I Shall Not Want...

I've recently been really into Audrey Assad, particularly her newest album called Fortunate Fall. The song, I shall not want, is particularly challenging.

From the love of my own comfortFrom the fear of having nothingFrom a life of worldly passionsDeliver me o God
From the need to be understoodFrom the need to be acceptedFrom the fear of being lonelyDeliver me o GodDeliver me o God
And I shall not want, I shall not wantWhen I taste your goodness I shall not wantWhen I taste your goodness I shall not want
From the fear of serving othersFrom the fear of death or trialFrom the fear of humilityDeliver me o GodDeliver me o God
And I shall not want, I shall not wantWhen I taste your goodness I shall not wantWhen I taste your goodness I shall not wantLyrics source
I find myself fearing so much. It's hard not to when there is so much uncertainty in life. But when I was reading psalm 59 to Adrian last night, I was reminded that God is our protector, our refuge, and we're right back at this song.


When A Toothy Grin Brightens Your Day (or The February That Lasted Forever)...

What happened to February? It succumbed to a snap of cold and got buried beneath a blanket of deep, deep snow.  
Let me catch you up on what has been going on around here.  We celebrated along with friends of ours whose twins turned one, and we saw one of our nephews dedicated.  We went to a cake auction at Heritage College, where the proceeds from every cake bought and eaten (and boy! did we eat cake!) went towards student missions.  A Canadian comedian (who is actually a member at our church!) performed at our church for the first time. The evening was a fundraiser for Gideon Bibles, and included knife juggling on a unicycle and pretty sweet laser show.
Adrian celebrated month four of his tiny existence, and we're so pleased that he now weighs 12lbs and is 25.5 cm, just a long, skinny little guy!  He also cut two little teeth on the bottom, so that has been a new discovery for all of us.   He's been laughing, smiling, grabbing at his toes, and letting his little personality shine through. We love being his parents!
Jake is enjoying his preaching course at Heritage Seminary. I'm so proud of him for sticking with it even though he's working full time and being a husband and father.  His marks have been reflecting every bit of hard work that he puts into his assignments.
I've been under a bit of a cloud, my moods generally reflective of the weather.  I've also been feeling negative effects due to lack of exercise.  My motivation is in a general state of depletion.  Thankfully this is just a season.  I've been cooking lots and baking little, because taking care of Adrian has been top priority. Jake has been so patient with me, again! this is just a season of life, and we have enjoyed a few dates out by ourselves. During those moments I feel a conflict of emotion. Adrian is safe, with whomever is looking after him, but motherhood has changed me in a big way. I have to fight to let go of lingering bouts of "mommy mode" and focus on my husband, that is after his focus shifts from the 2lbs of wings and vanilla milkshake he just devoured.
Completing a 20 hour teaching practicum(the final phase on my road to being TESL Canada approved*), along with a Rivers' family week long trip to Florida are on the agenda for April (as is an order for warmer weather!)

Getting ready for Florida!

He loves playing with Jake

Date night!

Afternoon snuggles

Now that spring is around the corner, I'm looking forward to taking my little guy out for walks, to enjoy the shining sun and the chorus of birds.  He seems to enjoy the sun just as much as I do, at least from what I've gathered when we bake together in the kitchen with sunshine streaming through the windows.
More of an update post from me, but feel free to comment and leave some thoughts on what gets you through long winters.

*This means that there will be no limitations as to where I can teach ESL in Canada.