More Than You Know...

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast... Delicious ones with blueberries and chocolate chips. I've been very excited that Adrian can eat what we eat, so I sat him down in his high chair and promptly set a pancake in front of him. He looked at it. He picked it up and inspected it further. He nibbled at it. Then he threw it on the floor, looked  at me and started kicking his feet. I knew he was trying to tell me something, but couldn't interpret the signs. So I picked up the pancake, offered him his smoothie from last night, cut up a clementine, did a song and dance {that last part may only be slightly true} but he still just looked at me expectantly. All of a sudden I thought, He probably wants his oatmeal! This boy starts every day with oatmeal, getting exciting when I sign and say the word for "cereal", and practically whimpers in anticipation when he sees me getting it ready.  So this morning, how could I have thought that pancakes would trump good ol' cereal?! He patiently waited for me to prepare it stove top, and sure enough, as soon as I brought it over he started squealing and squawking.  Not even the promise of fresh  blueberry chocolate chip pancakes could sway him, so excited was he for his beloved oatmeal. 

He's a creature of habit, that's for sure! 

Blowing bubbles after a messy meal 

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