Learning How to Live...

Happy New Year, 2011!

It's hard to believe that a decade has passed since I first entered highschool. Now I am married, and learning how to live with my husband. God is good, indeed!

Jake and I have been trying to find some ways to keep one another accountable with exercising, reading our Bibles, and taking our vitamins. We decided to put up a little calendar in the kitchen, and then designated three different coloured pens to do the trick: Green=growth, so this represents our Bible reading; Orange=the same colour as our vitamin bottle; Red=represents heat, and that's how you feel after exercising. For each day that we complete these things, we will simply mark down our first initial in each colour to keep track of how we're doing. I think this will help us out a lot!

Right now I'm working on making some turkey soup. It might be a bit bland, since I don't have all the necessary spices. However, I am eager to see how it turns out :)

May God grant us all another blessed year!