Mid-terms, Reading, and Studying OH MY!

Ok, so I haven't written in a while, but I do have a good reason. I have been quite swamped with homework and such lately, and I just couldn't seem to find a reason to write a blog about my boring life as a student haha.

So, that's pretty much all I've been doing...either doing homework, thinking about doing homework, procrastinating on doing homework, or stressing over homework. And working. and hanging out with friends...when I'm not doing homework! lol

But seriously, it's been a good couple of weeks, but I don't remember the last time that I wrote.

This morning I was eating a canteloupe, and it made me think of Poppa. I never eat canteloupes anywhere else, except at Nana and Poppa's house, as just recently I started enjoying them. So, I thought of Poppa because now he can't eat canteloupes, and it made me sad. But I definitely enjoyed it for him, and I know that after his second surgery he will be able to finally eat the things he once enjoyed! Just keep pressing on, Pop, and don't give up! I love you...

So, I didn't write about this yet, but last Friday Oma and Grandpa came up for a visit and took me out for dinner. It was such a nice visit, and I'm so glad that I got to see them. Thank you so much for coming! I love you both!

Well, i should go and try to do some homework...

Hope everyone has a great week-end!
Love to you all...



To all my friends and family:

I just want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent me e-cards, wrote on my wall, gave me little things, and who showered me with so much love yesterday on my birthday!!!

It was so nice, even though I had to work. I had such a great day, and I have the best friends and family in the world!

I will try to get back to you all individually, but write now I'm in over my head with homework and stuff, so as it is I'm writing this quickly so I can get back to doing homework.

I just wanted to show my appreciation to you all!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Love, Ash



I have decided that sleep is definitely necessary. I haven't been getting much sleep lately. The main reason is that I just don't feel tired, or I actually can't get to sleep. Another reason is that I don't do my homework during the day, so then I have to cram at night.

I'm going to have to start cracking down on myself, because this falling asleep in classes business is definitely NOT cool.

Today is such a beautiful day. It's the perfect day for a walk, which is exactly what I'm going to do!

I'm probably going to play soccer later on at intermurals. MY FAVOURITE!!

Ok, well I'm off. Have to pick out my courses for next semester ALREADY! It's crazy!
Hope everyone has a great afternoon!

Love, Ash



Today I got a gift...
A gift from my secret sister...
His name is Diefenbachia...
He is now married to Galadriel.

I know his name sounds woman-ish...
He is anything but.
He is tall and strong...
Galadriel has curves and is shapely.

Galadriel and Difenbachia are plants...
They sit on my shelf...
Now they are married...
And make my room alive.

I love my plants. They make me happy and remind me of the beauty of God's creation. I'm so wound up. I did no homework this week-end. INstead of feeling relaxed and wonderful, I feel out of sorts and extremely lazy. This week is going to be interesting...I just feel it.

That is my life today. I am finished. J'ai fini. Finito. :D


Love, Ash


Getting Behind...

Good morning to everyone.

I decided to write finally and stop procrastinating. It's pretty sad when I start procrastinating in writing blogs. Sometimes I don't understand my mind...

Well, school has been going well. I had my first mid-term in Psychology on October 4, and I got 78%!!! I'm kind of upset that it was two marks below my goal, but I'll just have to work harder next time.

I did get home for Thanksgiving, and it was nice to visit with my family. We had company over on Sunday for our turkey dinner, and it was a good time of fellowship. On Monday I got to go down with Nana and visit Poppa again, as he had to go back to the hospital on Sunday. Thankfully he came back home on Wednesday, but please keep them in your prayers!

Today I had planned to get up earlier and get a good start on my homework-that didn't turn out so well,and now I'm kind of put out and can't even seem to start doing it at all...OH MOTIVATION...WHERE ART THOU????????

Let me share my newest poem with you. I wrote it on the bus coming home for Thanksgiving. The sun was so gorgeous, and then the words just came to me...God is AMAZING!!!

Red ball of fire,
Hanging from the sky-
The sun glows at the horizon,
Changing hues with every moment.

Slowly it dips lower,
Fading from my view.
It sets, displaying the
Majesty and glory of God!

Have a great week-end.
Love, Ash


Oh la...

So...I got all my homework done on Saturday for this week, except for studying for a midterm in Psych on Thursday...What an awesome feeling!

And thanksgiving is coming, and I'm going home soon...SOOOO excited!

so, about the 15 min. sticker thing in my previous note...i didn't actually use stickers, but I just timed myself.

Now I am only on the internet for half an hour each day, so I won't be checking my e-mails as much as I used to! But this is good...it feels good not to feel guilty about spending so much time on the internet.

Well...i hope everyone takes care...hopefully I will write before thanksgiving.
love to you all!!
Love, Ash