go get 'em" personality and sociality, she is the perfect person for me to share a room with here. I'm social, but not overly, so she's kind of teaching me to be more talkative, to get out there and do stuff!
She's a year younger than me, but her spiritual maturity is also amazing, and I know that this will have a positive aspect on me as well.
I only hope that I can be as much of a roommate to her that she is to me!
It was funny, last night the dialogue near the end of our long convo went like this(it was about 3:30 or 4 in the morning):
Me: I'm so sorry for keeping you talking and awake!!! I'm such a horrible roommate!"
Her: I'm so sorry for keeping you talking and awake!!! I'M such a horrible roommate! There, we cancelled each other out, now we can sleep."
What a girl, with her crazy red polka dot rubber boots that she wears in the middle of october. I wouldn't switch my roommate with anyone else this year at all!
I've been kind of MIA these past few days. Many things have happened since my last blog. I now have a job(hurray Tim Horton's!!), and I turned 20 years old! I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me birthday greetings! I'm pretty sure I had 30 e-mails from people all over wishing me a happy birthday. It was so nice to feel like people remembered me on my birthday even though I am away at college. Thank you!
Why are face wash products so expensive? I am just randomly talking about what is on my mind right now. So, I go grocery shopping and picked up some face wash, toner(mostly because my mom always talks about how good toner is for your skin..I'm not too sure, considering it always stings when it comes in contact with me!), and moisturizer. I didn't buy too much food, just the staples, and it was almost $40!! It's consumer robbery I tell you! Thankfully the face products were on sale, otherwise I would have hit the roof!
I made quiche today for the first time ever!!!!!! It was so good, and tasted extremely yummy. I put mozzarella cheese, bacon bits, and red peppers in it. I've always loved it when my mom makes quiche, because she makes the best ever. I guess I'm not too bad myself...haha! I still need some practice though.
I had an adventure on Thursday-I rode the bus to the bank. That's all. I think it's so interesting...all my 10 years living in my hometown, I think I only rode the bus 4 times. Then when I was in Brasil, I rode it about 4 times, over 5 months! Then, since I've been here, after only a month, I've already taken the bus 2 times! It's so convenient.
I should probably be sleeping right now. I'm going to bed now
Have a good day tomorrow!
Love, Ashleigh


It just finished hailing outside my window...now it's starting back up again. What crazy weather. It wants to snow, but it wants to rain at the same time. I will never understand it.
The wedding was very beautiful on Saturday. It was very short, but it was still a nice wedding, and I'm so happy for my friend who was the groom.
The trip on the way home was even more beautiful than the one there. We were driving around Lake Superior, and everywhere we looked was a Kodak moment. We did stop at a few places to take pictures, but the rest will have to be kept in our memories. I remember one picture perfect moment, where the moon had just risen, and it was half behind a cloud and then slowly started rising. It finally reached a point so high in the sky that it was like a light for the whole earth, becuase it was so bright. I also had a wonderful time with mom and dad, just talking, sleeping, or laughing at how mom drives in the dark...good memories! Especially her driving in the dark with transport trucks coming around crazy bends in the road, and Josh Groban blasting from the car speakers. I definitely could not catch my breath from laughing so hard! Good times!
Well, today I'm going to do my homework for Tuesday and Wednesday's classes. I had better go and do that now.
Hope everyone is having a great day
Love, Ash


Trip to Fort Francis

Although 20 hr car rides are not generally that fun, the trip to Fort Francis went surprisingly fast. Mom and Dad came to get me at college around 3AM Friday morning, and then we headed out to come here for our friend's wedding. Unfortunately the car we borrowed doesn't have insurance covered for me to drive it, so I felt incredibly bad just having mom and dad drive the whole time. It was a beautiful trip. We drove down to the border and went through three states(Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota), and then came up to the border again to Fort Francis. We saw so many beautiful sights...brilliant yellow leaves mixed with burgundy, a wonderful sunset on Friday night, and many many deer(one even right in the middle of the town!) It's funny how there are cultural differences even from one state to the next. We stopped at a gas station, and a kid pulled up on a four-wheeler like it was nothing. It's just funny, because we don't see to many four-wheelers where we live, and especially not pulling up to get gas! I just laughed!
So, staying here at a motel in Fort Francis, and I got to share a room with a friend of mine who I haven't seen in such a long time. AND I get a queen bed all to myself!! Luxury I tell you...it's a wonderful thing! I had such a good sleep, and I'm ready for the wedding today. Our friend who's getting married looks so tired though. So does his bride-to-be. They must have been doing so much work! I can imagine that weddings are bittersweet, because they're so much fun when you finally get to the day, but the original planning must be so crazy tiring!
Well, we're going to head home tomorrow, so not sure when I can write my next blog, but I will definitely be writing about the wedding and our trip home.


I love thunderstorms, and they always come at night or in the early morning hours when you really can't enjoy them. We did have one at 3 or 4AM this morning, and now we're having another one, which is awesome!
I have one class on Wednesdays, and it's called Spiritual Formation. It talks about how Christians need to be disciplined in learning and studying about God and His Word, the Bible. Today our prof brought in his fellow pastor at his church,Dave. He was talking to us about when we read the Bible and pray, we must also be meditating on it. (I learned the differences between Christian meditation and meditation of other religions.I have to admit that before I learned about the difference, I shied away from the idea of meditation, because we're taught so much negative things about it in the church. The idea of Christian meditation is to fill your mind with the things of God, while in other religions the idea is to empty your mind) I really enjoyed his lecture, and the way he showed us how to become closer in our relationships with God.
This whole Bible college thing is a really good idea, but I'm pretty sure that if I want to get anything out of what I learn,I will actually have to put it into practice. It's going to take a while, that's why it's called "discipline", but I know that it's very important.
Other than that, I am looking forward to the afternoon because we have choir again.
I hope that everyone has a great day...
Love, Ash

Finally, I figured out how to do this!

I know it's late, but decided to try again to see if I could post photos, and it turns out that I can. This is a pic of me just after I got new glasses and braces, both of which I am thankful for very much!
Good night!
Love, Ash


Thanksgiving Edition

Who's ready for thanksgiving? I sure am. This has to be one of my favourite holidays. I have to say I am rather biased though, just because my favourite season is autumn and thanksgiving is right in the middle!
I'm so excited to be going home and seeing all of my cousins that I haven't seen since last Christmas. What a shame to live so far away from family! I don't know if I like it that much! I only have one cousin that actually e-mails me, which I'm grateful for, because I have gotten to know her way better than I used to.
Let's think about thanksgiving for a second. I know that it's a time when everyone thinks about turkey, and pumpkin pie, but Christians also know that it's the season to think about thanking God for the things we have. I can think of many people that I can thank God for right now. I'm so grateful for my family, my mom and dad, my sisters and brothers, all my grandparents and my cousins aunts and uncles. Also for the friends that I have already made here at college, especially my roommate, because she's put up with me in so much! I'm also very thankful for the opportunity to come here and learn more about the Bible.
I am so thankful for the 5 senses that God gave us. Taste, hear, smell, see, touch. I especially love the sense of smell. There are so many things in this world that smell good...apple pie, my mom's perfume, my dad's cologne, freshly washed laundry(especially when it's hung out to dry), the smell of a baby's skin, and so much more.
As I think about all the things God has blessed us with as Canadians, I have to remember that we should be thankful every single day of the year, not just on the thanksgiving holiday! But it's still a good time to stop and be grateful for everything we have.
So, as I stuff myself with turkey and dressing, and delight in the pumpkin pie topped with lots of whipped cream this weekend, I will be thinking about you all!
I'm going to a wedding too, so this is going to be really fun...so excited!
Love, Ash


Tried to put a pic of me up here, but it's not working, so I'll try again another day. Definitely got to speak to a Brazilian woman today at church! That was my excitement of the day! I think I'm going to be able to help teach her English, which will be sweet.
I'm kinda feeling cooped up in this school today, so I think I'm going to go for a walk now. I'm gone...
love, Ash



I had such an awesome day yesterday. I got to go home and visit with the fam!!! yay!
Even though it wasn't even one full day, it was still good to see everybody. I love going home...funny how much you miss interacting with the people you grew up with until you don't see them all the time. I also got my laptop that my Dad slaved over! (Thanks Dad!) I won't get internet until Monday, but that's ok. I can live without it for the weekend...maybe not, but I can go to the computer lab still.
My friend drove me back to college, and she's going to stay over tonight, which will be really fun because I've never had company before!
I only have homework for three classes left, so I'm going to try to work a little bit on that tonight.
So, for now, I love you all and take care!
Love, Ash


Well, reading through a commentary on Genesis(or any college-level commentary for that matter) can be quite a task. I went around to other apartments and asked some girls if they had a dictionary so I could look up the word "talionic",and, with no success, looked up the word on dictionary.com. Well, of course they didn't have "talionic", but they had the word "talion". The definition...well, if you want to know look it up for yourself(yes, I'm going to be mean.) Anyway, the definition itself had a big word I didn't know, so I had to look up the meaning of it. Then, looking up the meaning of it, found another big word I didn't know the meaning of. Looked of the meaning of this word, and, in the definition, it used the word itself!! I mean, how stupid is that? We were always told that when writing a definition you have to use other words to define it. Man, it repeated the word about 3 times. So, needless to say, in a long, drawn out, and sort of round-about way, I found the meaning to the wonderful and crazy word.
At least that's the only word I haven't known in this commentary. In our commentary about the book of John in the Bible, within about 40 pages I had to look up 100 words that I had never seen in my life or couldn't remember the meanings for because we don't use them in everyday English vocabulary. As my Hermeneutics(Bible Interpretation) teacher always says, "WELCOME TO COLLEGE!!!"
Welcome to college is right. I never thought of myself as a thinker, but now I have no choice but to become one. Wow, what a challenge.
Anyways, better get back to my reading. Just thought while I was on the computer I would write a quick little blog.
ttyl, and take care
Love, Ash


Tonight's a little chipper than normal weather-wise. I kind of like it, knowing that it's not "snow" weather, but it's like the nice crisp weather of fall.
I'm finally going home this week-end! I think this is what...my third week here? no, my fourth. So, I'm looking forward to seeing my fam, even if it's only one full day...still excited! Plus, I'm getting my laptop, which Dad has faithfully been working on for me, getting it all upgraded and stuff that he does...Thanks Dad!!!
I got a wedding invitation today...for a wedding that's on October 8!! Hey, it's ok, I already knew that I was invited and that my friend was marrying. He's just really really late at getting them out. That's ok, I was so excited to get it! And I am so going! And definitely putting the beautiful invitation on my wall to decorate it...I know...I'm weird!
Well, don't think I should be up this late, but still have some work to do for tomorrow's 8:15 class...Entao, boa noite!
Love, Ash


Missions Moments and a Concert

Every Friday night at my school(maybe it's every other Friday night) the missions committee brings in someone to talk about missions. Last night a representative from Wycliffe Bible Translators came...he had a really good presentation, and he doesn't actually do the translation, but his specialty is linguistics, so he was showing us different things to do with that. It was really interesting. There was also someone there who has been in Brasil for 11 years, and came back a year ago, so I could speak some Portuguese to him(although he doesn't remember as much as he used to)
Then after that, we hosted a concert here last night, but it was all screamo Christian rock stuff...very interesting, let me tell you. I don't really like it. Two guys that we go to school with, Drew and Kevin, are in a band that isn't screamo, it's actually really good, and they're playing in Peterborough tonight. So after the concert was over, they were practicing with their band for tonight for about an hour. Me and some of the girls from my dorm(about 5 of us) went into the chapel to watch them practice...they are REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!! Honestly I would buy a CD of theirs. It's so cool when I think about it, I go to school with 2 of these guys! Apparently a record label offered to sign them on, but Drew said he would only do that if they were a big record label. He said he'd drop out of school so fast and just do his band...hey I would too if I were that good in a band!!! They're awesome!
Anyways, I have to go and do some homework.
Love, Ash


I really love autumn. Honestly, it is my absolute favourite time of year. It gets so beautiful, all the different colours of the leaves, and the smells and vibrancy. It's funny how being back in Canada I start to remember all the different smells that I forgot about in Brasil. Like, for instance, I smelled snow in the air the other day. I know, I know, it is WAY too early, but it was so crisp and it just reminded me of snow. And then there's the smell of wet leaves, that nauseating smell of decay. However, it is so common in the fall, that you can't help but learn to like it.
The colours remind me that God is the best artist of all. His imagination surpasses everything that we could even dream of. I love it!
Love, Ash


The Retreat

Not sure if I mentioned anything about this, but there was an all-school retreat to a camp nearby this past weekend. I went, and I'm so glad that I did. Most of the freshman went, but only a few of the seniors went. We left on the Friday night, and came back yesterday afternoon.
We did lots of stuff...had a pastor come from a local church and he spoke about our goal of Bible college and many other things...he was very good. On Saturday we played lots of crazy games down by the beach,played some soccer, and tetherball. I can't say that I like tetherball very much, it's kinda hard... But anyways. Thankfully I got all of my reading done before I left so I wouldn't have to do that on the retreat...however, there were quite a few people who did bring their homework with them. I felt bad for them because they couldn't quite relax like the rest of us.
Well, back at it steady today. Although I haven't done my questions for Hermeneutics tomorrow, so I should go and do that. Anyways, take care, everyone
Love, Ash



Yes, I'm starting to find out just how difficult college life can be, and I'm not talking about living in residence...I am talking about the reading!!! Now I understand why they give us reading weeks and stuff like that! (Actually I don't even think our college give us reading weeks!)
Anyways, so I'm up to my eyeballs in reading and assignments stuff. It seems like all I do now is read read read. But I am really wanting to do well in school for once in my life, so I hope that I can keep up some good habits.
Other than that, I am enjoying being here. Sort of feeling grown up,cleaning, making my own meals, having to manage my own time WISELY...crazy stuff.
Well, hope everyone is doing well.
Not sure who else reads my blogs, but just gonna say a little shout out to all the people I'm pretty sure read it:Nan and Pops, Oma and Grandpa, Tom, Mom and Dad, Stef, and if I didn't say your name, then leave a comment so I can know who's reading this!
Love, Ash


First day of classes...

Hey all, wow, it's been a while since I've written anything. I had my first 2 classes today, Genesis and John. It was interesting let me tell you. I can't believe the classes are 2hrs and 45 min.!!!! Craziness. But, I'm so glad to be taking these classes, especially Genesis, and learn more about the book in the Bible where God created the world, and many other fascinating stories.
Thankfully my teeth are feeling better, and I can now chew on both sides, but still foods that are pretty tough(can't eat a nice roast beef or anything like that, unless it was really tender).
Anyways, that's all for now.
Hope you all are doing great.
Love, Ash


College life is really great. I am absolutely loving living in residence. It is an interesting experience living with so many other girls that I don't know. But we are slowly starting to get to know each other. I got my books yesterday (all 10 of them) and also got my schedule. I have 2 classes a day, and have Thursdays and Fridays off. Now I just have to find a job or something to do on those days so I don't get bored!!
Thankfully my mouth doesn't hurt as much anymore. I can only chew on the left side of my mouth though...it's interesting. But the braces aren't rubbing on the inside of my cheeks as much as they were before, so that helps relieve most of my pain.
Today was a spiritual emphasis day to get ready for the school year(it starts tomorrow) We had a pastor come and he talked on our theme verse of this year(which is 2 Peter 1:5-7) So it was basically 2 church services, one before lunch and one after lunch. The one after lunch we had in the city park. It was very nice.
Now we have free time to prepare for classes for tomorrow. I have no classes though, so that's good!
Well, take care, and will write later
Love, Ash



They're really hurting today...I woke up thinking there is really no point eating anything that I can chew on, because barely biting down sends pain shooting through my whole mouth. So, just ate a yogurt and downed a nice cold class of water that accompanyed my tylenol. We're good to go now. Woke up at 8AM, and I'm hoping to start cleaning my room now, and getting all my clothes together. Last night mom put together food for me, while I sat there and watched, and told her to stop giving me all her food! I know that they love me, and they don't want me to starve until I get a job to pay for my own food.
Well, I should go before I get distracted by the Internet and find other exciting things to waste my time with!
Take care,
Love, Ash


Hi everyone...today I got my braces on. Not too sure what I think of them yet. They're interesting, and thankfully they don't hurt yet, but I'm sure they probably will later this weekend. I got clear ones on the top so they don't look too metal. Kinda nice.
This weekend is going to be busy, so not sure when I will be able to write again. Probably next week sometime.
I was able to spend some time with some of my friends and stuff before I left again, so that was nice.
Hope you all are doing well.
Love, Ash


We had tacos for lunch...except that we didn't have the hard shells. Just used some tortilla wraps...mmmmm. Que Delicia!
I used the beef we had with that to make a vegetable beef soup for dinner. I'm not sure that I made enough for 7 people, but we'll see how it goes. It smells really good, and I'm looking forward to eating it.
I'm getting used to the English keyboard now. I have to use ALT with the keypad for letters with accents.
Today is a beautiful day...the sun is shining, and all the laundry is drying nicely on the line.
I haven't really been getting ready for school, but I still have...4... more days...yeah.
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appt. and a bank appt...Thurs. have an eye appt...and Friday get my braces on. Talk about a week jam packed!!
I should go now, put some more laundry on the line.
Love to everyone...Ash


It's an interesting day today...I didn't do much, but it still went pretty slowly. I'm trying to get myself psyched up to get things ready for college.
Made something today...in the kitchen! What a rare event for someone who never does any baking or cooking of the sort! I made some peanut butter balls...and then dipped them in chocolate. Mmmmmm...how good was that? Well, you'll have to look in the freezer( I put them in there to get nice and hard and crunchy...)....don't think there's any left! haha
Anyways, did some laundry, read a book, ate lunch, checked my e-mails...that has been the extent of my day.
I hope that everyone is doing well.
I went to church yesterday...it was nice to see familiar faces again. Although I have to admit, I went to the second service so that I wouldn't have to see as many people...yes, I am a little crowd shy. Oh well, I will see them again at Thanksgiving. My goodness what a long ways away that is!
Love to everyone.


College and Niagara Falls

I have to say, I have never been to Niagara Falls...all my life in Canada, and never been to such a beautiful place. But this Wednesday me and my family got to go finally!!!
Around lunch time we went to check out my new college I'll be attending in the fall...I really like it!!! Although it's a small campus, it's really nice...has 2 buildings for residence(one for the boys and one for the girls) and then an academic building, and a community center building(with the gym, the cafeteria, and stuff like that)
After that, we went to Niagara Falls!! On the way, Vanessa was saying, "I don't know what all the fuss is over these stupid falls! It's just water falling over a cliff..." And then once she saw them, she understood, and she was like, "WOW!!!"
It was so funny!
Anyways, I had a great time!


living in Canada

Well, I have returned to Canada...got here on Wednesday at around noon. The only complications was the two hour delay in Sao Paulo to fix the engine...then I was delayed getting into Toronto. But that's ok, I arrived, and I'm alive, and that's all that matters! Thanks to God for getting me here safely, because only He was able to get that engine fixed well enough for me to feel comfortable flying in the air for 10 hrs!
There isn't as much of a cultural shock as I thought there would be ...thankfully. Thanks for all of your prayers to get me back here without too much to worry about. Although I was eating dinner the other day, and looked at the napkins on the table, and said to my mom, "Are these napkins always big like this?" And she laughed and said, "yes, and you have been away for too long!"(because the napkins in Brasil are pretty tiny).
My whole family was so glad to see me. And I was really glad to see them too! All my brothers and sisters have changed so much, it was crazy!
Last night I stayed over at my friend's house, and we caught up on a lot of stuff. It was good, and felt really normal.
It was kind of hot today, and I'm still sweating buckets...but it is good to be back!
love to everyone!
Love, Ash


Just finished packing all my clothes in my suitcase...but that doesn't mean I'm finished packing yet. I have a ton of other things that I have to find room for in my other suitcase! No, I will have room. Thank goodness they're big suitcases.
Anyways, I think this will be the last blog I write before I leave. Because tomorrow morning I have to get up really early to go to the airport. And finally, I will arrive in Canada on Wednesday morning.
Yesterday I went to the English church in the morning, and then went and visited some friends to say goodbye to them for the afternoon. Then Graça's daughter Dani and her husband and children and I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries for her house. She brought her digital camera, and we were being really goofy in the store, taking pictures of ourselves with towels wrapped around us and stuff like that. However, one guy who worked there came around and told us that we weren't allowed to take pictures..so much for our fun! But that's ok. It was good while it lasted.
I was so tired last night. I had planned to pack my suitcases last night, but after we came home from eating pizza, I was so tired I could hardly talk! Needless to say,I went to sleep and hardly remember my head touching the pillow!
Well, I should go now. Have lots of things to do today, including going to the airport. I have to switch my Varig flight to GOL, because Varig isn't doing any more flights. So, let's see how that works out.
But I have to say, I appreciate everyone who read my blogs, who left comments, and glad that most people enjoyed them. Sorry some days I didn't write, but it can be draining to write blogs sometimes. Anyways, thanks for all your prayers, I survived, and I'm coming home now! Looking forward to seeing everyone so much. Miss you guys!!!
Love, Ash
P.s. I will try to write when I get home.


Never know how hard it is to say "goodbye" to someone until the actual day. Thursday I said goodbye to some of the students, but I didn't cry very much . But yesterday at Vôo Livre was really hard. I really got attached to the kids there, and especially to one family in particular. I waited to say goodbye to that family after Vôo Livre closed. I went to their house and spent a little bit of time with them. But all too soon it was time to go and it was so difficult. I love them so much!
Today I'm not thinking about saying goodbye to anyone else. I don't want to think about it until I actually have to!
I went to the zoo in Brasília with Wellington and Josh this morning until 1:30. It is a nice zoo. They have alot of birds, they have monkeys, lions and tigers and bears OH MY!!!(no, they don't have any bears...just quoting from The Wizard of Oz movie. )
I'm glad that we had the time to go there and do that!
This afternoon I'm going with Cristina to have acaí...not sure how to describe it, but it's such a delicious food! And then tonight I'm going to a birthday party of one of my friends who goes to the International church! I'm so excited!
Well, hope you all have a good week-end. Looking forward to seeing whoever I will see when I come back!
Love, Ash


I'm tired of crying whenever I talk about how I have to keep saying goodbye to people, so I'm going to talk about the inevitable DVBS. Hope it's worth the wait! LOL
So, Monday morning, two weeks ago, the DVBS started. The Canadians had decided to do the same program twice, once in the morning, and the other in the afternoon, to reach as many kids as they possibly could. The registration was interesting...they were trying to group kids by age by different coloured name tags like they do in Canada(unfortunately this is Brasil, not Canada) so...needless to say, it didn't work out very well all week, so we won't even talk about it. Some people were getting frustrated, but hey, this is Brasil, you have to go with the flow.
So, what they did every day was have a main group session, do the verse and sing, they the different groups would go to either music, drama, crafts, or sports, and then they would switch after a time. The crafts were difficult to plan, I can imagine, for Kay who was one of the Canadians to do crafts. The thing was, they could only bring so much stuff with them, right? So, she would have had to pick crafts that were the same, but that were challenging enough for the older kids, but easy enough for the little kids. It was difficult, a little stressful, but that's ok. That's life at a DVBS, né??? For translators, we had Joyce, Sadie, and ...me? it was good, most of the time I just stayed in the craft room and just had to translate simple instructions, like " Glue here, or cut there..." and sometimes the kids wanted to talk to the Canadians, so I could translate that for them. But...one day, Joyce had to do something, and I had to translate the drama Bible story of Zaccheus...there's only one word for that moment.... CRAZINESS!!! I asked Wellington(the sports director, a 25-year old string bean who is so hilarious) if I did ok...he said,"it was ok...you didn't get the verb conjugations right though!" Of course, that's inevitable with me! One day, I will know them perfectly!
And another day I got to translate some of the songs in the music room. It was fun! The lady who headed that up, Wendy, has lots of energy, so it was fun working with her.
Normally there were more kids in the morning group than in the afternoon groups. The sad thing was that kids from the morning group would repeat it in the afternoon. (I say it's "sad", because that just shows you that these poor kids have nothing to do on their holidays, so they would rather come back sing the same songs, do the same crafts and everything the same than be bored...but I guess that's better than being on the streets and getting into trouble!!!)
One 13 year-old boy was giving Kate(a very timid but ever strong daycare worker) an extremely hard time the first day. But she got me to translate that Jesus loves him, and that he is a good boy but he just has to show it. As the week went on, he still was impish with others, but she just kept giving him hugs, and showing him love, and he was pretty much fine with her. Later on she told me that he accepted Jesus into his heart! It's so exciting, but unfortunately we aren't sure how far that can go. I mean, I doubt that his parents go to church, so he may not have a chance to learn more about Jesus. Joyce has Saturday morning Bible studies for kids, but not many kids go. So please pray for Fabrício...I know that Kate is! She never gave up on him, not once! I know that the week was a success, all the kids enjoyed it, and the Canadians were happy to give it, even though it was stressful at times. At the last session, they handed out homemade knitted dolls and certificates. (I even got a doll later on too!Ok, everyone else got one too...lol) Anyways, it was a very good week, and I'm glad that so many kids showed up!
That night the Canadians bought a cake for Joyce and sang "Happy Birthday" to her...Her birthday is in December!!! They're such a funny group. It was so nice to get to know them all. oops! I forgot to mention one thing. On Wednesday and Thursday there were clowns there. WEdnesday had only 2, but Thursday there were 6, and I was one of them! Four of the Canadians dressed up as clowns, and then Wellington and I dressed up as clowns too! It was so much fun, and because Wellington is so tall, and kind of a ditz, he was the perfect clown! (Sorry to any of you blonds out there,(I am sort of one too) but honestly, if WEllington wasn't black, I would think he was a blond!!!) I will tell you one reason why afterwards. So, it was fun, all the kids loved it. Then, later, Nalva(Vôo Livre's telepromotor) had to go pick up a donation from one of the supermarkets. So Josh, WEllington, and I went along too. Unfortunately, WEllington and I were feeling in the clown mood, so Nalva was getting really frustrated when she was trying to talk to the manager. The manager loved it though, and she even told her daughter to get us a bag of candy so we could give candy out to people in the store. Well, don't get us started!!! We didn't just give candy out to the store, but also to the other stores on the block, both sides of the street!!! It was so much fun, and I loved it alot! The manager of the store said she would love it if clowns came to her October children's party that she always has(so we almost got a job right on the spot!!!)
When the Canadians left, Brenda(the team leader who was also the head clown) gave WEllington the face paint and many pieces of paper on how to be a good clown. It was awesome, and I know he liked it.
Friday night we went to a Churrascaria(a semi-facny barbecue place in Taguatinga) and it was a different experience for the Canadians.
Saturday morning we had to get up really early to take them to the airport. We had to leave at 6:30AM to get the team at their hotel. Here's where Wellington's ditziness comes in...he started washing Joyce's front windshield with soap and water, not even 2 min. before we had to leave. The scene was so funny, she walked out the front door, saw him and said," WELLINGTON! What are you doing?????!!!! We have to leave right now!!"
W: Well, I'm just washing you windshield.
J: But we have to go RIGHT NOW!!!
W: Ok, I just have to rinse this off.
J: Do you have all your stuff from the house?
W: Yes.
(2 minutes later we were just ready to go and he ran into the house to get his stuff. Joyce was about ready to throttle him. He is so funny, but at the wrong time, it just doesn't work!!!)
But we made it, got to the airport, almost everything went fine, except Kate found out that in Manaus on the way here, they took the wrong plane ticket, so Joyce and her had to hurry and get the problem fixed. It was hard to say goodbye, because they were a really friendly team, but we did it.
So, that was the long awaited DVBS story. Sorry that it took so long for me to write!
Love to everyone. Hope you have a good day! Today I'm at the school in Taguatinga, and tomorrow I'm back at Vôo Livre, but these two days are going to be the hardest because I have to say goodbye to students. So please pray for me!
Thanks for all your prayers. I know that God is with me and has been watching over me here!
Love, Ash



Ok ok....I'm back...I admit, I was stalling. There are just so many things to say, and some of them I can't even describe with words, so that's kind of difficult. This week as it goes on is going to be extremely difficult for me...Thursday and Friday I have to say goodbye to lots of students that I have known for the past 5 months. But the happy news is that I am ready to come home. I am missing my family alot, and even though I have a family here too, there's nothing like the family that I was born with. They know me inside out, and I love them so much. It still doesn't stop the hurt from leaving here though. This is life, though, eh?
Let me write about what happened last week, and then I will take a stab at talking about the DVBS...haha!
So, last week was the first week of school after vacations. Holidays for most students was 2 or 3 weeks, but some had 4 weeks. It just depends on what school they go to. Monday and Tuesday I was at the English school here in Taguatinga. It was alot of fun. We asked the students where they went on their holidays, but most of them said that they just stayed home and played computer, video games, watched T.V., and slept. How boring!!! One girl went to the Pantanal, a really tourist spot in the next state over. It is really swampy, so they have alligators, beautiful birds, and stuff like that. All of the classes on Monday and Tuesday just played a review game that was so awesome. They made a grid on the board using squares of paper and then marked the top of the grid with letters, and then down the sides with numbers. In this way, the students would pick a paper square using a letter and a number. On the other side of the squares, there could be 1 of 3 things: a star(which meant a free point), a bomb(which meant you lose all of your points), or a number(the students would have to answer a question regarding English). I really liked the game, so I made up a set of paper squares all marked differently to take to Vôo Livre with me for my English classes on Wednesday and Friday. I also made up a review for my classes, totally forgetting that I was starting the Introductory English classes. I was upset that I wouldn't have my old students(because I love them so much), but I actually did have one class after lunch that was my class from last semester, so I was happy about that. So, yes, Wednesday we started a new semester of um monte de coisas(many things) at Vôo Livre, including: Guitar, English, Computer, and Reenforcement classes(not really sure what this is, I think it has something to do with kids who aren't really understanding some things in school, I guess sort of like a tutoring class) plus the normal sports things that go on there all the time.
The thing was, Sadie told me she wasn't going to come, so I had to start a new semester all by my lonesome! It went well though. The morning class was packed with people I had never met, all who came to learn English, most of them for the first time. So I taught them the alphabet and the numbers from 1-10, and got to know them a little bit. It was a a bit overwhelming though, because there were about 24 people!!! Also, two of the boys in the back kept talking to each other. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, so I told one of them to come sit at the front. He was ok with it... he's a good kid! The class after lunch was my regular class from last semester, so we just worked on the review I did, and played the grid game. Then....then....if I thought the class before lunch was packed, ya...my third class had about 30 people!!!! Talk about nerve racking!
I just did the same stuff with them that I did in the morning. So, that was an interesting day, but it went well. On Thursday, I told Joyce she could make me do anything she needed me for. Soooooo....saying that.....yes, she got me to go over their inventory for Vôo Livre. There was so much stuff that I had to look for. There were tables, all the computers, chairs, sports equipment, and more. It was basically just to make sure we had everything that was on the inventory. It took me all day to finish it, and it was very tiring! But hey, if it helped Joyce out, I'm glad I could do it. At 4 o'clock, I went to Luziana's house(she's the teacher for reenforcement). She lives on the same street as Joyce, and she always rides her bike to Vôo Livre. So, it was a new experience...she has a little thing on the back of her bike for holding books and stuff, and she was able to sit on that while I drove the bike! Here in Brazil it's very common to have more than one person ride a bike, but of course I'm not used to it(the north american rules of helmets, seatbelts, and other things like this drilled into my head!!!) It's more difficult than you may think, because you have to balance the weight on the back. Craziness!!!
But I had a good visit at her house(she was a little stressed because it was messy, but it didn't matter to me) She is from Bahia, and music from there is called "Axé". She was teaching me how to dance to Axé, and the way they dance, it's more like one of those classes you go to, like dance aerobics. Talk about a workout!!! My goodness, it felt so good to excerise and have fun at the same time. I had a really good time!
Then just as I was going to see if Joyce had come home yet, she was looking for me(to go to church). So, sweaty as I was, I hurried into the house, changed my clothes, and got in the car to go to church. It was good to see the pastor and his wife(they had been on holidays too).
Friday was the same thing, just review of the alphabet, numbers, and review. However, word had spread, and I had more students. The afternoon introductory class now has 35 people!!! Crazy times!
Well, unfortunately have to wait again for the DVBS...time for dinner!!!
Love to everyone, looking forward to seeing my friends and family again soon!
Love, Ashleigh


A Canadian DVBS in Brasil

Hello to everyone...Quanto tempo!!!! It has been such a long time, and to tell you the truth, I am kind of dreading this blog in particular, just because I know that it is going to be really really long!!!
Not last week, but the week before on Friday, a group of 11 Canadians came down here to Brasil!
There was only one man on the team, but I think that they planned it that way. They were just coming to do a DVBS, or in Portuguese(EBF-Escola Bíblia da Ferias). His name is Ralph, and he is married to the group leader, Brenda. The youngest person on the team was 27 years old, and the oldest was 73 years old, but my goodness, she has more energy than me! They were all very nice people, and it was such a pleasure getting to know them each individually. I think Josh(the 21-year old who came 3 wks ago) really appreciated having Ralph here, because he would have been the only guy in the whole group of Canadians, especially every night when we had dinner at Joyce's house!
So, on the Friday after they arrived(at 8 in the morning!) they went to their hotel and rested or slept until noon. They ate lunch with the rest of us at the nearby little restaurant, and after that went to Vôo Livre to organize for Saturday. What happened on Saturday you ask? Oh, well, here, I will tell you. On Saturday(the day after they arrived) they had a women's day, sort of like a little retreat. They served breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know that all the women who went really enjoyed it, and immediately after some of them asked Joyce, "When are we going to do that again???!!!"
They had 3 different sessions, and during the sessions talked about different things about God...how he made us, the earth, and how everything that he makes intwines itself into everything. After the different sessions, the women went into 3 different groups, and then they had a discussion time. I guess you could say this was my first time doing some actual translating. There was only Joyce, Sadie(the lady who is teaching English for Graça) and me who were really able to do the translating that day, so I really had no choice to translate for this group. It was pretty easy stuff, just translating to the Canadians what the Brazilians thought about God, and translating to the Brasilians the Canadians' thoughts. Sometimes though, it was very difficult, because some words that they would say, I honestly had no idea how to translate them, and so in comes the improvisation. But to say the least, it was very very fun, but tiring!!! I guess I was tired because I had to think double.
Right now there are fire works happening really close to our house, and it is really annoying, because it's very loud. Allana just told me it's because one of the national soccer teams won a soccer game. That makes sense, because during the World Cup there were so many fireworks going off all over the city.
Back to the Women's retreat(which was titled "Share the Wonder" and for the Portuguese lovers "Compartilhe as Maravilhas")...In between the sessions, they had crafts for the women to do(the first was a butterfly fridge magnet, made of paper, and the second was an angel necklace made of ribbon and one of those huge criss-crossed shaped paper clips). There was also some recipe demonstrations, and I think the women really liked the whole day. I know it was tiring for the Canadian women, but it was a good day in all, and well liked by everyone. On Sunday after church and lunch, Joyce took the team to Brasília for some touring and a some shopping for souvenirs. Unfortunately Josh was sick, and he had never been touring in Brasília either(but she took him yesterday so he got to see everything). But I went with the group, and it was alot of fun. But by the time we got back in time for dinner and church at night, we were all really really tired. It was long day!
By the way, it has been nice and hot lately, no coldness at all! Yesterday and today it was almost 30 C, so back to normal again I hope!
Another tidbit of info...women and girls here don't really wear shorts. I know that has no relevance whatsoever to what I have been talking about, but it's really strange. They like to wear form fitting jeans, and capri pants. But I went out to mail a letter today wearing shorts, and felt like everyone was staring at me! It was so weird!
I know I said that I would write really long, but my right hand is hurting from writing so much, and I have to go eat something for dinner anyways. So tomorrow I will catch you all up on how the DVBS went, I promise!
Good night for now, and love to you all. Thanks for your prayers!
Love, Ash :)


Bom Dia!!!

This is how I want to look. Unfortunately today, I am very pale. Thank you all for your prayers for me. They worked! That antibiotic that I took made my strep throat go away that very night. However, I still have sore gums and it hurts a little to eat still. But, that is a big improvement! Considering I still felt kind of dizzy when I stood up, today I am totally fine, except for my poor little gums!!!
It's a good thing I'm feeling better, because today I'm going to Àguas Lindas to stay there for a week...sabe porque???? Do you know why? Because the group of Canadian ladies from Ontario are coming to do a DVBS this week at Vôo Livre. They're arriving tomorrow, and then on Saturday they're putting on a ladies day at Vôo Livre.
Please please pray for me. It seems like everytime I go to Àguas Lindas, I get sick from the dust and other people being sick. I know that God will take care of me, but a little few extra prayers won't hurt. I'm not exactly sure what the ladies will want me to do with helping their DVBS, but I'm sure that it won't be too hard. I have helped out with plenty DVBS's over the years. Also, pray for Joyce, that she will have enough energy to do everything that she has to do. She needs tons of energy! Pray that there will be enough kids showing up next week for the DVBS. It's their holidays right now, and so we're not quite sure how many will actually come!
Well, I have been thinking alot lately about the day I come back. I don't like talking about this because it makes me cry. I think it's less than a month now. August 15 is the big day. I am having such mixed feelings. I love being here in Brasil...love the people, the food, the music, the culture. And yet I miss the Canadian culture too...even though it is sooooooooooo much busier than here. And I miss my family and friends. However, when I go back there, I know that I will have such great "saudades" for the people here. (FYI: The English language doesn't have an actual word to describe when you miss somebody. We just say "I missed you"or "I will miss you". In Portuguese, they have this word "saudades" which is actually a noun for "missing". For Example: "Eu sinti saudades de você" "I felt missings for you". Or when you haven't seen someone in a long time, you can say, "Que Saudades!" "What missings!" It doesn't make sense in English, but in Portuguese, it's a very important feeling, and it has alot of emotions in it when you say it to someone. Way more than just saying "I missed you!" It's really nice)
Yesterday Cristina and I walked home from the English school. It really isn't a long walk, maybe 20 minutes or so, but felt longer for me because I haven't walked like that in a week, since before I got sick! It was interesting. I got home all out of breath.
I don't know if I told you, but for breakfast in Brasil they have lots of breads and stuff, and even chocolate cake!
And friends here in Brasil, when they say goodbye to each other whether in person or on the phone, they always say, "Beijos!" which means "kisses!". I thought that was interesting! They even say it to their guy friends too!
One more thing I haven't told you yet...every gas station is full serve. I don't think anyone here knows how to put gas in their vehicles. It's different. I guess they hire people to do that for two reasons. 1.) So that more people will have jobs. 2.) So that people won't steal gas.
Those are my opinions...don't quote me on anything! If you have any other ideas, then go ahead and put them in the comment section.
I forgot to answer one question. Taguatinga is about 20 minutes from Brasília. Taguatinga, Àguas Lindas, Guara, and all sorts of other places around Brasília are calles Satellite cities. They are small, but they all make up the surrounding area of Brasília.
Well, hope that answers everyone's questions, and satisfies everyones blog appetites, because I think that will be it until another week.
Hope you all take care in that heat, don't do anything strenuous.
Love to you all...
Beijos, Ashleigh


Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I stayed in Àguas Lindas from Wednesday until Saturday. Wednesday was fine, I just had a cold, little bit of a sore throat, and I was ok during the day...BUT...at night I started not feeling too good, got a little dizzy, headache, and fever...and my throat hurt even more. When we got home I looked in the mirror and my throat was swollen so bad on either side that there was hardly any room left to swallow...no wonder it hurt so much!!! Joyce bought me some anti-inflammatory pills, and I just thought it was a viral infection because those are the ones I usually get(doctors can't do anything for viral infections). So Thursday I stayed in bed, had a fever once or twice, and that night I was ok enough to go to church. Friday I just went to Vôo Livre because I knew that staying in bed would do no good for me. However, I was not feeling very good at all and I got a fever after lunch(thankfully it didn't last long)...I didn't eat anything except dinner on Thursday, just ate hardly anything on Friday, same with Saturday and Sunday, because it hurt so much to swallow. On Saturday we had a game day, and I was on a team, but once again, could not play. It looked like all the kids had a really good time and enjoyed it immensely. They had formed 7 groups of 5 people and the ones who got into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place got a medal at the end. Of course they were all boys groups, but that's ok. While they were still counting the marks, they had a praise team come and sing songs, and then a man from the international church came and said a few words about the Bible. I thought that was very clever of Joyce to do that, a little outreach program for the kids as they wait to see who won! Afterwards, there was cake and pop and I think it was a good day!
I didn't think about going to the hospital until yesterday. I had noticed something happening in my mouth with my gums, but didn't know what to do. But my gums above my front teeth started going a little white like the back of my mouth, and were very tender. Yesterday it got even worse, and I got two sores on my lips as well, the way the back of my mouth looked. So, finally a friend of my took me to the hospital, (by then I was missing my mommy(I think everyone wants they're mom when they're sick!)) and we waited for two hours. It was funny how the man called my name "ASHLEG"!!! Poor guy, he apologized for not knowing how to say it! I said it doesn't matter. Finally we got to see the doctor, and thankfully he was young! He made me sit in a chair and there was a desk beside it and he sat behind the desk. Then he asked me if I was allergic to anything, if I had any serious illnesses, what's wrong, where it hurts, how high my fever was that day, stuff like that. I was nervous about speaking Portuguese, and thankfully my friend was able to answer some things for me. THEN he took one of those tongue depressors and one of those little laser light(the annoying things that every boy has and likes to shine in people's eyes!) and started looking around my mouth. He kinda cringed what he saw there, and then he looked some more, and he wrote me a prescription and told us to go get a needle on the other side of the hospital. He was really nice. So we went to get the needle...
oh, the needle......let's not talk about this. I am not queasy when it comes to needles, ok, maybe a little but normally not enough to freak out. HOWEVER. let's talk about this for a second. Do you know where they normally put the antibiotic needle here in Brasil??? they inject antibiotics with a needle to the buttox!!!! I was not looking forward to it, and I was watching the girl prepare the needle(which was long enough by the way) and finally the time had come...she was going to put it in me. It hurt going in(like a long prick) BUT the worst part of it was when the antibiotic went in. That kind of pain is torture! I thought my eyes were going to roll back into my head and I started crying immediately! Finally it was over, I wiped my eyes, said thank you to the nurse, and left limping. It still hurts a little today, but I can swallow without pain, so it did something. My mouth is still inflamed and sore, but I'm sure that will go away in the next day or so. However, I'm still not 70% today, and I think it's from lack of food. I already ate a yoghurt today, and we'll see what I can chew today...my gums are very tender. So, that was my adventures this weekend, going to a Brazilian hospital for me! Thankfully the antibiotic was free, all we had to pay for was the medicine for the pain at the drugstore. Thank you Lord!
There's another Canadian here...he arrived on Wednesday. His name is Josh. He is a really nice guy, he just finished university to be a biologist, and next year he's moving to Ontario to study at Guelph. The kids love him already, and so does everyone else!!! He always laughs when he doesn't understand, but he does understand a few things. A group of ladies from Canada is coming this Friday. Hopefully I will be better by then! They're staying for a week to do a DVBS at Vôo Livre. That should be lots of fun!
Hope you all take care...hope you aren't doing too many crazy things this summer...and relax!
Love, Ashleigh


This is my last class of the day at Vôo Livre...however there are a few people missing, and some of these people don't belong in my class! lol...so it's a little mismatched!
Well, I went to Águas Lindas again on Wednesday, and stayed until Friday. It was a good 3 days, and Sadie and I did lots and lots. Wednesday was just a normal day...except that I learned how to make "Moqueca de Peixe"...such a good meal!!! I will make it for you when I get home!
(I wrote the recipe down)
Also, I don't know if some of the people who were on the team from my church in November remember that one girl at Vôo Livre who was pregnant...well she had her baby 4 months ago and just started coming out to classes again last Friday. She is only 16 years old, but my goodness, she holds her baby the wrong way, and now that it's so cold, sometimes she doesn't dress her baby in the appropriate way. I feel so bad for the baby, because she is so young and vulnerable! However, because she is poor, she really has no way of knowing how to act otherwise as a mother. Sadie said we just have to show her love, and she will show it to her baby. So, please pray for Graciete and her baby Maria Eduarda.
On Thursday we had the classes for music and knitting and crochet. I can't help with music because I don't know the terms in Portuguese, and knitting is so difficult fo me. But crochet I can do, so I was able to help the girls with that. But that craft class, my goodness, it tires SAdie and I out. Some of the girls are all thumbs, and no matter if I show them how to do it a million times, for some reason they can't get it right! Some of them pick up knitting or crochet right away, but others it doesn't come naturally!
Then Thursday night we had a church service at Joyce's church,but we didn't know that the pastor's wife used that time as an excuse to throw a surprise birthday party for her husband, so it was such a good time! He was so surprised and overwhelmed that he started crying, and then eventually his wife and son started crying too. It was so cute!
On Friday Sadie taught the morning class, then she had to go somewhere in the afternoon, so I led the afternoon classes all by myself again!!! I love it so much!
It's so nice, the last class of the day, because all of the people want to learn English, and plus they're between the ages of 15 and 32, so they're not very young! It's awesome!
Not entirely sure what I'm doing today, but I hope that everyone has a good day.
Please pray for Joyce...she is so so busy, and I'm not kidding. Everyone expects her to do everything for them all at once, and all the time...and you know what? She has to do most of it, because she has a car and she's the missionary there. So she doesn't have much time to rest and reenergize. Please pray that God will give her a little time to rest, or that He will give her energy!
Até mais, gente!
Love, Ash


4 Days of Blogs in a Row!!!

This is from our trip to São Luis in June...one of the streets in the very old part of the city. I absolutely love the architecture...and look at how big those steps are!
Today was actually really fun and really busy. The last day of classes until August, so all of the students were writing tests and whatnot.
It's Andréa's 27th birthday, so many of her students brought little cakes and "doces"(sweets) to have a little party. I know that she liked it.
This morning was slow and kind of dull, but this afternoon was really good. Andreia(secretary) asked me to type some dialogues up for her, just thinking that I would be able to help her. Well, she ended up wanting me to do all of them, because I type really fast. So, I was happy to do that most of the afternoon(I absolutely LOVE to type-I would type out anything you ask me to) I also got to read for two classes their listening portions of the tests. Andréa had to sit with another student because he takes lessons privately, so I was able to sit with her class and help them with questions...ya, that was interesting. They wanted me to explain some of the grammar and stuff. (A little I could help, but mostly I sent them to ask Cristina, because she knows so much more than I do)
All in all, I got to type, read oral tests, and help Andréa put in the numbers for the final marks of her classes...AWESOME!!! It was a really good fulfilling day.
BUT my goodness it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold here, and I do not exaggerate. It's one of those days in Canada, where it's cold enought to expect to come into a warm house, but unfortunately this is not a warm house!
But we'll be fine.
I will go now, hope everyone has a great evening and take care!
Love, Ash:)



Just a casual little picture of some waterfalls...BRINCADEIRA GENTE!!!(KIDDING!)
I love pictures of waterfalls...and this one happens to be on the property of Andréa's boyfriend's house. This is where the adventures of A&A took place(don't know how many of you remember those...I think it was in March or April, back when it was warm enough to go swimming!)LOL
Anyways, this is beautiful...hope you enjoy it.
Not much to write about today, people. The kids are going into vacation now, so today they were just writing final tests at the English school.
I have something to say...I don't know about where you live, but at my house the garbage men come by to pick up the garbage around 7AM or so. Here they come around 10 or 11PM. Kinda strange, but it makes sense...not many cars around anyways!
This morning I went for a walk. It felt so good to get out walking again. I have to keep up this habit, becuase I'm starting to lose all my leg muscles I had from walking 2omin. to work everyday in Canada! (LOL ...no they're not flabby...yet!!! )
Anyways, enough about me...let's hear from you guys...what do you want me to write about? Just post a comment and I'll write about it in my blog!
kk, well ttyl
Love to everyone
Love, Ash


A Sad End for Brasil

To comemmorate Brasil's loss against France in the World Cup yesterday, I have posted this picture of Andréa and I in our matching Brasil t-shirts. Now Brasil has to wait another 4 years to be in the World Cup...que pena...what a pity.
Enough of the depressing stuff...yesterday was a work day at vôo livre, but because of the game only 6 people showed up to help out, which wasn't very much at all. But they did get some stuff done, so that was good.
It's going to be short today...not much happened yesterday after I wrote again. I think everyone was depressed about the game and didn't really feel like doing anything.
I love everyone, and I miss all my family and friends. It was good to talk to you guys on the phone earlier, family! Love you all!
Take care...
Love, ASh



Finally I was able to put up some pictures of the "Sweet 15" party we went to last Saturday. This first picture is of me, trying to dance with Lucas, one of the students at Yale. As you can see, "trying" is the operative word! It was so much fun!
This picture was lots of fun...near the end of the party they gave out all these feather boas and funky sunglasses and stuff. The "Anniversariante"(the birthday girl) is the girl directly in the middle of the pictue in the white dress. Her name is Flàvia, and she had so much fun at the party.
So, there you go...some more pictures. Eu tenho notícias boa e mã...I have good and bad news. Let's start with the bad news first, because the good news is REALLY long. Celça left last night for the airport. I know she was supposed to go on Wednesday, but we missed her flight. Both of the girls went with her too, so now they're all up in Natal. I will miss them, but they have to go on with their lives.
And now, for the good news!!!
Iwas in Àguas Lindas Wed, Thurs, and Fri. On Thursday, Joyce and I got to go to the Ambassador's Residence of the Embassy of Canada in Brasília!!!!!!!! HOW COOL WAS THAT!!!!
This was for a Canada Day celebration, and they had invited all the Canadians they knew that were living in and around Brasília, as well as ambassadors of other countries too. It was from 12:30PM to 2:30PM, just a light luncheon. My goodness, their residence is HUGE! There were alot of people there too. The ambassador's wife is French, so they make a good representation for Canada. They both speak Portuguese very well. They had a brass band there, and they played the National anthems for both Brasil and Canada...it was very patriotic! I'm glad Joyce invited me to go...it's horrible going to these parties and not knowing anyone else. We did meet a really nice single lady who is about Joyce's age named Rachel, and we talked to her for the whole party. She is the General Manager for a huge hotel here in Brasília, and she is also a Canadian citizen(she has dual citizenship). She lived in Canada for 10 years, with no intentions of moving back to Brasil, but then her father got sick so she had no choice. And now, she is the only woman in Brasil who has this title of General Manager. I know that she wants to go back to Canada, but has no idea when. So she was a nice lady, and a Christian too.
What a grand day out! I loved going there so much!
It also rained on Thursday!!! Shocker McShockerton...it hardly ever rains during the dry season. But it was good for Águas Lindas. There is so much dust now. Everytime I go there and stay at Joyce's, I get sick with allergies to the dust! But it's normal now, so I don't worry about it.
Last night was the graduation for 10 students from the English school. Only 8 made it, but it was a good night anyways. I got to say something to them, and of course I almost cried(so proud of myself that those little drops of water from my eyes didn't spill over! haha). I really like that group alot. We had the dinner at a restaurant, in a party room, so it was nice and private. It was a really good night, and really late too. I didn't get to bed until midnight, but that's normal here. I'm telling you now as I've said before...these Brasilians keep the weirdest hours! It's craziness!
I should go now...today in Águas Lindas at VôoLivre Joyce is having a workday, and I might be going to that. Don't forget for all of you that can, today is the game between Brasil and France, at 4PM my time(not sure when it is there), and watch it!!! And wear green and yellow if you're going to cheer for Brasil...I will be wearing a mix between green and yellow and red and white. Because of course, it's CANADA DAY!!!! and I have to be patriotic too! (I just have to figure out wear the little girls put my CANADA roots hat...hmmmmm...)
So, have a wonderful Canada Day, be safe, watch the parades, and have fun!!!
My thoughts are also with friends of mine, Jayme and Aaron, who are getting married today, and I can't be there :( but I hope you guys have a wonderful fairytale wedding, and all the best in everything! Love you all, and take care!
Love, Ashleigh


I know that this picture is very dark, but this is me on the beach in São Luis. Andréa took this photo the day we arrived. Doesn't God create just the most beautiful sunsets? My goodness, I love that sky!
Yes, today is the game between Ghana and Brasil...it started at noon, and it still isn't over. So far Brasil is winning 2-0!! (Seriously, was anyone doubting that??! LOL) No, Ghana has really strong players, and they play very well.
But I'm still cheering for Brasil! Qual time voce torce??? (What team do you cheer for?)
Tomorrow Celça is leaving for Natal, to join André there. Luiza is going with her! :(
And then Pâmela is going next Monday, all by her 8-yr old self on a big plane! She'll be fine.
But I'm kind of having a problem...tomorrow I have to go to Àguas Lindas. If Sadie still isn't feeling better, then I really do have to go no matter what. They are having a big special lunch for Celça, and I don't want to miss it. What can I do???!!! I hate these kind of problems...ya just feel like tearing yourself in half and doing both of the things you want to.
On Saturday(CANADA DAY!!!) there is a work day at Vôo Livre. There are people working on the buildings all the time(the electricians just put in the lights), but this day a whole bunch of people come and work on the buildings. Joyce(the missionary) plans these days once in a while, and she has some ladies come and make lunch too. So everyone works in the morning, takes a break for lunch and Bible reading and singing, and then go back to work for the rest of the afternoon. It really is a good time. So I hope that alot of people turn out. I think she's having them put tiling on the roof...or somewhere, not too sure.
It's funny how here in Brasil, they don't really try to balance the different food groups. For lunch today, we had rice, beans, macarrão(speghetti), chicken in a tomato sauce with potatoes, and salad. So we had 2 grain products(rice and pasta), and 2 were meat products(beans, and chicken). It's pretty much like that every day. You know what??? I don't think they really care...they just love their food, and Vera cooks SO incredibly good!
I will probably write later...maybe...and tell you how the game went, if you don't already know. In the meantime, take care, and God bless!
Vai com Deus(Go with God)
Love, Ash


This picture is one of our classes in Águas Lindas...the morning class. Not all of the students were here this day. It was taken in one of the new classrooms that got opened up in the big building. It is so nice to have an actual schoolroom now! And they put lights in too, so it isn't as dark as it was before. The girl in the blue beside me is pregnant, and Friday was her last day coming to English. She is due in July, and she looked absolutely tired and worn out...so I think she's ready to stay at home until she has her baby. She said if it is a girl she will name it "Sol", which means "sun" in Portuguese. I think that is a beautiful name.
I went to the funnest party on Saturday night...I would have put some pictures on for you, but Andréa hasn't downloaded them on the computer yet. But first I have to explain some more culture stuff. There in Canada and US, it's special when a girl turns 16, and they call it "Sweet Sixteen". However, here in Brasil, the special age is 15, and it's a really big deal. I don't know how the poorer people celebrate, but rich people give huge parties for their daughters, and if they don't give parties, they send them on a trip, usually to DisneyWorld in Florida.
So on Saturday, Andréa, her boyfriend, students from the English school and Andreia the secretary at the school went to one of these parties for one of the girls who goes to the school.
The party started at 10PM, but officially the girl can't show herself until midnight, for some reason. Before she came downstairs all the guests enjoyed themselves to the food, and a live band. It was fun. The food they had was so good...the only thing I had was a crepe with strawberries and kiwis,and ice cream and whipped cream to top it all off. There were other fruit to put in it. But their was also a different crepe which they call "sal"(the first one was "doce"), and it had tomatoes, cheese, meat, and other stuff. SOOOOO good. There was so much other food too. The 3 guys that she invited from her class are all about 15 years old, and they are so incredibly funny. They kept us laughing all night.
When it turned midnight, Flávia arrived in a beautiful white dress, like that of a bride. She was so beautiful with her hair all done up so beautifully.
She was in an upstairs room of this event place, and her parents were waiting to greet her at the bottom of the stairs. They had so many camera people and photography lights everywhere, but it is a special event so they wanted it to be perfect. When they all went to the front, there were a few speeches, and her dad sang a song for her, and her parents gave her a ring. Even the guy she liked sang a song to her. It was beautiful. After that everything went back to normal and they served dinner(yeah, at 12:30 in the "madrugada", the wee hours of the morning...I'm telling ya, these Brasilians sure keep weird hours!) The band started up again, and they played some forró...Andréa's boyfriend was the only guy at our table who really knows how to dance forró, so all of us girls wanted to dance with him. Unfortunately, I never got to. Oh well! Then many people went up to the front after they were finished playing forró, and they started doing some real good dance music. Then they played some techno music, and honestly, I think I danced for 2 hours straight! It was so much fun, and even funner when you have a whole bunch of friends to dance with like that. They started giving out those light up bracelets and feather boas and funny glasses, and we got tons of pictures. When she downloads them I will post some of them on here...they're hilarious! We went home at about 3:30 in the morning, and I still wanted to dance...did I mention how much I love to dance??? It's great at parties like these because they're fun, like big huge birthday parties, and there was confetti and everything.
I only slept until 9 on Sunday, because I thought we were going to the English church. But it turned out we didn't and so we went to the Brazilian church at 7:30...it's so much better now..I am starting to understand more Portuguese at church. I'm glad, because now I understand the sermon!!!
Well, I should go, someone else wants to use the computer. Hope you have a great evening, and take care. Thanks for your prayers.
Love, Ash