Even in the Womb...

I had been warned about how gassy pregnant women can get.  So many things change, and yet for me, this would be no issue.  I have often had my 'gassy' moments over the years, so I wasn't anticipating any new discomfort.  I wasn't prepared for this weekend, however.  It must have been the broccoli and asparagus that I had under-steamed in my attempt to keep them crispy (my tendency is to over-steam, and the broccoli florets always end up wilted and brown).  Whatever the case, my belly felt so tight and uncomfortable all weekend.  By last night, I could barely walk around the block, and that's when I started to get worried.  It's one thing chalking it up to gas when you aren't pregnant.  It's your body.  But now I'm a mother, and there is a little one trying to grow inside me, so I have to put myself second.  What if it isn't just gas?  What if it's those critical abdominal pains the doctor told me to 'call right away' about?  My mind was mulling over the possibilities, and I was starting to rule out gas since it seemed to be lasting longer than normal.

I called the hospital, and felt left up to my own devices when the nurse advised me to do what I felt best.  Of course they can't say much over the phone, but I would have liked some parameters or guidelines to go by.  Jake and I talked it over, and we both decided that, since we could still feel the baby moving, we wouldn't worry about it too much for the night.  For the first time, we had to do what Christian parents the world over have to do with their children: leave them in the Lord's capable hands.  We prayed and asked God to give us a sense of urgency if it was something more, but to otherwise alleviate our fears and to get us through until the morning.

Well, I woke up this morning feeling about 90% better, and my belly was much less tight and distended than last night (so it was probably gas after all).  I told Jake we could still go to the hospital if I didn't feel the baby move, and five minutes later it moved.  God asks us to trust Him with our children, and He tests our faith, but in the end He doesn't give us more than we can bear.

Learning to trust God with our children will be one of the hardest and most faith-building exercise we will have to perform as parents, even while they are still in the womb.



Open to His Leading...

I took a writing class in high school.  Besides the fact that my teacher was uber creepy, I enjoyed expanding and pushing my creative boundaries.  One of the exercises we had to do almost every day was called free writing, or stream of consciousness, where we wrote non-stop for an allotted time.  The hardest part about the exercise was that we had to let our minds wander, and write whatever popped into our heads.  The idea was to discover some hidden or repressed thought.  I always found it interesting to read over what I had written afterwards, and more often than not it was something very self-depreciating.  

In recent years, I have experienced a new and exhilarating stream of consciousness, and that is when the Lord uses my hand while I'm journalling to write something profound and convicting to my heart.  In those moments, I'm aware that words are flying out from the end of my pen faster than I am normally able to think them, and I know it's a holy moment.  I love looking back over the words and letting them sink in to change and impact my spiritual life.  

The Holy Spirit's conviction is an important aspect of a Christian's life, so I am always thankful when He so clearly outlines what He wants me to learn.



Meal Plan Wednesdays:

I haven't been keeping up with regular blogging lately, but I can at least provide a meal plan for you :)

Wednesday-DDukbokkie with rice
Friday-(Dinner party) Main: Indonesian Pork Tenderloin and potatoes Dessert: Vanilla Ginger Pear Crumble
Sunday- Father's Day- Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, carrots and onions
Monday- Leftovers  
Tuesday- Soup (from Freezer)


Give It a Go...

I never finished the blog series Groceries on $50, but I decided that I would continue to post my weekly meal plans regardless.  Some of you have been requesting recipes and the like, so this way they'll be in a convenient place for you to access at all times.  Here are the recipes for this week:

Tuesday- Greek Salad with Grilled Pork , rice, and tzatziki sauce
Wednesday- Other plans
Thursday- Other plans
Saturday-Potato Leek Soup (freezer)
Sunday- Chicken in Lemon Caper Sauce with rice and veggies




Being Challenged...

Hello again.  Is it me you're looking for?

I've been here, but I've been biding my time, trying not to think about food and sleep.  

Here's a little something to ponder from an article I read today:

Pregnant Christian women, like me, might even challenge themselves and one another to be less preoccupied with the expansion of our hips and thighs and more concerned with the condition of our souls. To be less interested in how our external maternal growth is perceived by others, and more engrossed with how our internal spiritual growth might prepare us for our God-given role as mom.
Wow.  Those emboldened sentences were especially difficult for me to swallow.  How hard it is to focus on our spiritual growth when we're surrounded by materialism and a world that is so self-centered.  

Christian women, we need to encourage one another to keep up the faith and to put God first, before our weight, our husbands, and our children.  One of the best things about Facebook is that we can shoot off a quick how are you doing? message and post articles about pregnancy and godly, Spirit-filled living for others to read and be challenged.  Thanks, for you know who you are :)

Let's continue to grow together.