work work work..

I was able to get more shifts in the library today, and for that I am grateful. I was trying to be more frugal with my money, but it's so easy to just go out for dinner or lunch instead of making it. I realize in the long run, though, I'm just spending more money.

I definitely have my work cut out for me in the next week and a half, and I'm heading off to do theology when I finish writing this.

Wow, I can't think of anything else to write, and my roommate is now speaking in French on the telephone...it's pretty awesome, and I don't understand!!!

Take care...

Love, Ash


Heart Attitude...

I was very pensive today and moved to thought by something that we watched in chapel.

Kevin challenged us to try to think about our culture today, and to understand why this world is hurting.

I then started thinking about how secluded I am here at school, and how I actually enjoy not being with the world. Is that a very Christ-like attitude though? I mean, we are called to be salt and light in the world, and how can I if I am sitting in a bubble?

I don't think about others enough, and I am very selfish. Jenny asked me how I am going to change that, and I replied, "That is what I need to figure out.".

Jenny encouraged me. I have talked to her before about my desire to know what God wants for my life, and how I am supposed to use my gifts and talents to serve Him.

She said, " You know Ashleigh, in order for you to begin serving God, it has to be a heart attitude. You can try to figure out what your gifts and talents are, but your desire to serve him has to begin in your heart, and then everything else will fall in place after that."

Jenny is a wise woman. I enjoy speaking with her, because she is so encouraging to me, and so interested in what is going on in my life, and she always directs me to think back to God when I am discouraged! Even if she never reads this, I want her to know that she means a lot to me! Thank you, Jenny!

These past 3 days have been so encouraging to me. Honestly, I have never felt so surrounded by love in a long time.

I love you all. Thank you for reading my blogs and encouraging me!

Love, Ash


A Good Day...

I was reminded of Whinnie the Pooh today, for indeed, it was a blustery day! The snow went 'round and 'round in swirls, and I was happy to be inside.

Katie and I went for a walk today, but I literally froze my legs off-I mean, who needs legs anyways! So we only went for a half an hour and came back and had some delightful cauliflower soup with cheese on top to warm us up.

I was able to chat with Oma and Grandpa tonight(finally, after playing phone tag for about a week!) and they were very encouraging to me, and lifted my spirit.

Soccer was a blast, and I have been doing homework!!! I'm even taking a break from it to write this!

I hope everyone had an awesome day-May God bless you...

Love, Ash


Beautiful Days...

I hope that everyone enjoyed my "spoonerism" post yesterday. It was definitely random and pretty much crazy.

Today I went to church like a good Christian girl should lol, and it was great. I love the church I go to, and I'm trying to start to get to know more people.

I came home, made lunch, hung out with some people at a cookie party, and am now heading off to have a nap(hopefully).

I love you all, and hope everyone has a great afternoon!

Love, Ash

p.s. Remember to live for the now...you'll get more out of life that way :D


Wold Cinter days...

Today I wook a talk,
In the ceezing frold.

Of course I bore my woots,
And donned my mat and hitts too.

Ice sistened on the glidewalk,
And the blind wew in my face.

I hame come too soon,
Only because I couldn't cand the stold.

I did hots of lomework,
And lead my rittle eyes out.

I made rinner with my doommates,
And we dat sown and ate by candlelight.

It was a dood gay,
And I moved every linute.

Cake tare, everyone.

Lou are Yoved by me!
Love, Ashleigh

–noun the transposition of initial or other sounds of words, usually by accident, as in a blushing crow for a crushing blow.
[Origin: 1895–1900; after W. A. Spooner (1844–1930), English clergyman noted for such slips; see -ism]


2 weeks left...

Today was not a very productive day, however, it was relaxing in the sense that I have many things to do and I won't be able to relax very much soon.

I bought Handel's Messiah finally, after many years of having to suffice with waiting to see a Messiah production. I listened to almost all of it this afternoon, and NOW it feels like Christmas!

The first snow happened here last night, so I took pictures that I have yet to download only because my laptop is FULL, and I need an external hard-drive.

I believe that is all that happened today. So I bid you all "adieu" and thereby take my leave.

Love to everyone!
Love, ASh

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201st post...

200 posts...
it's hard to believe that time goes by so fast.
The semester is almost over, and soon it will be 2008.

Is anyone else doing New Year's Resolutions? I never do, and this year I was thinking that maybe I will. Then I started thinking about how horrible I would feel if I didn't follow through with them. I would get myself down and depressed. Maybe that's why people go through those February "blahs"-the New Year's resolutions are starting to wear off by then.

Today I'm working for 7 hours, and after that I'm going to a coffee house. It should be lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to it.

I have a question, and it may sound dumb, but if you know me and my gifts well, can you give me a suggestion on what you could see me doing in the future with those gifts? If you can think of anything, please be specific, because I need specifics right now. If you can't think of anything, that's fine.
Thanks, and I love you all!
Love, Ash


Spa Night...

Last night for my impact group, we had a free night, so we decided to do a spa night. We lit tons of candles, put pillows all over the room, and had fruit and vegetables and apples with caramel sauce. It was definitely awesome. We soaked our feet, painted nails, and had bonding time. Some of us did some homemade facemasks and hair treatments, and laid out on the floor with cucumbers over our eyes. It was so much fun! I have never enjoyed being a girl so much, and it was fun to just relax and beautify. One of my roommates kept saying, "I feel like a princess!" It's so true. It was definitely needed!!

Since I went to bed late last night, I only got 4 hours of sleep, and then I had to work this morning. However, another bonus of today is that my class this afternoon finished early! I'm so happy.

I should probably go and get some homework done.
Love to you all!
Love, Ash


I have an obssession...

So, ever since the Diwali party I haven't been able to stop thinking about INdian things...food, dancing, music, etc.

This whole week-end, I have been listening to Indian music NON-STOP, and now when I'm not, the beats and tunes swirl around in my head. THAT'S annoying, but the music is so great. On friday night a bunch of us watched an Indian movie called "Lagaan", and we still haven't finished it (because it is like almost 4 hours long), but it was good.

If any of you like Indian music or are curious, I would encourage you to check out "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom" myspace, as well as Punjabi MC myspace, because although they are more pop sounding Indian music, it sounds AWESOME!

So, I haven't done homework in a week. Last night was the first time I had picked up a textbook in about 6 days. I have not been motivated, and I have been extremely lazy. I shouldn't be like this, but it's hard sometimes, especially when the semester is almost done! I suppose that I just have to tell myself to get to work, and just to do it, or else it won't get done(and I won't pass). My courses have been going well so far otherwise.

I did have a fun week-end thought(of course one would have fun wile not doing one's homework)but it was all looming over me haha.
I'm doing homework this week...trust me. I can't afford not to. Finals are coming up, and most of them are cumulative, so it's going to be brutal.

I hope that everyone has a great day!

Love, Ash


A mid-November blog...

I went home last week-end, and although I didn't visit with my family as much as I wanted to, I definitely had a good week-end.

It was busy, but I got to go to an Indian Diwali party, and that was amazing! The women were all beautifully dressed in colourful saris, and the men looked handsome in their suits. We danced for about 3 hours to traditional Indian music, Indian pop, and some North American dance songs. It was fun, and I finally understood how the Indian people dance. It was definitely a great experience!

School has been going great. I am all finished my mid-terms except for one more in Psychology, and with only 3 1/2 weeks of school left things are awesome!

I wanted to include a picture of me with my Indian friends who invited me to the Diwali party...they looked so beautiful!...However, my laptop is FULL with pics, and I have no room to download any more pictures :(

Soon I will clear everything off.

Ok, hope everyone has a good day!
Love, Ash