Two Years today....

I [almost] woke up to my husband serenading me on guitar with "Still the One" by Shania Twain. How romantic! He worked 7-7am, so I have no time when he's been able to practice. I thought he was sleeping while I've been at work...seems like he had other ideas!!! God has been so good to us these past two years, through our dating relationship, engagement, and now almost 7 months of marriage. Thank you, Jake, for asking me to be your girlfriend. When I said "yes", I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't even really know you all that well. I didn't even know whether you were a romantic or not! It was definitely a leap of faith, this relationship that I was willing to jump into, trusting that God would bless us.

It's too bad he's working again tonight, but we will celebrate tomorrow night. We'll probably end up going to the fireworks in the park.

It seems as if these two months have been filled with "a-versaries"...
-Apr. 22 marked one year since our engagement, as well as two years since I was released from the hospital
-Apr. 30 marked our 6 months of marriage, and my graduation from college
-May 22 marked our two years of relationship

So many things to thank God for :)

Also, my sister has an exciting occasion coming up...on June 5th she and Nathanael will have been married for one year!!!! Not to mention in a few months they will be proud parents. How time flies! Congrats you two!!



Rain, rain, go away...

Almost two months? Really? Where has the time gone?

I feel like I have been in some sort of time warp (and I'm not talking the Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Since my last blog I have graduated college and started teaching ESL with a Korean minstry for the summer.

Let's say that again. I graduated. I accomplished a huge goal. I made it through. And that was definitely not without the strength and grace of our loving Heavenly Father, and the support of my dear husband, Jake. Many others, including my parents, have been an encouragement along the way. I almost didn't go back for my second year, and here I am, with a diploma of BRE under my belt. God is definitely a God of love.

The teaching has been going well. We're on the second week now, and both myself and Arleen are teaching one class. We only have four students, so it makes the workload a lot easier. Since I did this last year as well, it's nice to have some notes and useful tips to make things run more smoothly. Some of the exciting activities we have planned for the students are a trip to a clay and glass gallery, visiting a donkey farm, and ice skating at the local arena. I hope they will enjoy their time here. They have been staying in Toronto, and find it a little bit boring. (I can't imagine what they think of this place!)

In other news, it seems as if the rain will not let up. I am looking forward to feeling the warmth of the suns rays upon my skin once more. I went to Canada's Wonderland with Missy et al two Sundays ago and my face got burned. Well, that's long since gone. We have been spoiled, only to be blasted by the icy frigidity of the bitter winter winds once more.

I long for travel, and adventure. And my Jake needs to get out of the factory he feels so trapped in. Please pray that God will show us our next steps, and that on our way, we won't lose sight of the ministry opportunities around us.