Vists and Good Eats...

Although Jake worked 3 overnight shifts in a row this week-end, I took it surpisingly well, mostly due to some wonderful visits with some friends. On Friday, I was able to chat with Missy for almost an hour. We realized how great it was to chat on the phone, which is something we rarely do, if ever. Thanks for the lovely convo!

Last night Amy came over, and we talked for a bit and then watched Raising Helen. I thought about my sister Melissa, because we LOVE that movie. If you haven't watched it, you definitely should. It's the keeper of a century! It was nice to visit with Amy and catch up for a bit.

Then, tonight Christina kept me company and we indulged in home-made cappuccinos, topped with whipped cream! It was simply delightful, and I'm grateful for being able to chill out in my home. It was a wonderful evening filled with laughter, especially over the paper that was stuck to my backside! Oh dear...

I am so glad to be surrounded with many friends, especially ones who care so much. I do have a lot of visits to catch up on, so if you're reading this and wondering when it's going to be your turn, just comment and we'll plan a date :)

Jake and I have been finding it to be very beneficial to plan out our meals a week in advance. Now when he asks, "What's for dinner?" I remind him of what we had planned instead of saying, "Hmmm...I don't know. Did you have anything in mind?" We even cracked open one of our recipe books and plan on making pineapple chicken for dinner on Thursday night. Last night was Korean night, and I made a curry with carrots, potatoes, and chicken. The curry powder came in a pre-mixed and measured package (I bought it at the Korean store with Hee-Sook back in the summer). The meal brought back so many memories of the summer time, since that was one of the dishes the students made for us. In fact, it was my favourite one, so I was quite ecstatic that it turned out the same way! Since today was fellowship lunch at our church, we decided to bring a main course dish (for the first time). I mixed together the rice and curry and it went over quite well. I was worried that people might not like it.

I forgot to mention that we ate our Korean meal at our new table last night! We were so thrilled, and happy at the thought of being able to have people over for dinner now!

I'm looking forward to this week, since I have a job AND Jake and I are going to visit our friends in Sudbury this week-end! The week-end can't come soon enough :)



The day my fingers bled...

I worked at the school for six hours. Not a full day, but rewarding nonetheless. I was able to fold letters and stuff 100 envelopes in a half an hour. Not bad, considering all the paper cuts my fingers were putting up with. Even now they're a little raw around the edges of the cuticles. I know I was being taught perseverance, and this lesson does not stop today. I have a Christmas mail-out to do next week, and there will be around 2 000 envelopes to stuff and send out. Yet I am not complaining. I have a job, and am so thankful for that.

Jake and I didn't get to spend much time together tonight, but sometimes it's quality over quantity, right? He made us dinner, and we enjoyed one another's company while we munched down on eggs, toast, cheese, and fried corn beef. Ya, it was tasty. Then, before either of us wanted, he had to leave for another 12-hour shift at the factory. I admire his determination, and his love for me.

I am going to try to do some editing for a friend's paper tonight, so I should head off to do that.

Hope everyone has a great night!


On Being Married...

I'm sitting here in the semi-darkness, knowing I should be in bed, but prolonging the inevitable. Tonight my husband is not with me, but is working a 12-hour shift. I have been keeping busy, but am still quite lonely. I have joined the ranks of countless other women (including my recently married sister) who stay awake into the wee hours of the night missing their husbands.

That being said, I love being married. Honestly, I don't have the words yet to describe how vast the difference is from when I was a single woman. I love how easy it has been for Jake and I to transition; that is not to say it hasn't been hard in some ways, either. We have had our ups and downs, and it's been a lot harder than we ever expected.

But there is just something so right about being a wife. Jake's wife. And I would not trade that for anything!

We had a wonderful wedding. I'm so glad that many of you could join us in celebration. I loved the day; the ceremony was just so worshipful, and the dance and dessert reception was so fun. It was the perfect wedding, and we had such a great time!
I can never stress enough to any couple planning a honeymoon: take a day or two off before you fly out. We left the Tuesday after we were married, and it was the best thing we could have done. Even once we got to the Dominican, all we did for three days was eat and nap, until we finally caught up on all our sleep. We stayed for a week there, and relaxed and enjoyed one another's company. There was a crazy hurricane in Haiti, so we got quite a few rainy days; they did not diminish the sunshine in our hearts. Some people commented and made some jokes on how fair we were for being down south; if you want the truth, we only got sun for three days, and sometimes, you just gotta stay inside. 'Nuff said.

Now we're slowly getting settled, putting some beautiful gifts away, hanging paintings and putting up towel racks, and just getting into the groove of life. However, we don't want to settle. We're looking to serve where God wants us, and so we're hoping to get in touch with some mission organizations soon to figure out our options. Please pray for us as we endeavour to do this.

Hopefully my next blog will not take over a month to write.