A Good Day...

I was reminded of Whinnie the Pooh today, for indeed, it was a blustery day! The snow went 'round and 'round in swirls, and I was happy to be inside.

Katie and I went for a walk today, but I literally froze my legs off-I mean, who needs legs anyways! So we only went for a half an hour and came back and had some delightful cauliflower soup with cheese on top to warm us up.

I was able to chat with Oma and Grandpa tonight(finally, after playing phone tag for about a week!) and they were very encouraging to me, and lifted my spirit.

Soccer was a blast, and I have been doing homework!!! I'm even taking a break from it to write this!

I hope everyone had an awesome day-May God bless you...

Love, Ash

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ash
Glad to hear you got to touch bases with Oma and Grandpa and also that you are able to keep up with your homework with the little breaks in between for outside fun! xo Nan