I heard that it was freezing rain today in my home town- fortunately here it was a nice mist (at times it poured) and warm as warm could be. I love it! I should stop bragging about how nice this town is. Such a change from living in the snow belt!
Next week the cafeteria closes on Wednesday for the holidays, and we have to fend for ourselves until January 8. That will be fine-I enjoy cooking anyways. I'm just going to miss having lunch with my friends :(
I'm having writer's blog tonight-I'm going to keep with the rain theme and type in a poem I wrote on June 14, 2003 entitled "Rain":
Big droplets.
Soothing mist.
Washes over me.
Cleanses my soul.
Clouds crying.
No one knows
When tears
Stream down
My face.
Face looks
Up to
In awe
Of this
Love, Ashleigh


a beautiful day...

What a beautiful day it was today! oh my goodness, I wish I had spent more time outside, but I went from one thing to another it seems. It wasn't sunny, but it's funny, you know that rain I wrote about yesterday? ya, it happened today. Well, it was more like a mist all day, but incredibly amazing just the same. And it was so balmy...I love this weather, and I wish it was like this all year round!
And choir this afternoon was awesome, too. We have our first performance on Sunday, and we're getting so excited to finally perform what we've worked so hard on!
Next week is final week of classes!!! yay!
Love, Ash

The Call of the Rain

For one of my classes this year we are reading through this book called "Space for God" and making reflections on the reflections in the book. I just wanted to share this one with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I will add my comments after it....by the way, thanks those who have been leaving comments-it's nice to know that people are still reading my blogs. Here's the reflection:

"....Water is always an invitation to immersion[for me], an immersion with a quality of totality, since it would accept all of me, as I am. Some primal urge invites me to return whence I came. At times I have done so. There is some special delight in simply walking into a stream, stepping into a lake. The child's delight in a puddle is my adult's in the sea...No rain falls that I do not at once hear in the sound of the falling water an invitation to come to the wedding. It is rare that I do not answer. A walk in an evening rain in any setting is to walk in the midst of God's loving attention to his earth, and, like a baptism, is no simple washing, but a communication of life. When you hurry in out of the rain, I hurry out into it, for it is a sign that all is well, that God loves, that good is to follow. If suffering a doubt, I find myself looking to rain as a good omen. And in rain, I always hear singin, wordless chang rising and falling. When rain turns to ice and snow I declare a holiday. I could as easily resist as stay at a desk with a parade going by in the street below. I cannot hide the delight that then possesses my heart. Ony God could have surprised rain with such a change of dress as ice and snow... Most people love rain, water. Snow charms all young hearts. Only when you get older and bones begin to feel dampness, when snow becomes a traffic probelm and a burden in the driveway, when wet means dirt-then the poetry takes flight and God's love play is not noted. But I am still a child and have no desire to take on the ways of death. I shall continue to heed water's invitation, the call of the rain. We are in love and lovers are a little mad."
-Matthew Kelty, Flute Solo, "Reflections of a Trappist Hermit", pg 117-119

I really enjoyed this reflection by Kelty. I too love rain, but find it's only welcome when I am in a good mood. Rarely, or come to think of it, I have never thought of it as a sign from God or as a way that He communicates with us. But it is true. When we become baptized, it is done in water. When rain comes down, it connects with our skin as if God himself is touching us. It is another wonderful way of communication between God and us. I think God meant for us to enjoy rain. I'm not too sure I agree with the author about snow and ice. I don't really like snow too much, but I guess if I really think about it snow is more tangible than rain. We can connect with God by enjoying his creation and actually playing with it, like when we make snowmen or have snowball fights.
I guess rain is another way that God tells us to remember Him and how He can shower us with blessings. I have to remember to fully appreciate the rain even when I'm not in a great mood.


Well, it's been a month since I last wrote, well almost a month. Thought a new post was long overdue. As we go into this crazy Christmas season, I just wanted to take the time to remind everyone to slow down-and I'm talking to myself as well. It's going to be really hard for me-exams are coming and I have some papers to write still-all in the next two weeks! However, I need to remember to learn to take the time to appreciate the simple things in life, like hearing my favourite song on the radio, watching the first snowflakes fall(when you're inside nice and warm of course!), going grocery shopping with a friend(even if it's for ten minutes), or even just sitting down to a nice cup of tea and relaxing for once.
I know, I know...it seems almost impossible. Which is really unfortunate in North American society. Being in Brasil really opened my eyes to a different lifestyle. If they are late, it doesn't matter. They take the time to talk to people, give a hug, and they enjoy the simple things in life. It's something that is foreign to us way up north. Although it may be out of our comfort zones to slow down, it is totally doable. I believe that God created things for us to enjoy, things like a sunset and sunrise, a flower, or a baby smiling. When we take the time to enjoy them, we are creating an opportunity to remember God and all that He has created and done for us.
I hope everyone of you is doing well, and keeping healthy from all the colds that are going around!
I will try to write more at least before Christmas! haha
Love, Ash


It's November already???!

How the time flies...I can't even believe that it's only 51 days until Christmas. It's my two brothers birthdays this month, and there's midterms on Tuesday, and it's almost the end of the semester.
Remember-November 11 is on Saturday.
I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with everything that I have to do before now and December 11, but that's ok. With time management skills and with strength from God I'll get through it.
Love you all