It's Been A Year...

Motherhood and busy-ness took over, and my blog suffered a little bit [meaning I wrote the least amount of posts this year since I started my blog] but would I have it any other way?  Also, I'm thankful for my ever faithful readers and your support. I've tried to keep this from being a total 'mommy' blog, but since I am a mom now, there hasn't been too much else on my radar.
I'm amazed at where God has taken me this year. It started out with so much uncertainty, when Adrian was diagnosed with Cri du Chat syndrome the first week of January, and I had no idea that the Lord would bring so much peace and reassurance to my heart in such a short time. From joining the Facebook group to having weekly therapy at Kidsability [I can't speak highly enough about this amazing organization and their incredible therapists!], both Jake and I have been so encouraged and blessed. Family and friends have been amazing, if not above and beyond understanding and supportive. Not to forget about our sweet little guy. Adrian is, well, if you've met him I don't have to tell you twice how social he is, how loving and affectionate, how cuddly and wise.  His laid back nature is just like his daddy's and has been SO good for me. He's got spunk and motivation that keeps me on my toes. I'm so proud and incredibly thankful to the Lord for the developmental milestones he's accomplished this year, on his own time and in his own way. I've learned so much about the important of patience [always patience, right, Lord?]
I'm looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings, and to see how the Lord continues to work in our lives.
May you feel blessed and loved as you spend the evening with friends and family, ringing in 2015.
Happy New Year!


It's Warm Inside...

The thrift shop near my house is amazing, and they donate all of their profits to a men's shelter.  Their displays are artistic, nothing is disorganized or unattractive to the eye. I try to go in at least once a week, if not twice, and it's a treasure hunt every time.  I'm keeping my eye on this arm chair that's been there for about three months (it's actually hideous- bright orange- but oh-so-comfortable), and the price hasn't gone down.  Is it wrong to ask a non-profit organization to negotiate?

The sunroom in our apartment is the perfect spot for said arm chair, a soft blanket, a small side table, and a space heater--a cozy little oasis to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book. Until yesterday we were using this room for storage, and it was actually accumulating some mildew.  A friend took Adrian for an hour and a half, giving me time to attack the floor with a vacuum and some bleach (for the mildew), and opening up the space for my dream reading corner. With a pretty area rug and a nice display of flowers, this little niche in our apartment just might become my favourite. 

What part of your home is the perfect oasis for you, and why?



More Than You Know...

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast... Delicious ones with blueberries and chocolate chips. I've been very excited that Adrian can eat what we eat, so I sat him down in his high chair and promptly set a pancake in front of him. He looked at it. He picked it up and inspected it further. He nibbled at it. Then he threw it on the floor, looked  at me and started kicking his feet. I knew he was trying to tell me something, but couldn't interpret the signs. So I picked up the pancake, offered him his smoothie from last night, cut up a clementine, did a song and dance {that last part may only be slightly true} but he still just looked at me expectantly. All of a sudden I thought, He probably wants his oatmeal! This boy starts every day with oatmeal, getting exciting when I sign and say the word for "cereal", and practically whimpers in anticipation when he sees me getting it ready.  So this morning, how could I have thought that pancakes would trump good ol' cereal?! He patiently waited for me to prepare it stove top, and sure enough, as soon as I brought it over he started squealing and squawking.  Not even the promise of fresh  blueberry chocolate chip pancakes could sway him, so excited was he for his beloved oatmeal. 

He's a creature of habit, that's for sure! 

Blowing bubbles after a messy meal 


Christmas Bucket List...

It's December. 

You've probably realized that there are only 25 days [technically only 21 now] until Christmas, and you're trying to accomplish your Christmas month bucket list.

Here's mine:

  • Decorate the house [if we manage to even plug in our two foot artificial tree complete with lights, I'll be happy]
  • Bake lots of cookies
  • Go sledding [I'm so looking forward to doing this with Adrian.  He's a bit of an adrenaline junkie-just like his Mama!]
  • Find a family Advent book [I've heard good things about Ann Voskamp's Unwrapping the Greatest Gift]
  • Pick out thoughtful and meaningful gifts [which means not shopping on Christmas Eve!]
  • Make homemade eggnog [at least once!]
  • Spend meaningful time with family and friends
  • Go to some Christmas parties
  • Not lose sight of Jesus Christ, who is the reason we celebrate Christmas at all. His birth signified a time of hope for the whole world.  The Saviour Came! He came down, became a man, and died for all of our sins and was raised to life again so that we could live!!! What a beautiful reminder at Christmas.