Only one more sleep until home time....

so...pretty much I have nothing else to say today except that I'm excited to be going home and visiting my family. Even though I have to wake up soooooooo early...*inwardly groans*...it's worth it for sure!
so, I won't be going on the internet until i come back on Sunday, so I can spend lots of time with them...I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week and part of the weekend!
Love to all!



Yesterday I woke up and decided to check my e-mails...but ALAS...the Internet was down! So unfortunately I was unable to do go on at that moment of my day. As I returned home from work, a frown appeared upon my face when I realized that the internet was still down. Feeling rather disappointed at this, I was forced to read...READ!!! What is this new invention? Que-ce que c'est?
Upon reflection, i can now see how good it was to have a day without the internet. Although I was frustrated, it forced me to stretch my imagination and do something other than going on Facebook and repeatedly checking my e-mails in hopes of finding one in my Inbox.
I have now come to the conclusion that I am addicted to the Internet, and MSN. It wasn't such a bad idea for the network to be down after all!
Today I have to work and do the blessed homework...FUN TIMES! But it's only 2 more sleeps until I come home!!! YAY!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Love, Ash


Four more sleeps until Hometime!!

It was a wonderful day today. There are only about five people left in dorm...everyone else has gone home for reading week. I don't know about guy's dorm, but hey. I'm all the way over here, and they're all the way over there. hahahaha
I was helping out at church today for my field education, and my supervisor gave me more "responsible" things to do. I was so ecstatic, because normally I get all my administrative work done in a half hour and the rest of the time I am bored. I love feeling helpful and needed!
Then when I got back to rez, Megan informed me that we were having lunch together with Stef and Amanda. It was a delicious conglomeration of food and good company, and I enjoyed it immensely.
Since then I have finished two of my weekly homework assignments for one of my classes, and done laundry: overall a more productive day than yesterday.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening.
Love, Ash


too much...relaxing...

ok....so i tried to do some work today, but it was more like a good ol' day for relaxing and lounging. I did clean my room, work on some stuff. haha
As I enter this reading week, I'm looking forward to going home on Thursday, and I'm going to try to do as much stuff as I can before then! Because you know that I won't get ANYTHING done at home.
this was a really lame post-I'm not really paying attention to what I'm writing...kind of in that "I've-been-looking-at-the-computer-screen-too-long" trance.
I hope everyone has and has had a WONDERFUL week-end!!! Love to you all!
Love, Ash


I haven't written for a little over a week now, and I'm going through withdrawal. I don't have time to write much today, but I just thought I would share a recent poem I wrote.

My eyes water-
My heart clenches-
My throat is parched-
I cry out to God.

He is my Saviour-
My Lord, my King-
Yet I am so human-
So full of sin.

Where's my desire
To spend time with Him?
Why do I wait
So long to give in?

My head says "Surrender!"
My heart replies "NO!"
It seems so easy
To live on my own.

God is there waiting,
Ready for me-
His arms are wide open-
They'll set me free.

I hope this poem touched your heart today-I have been learning much this past year about myself, and how much I have come to depend on ME instead of God. But He is there for me, whether I am there or not!
Love, Ash


Good afternoon to everyone...I hope that this sunny day finds everyone happy and feeling wonderful about life.
This morning was fun, as I went out for breakfast with my roommates! I thought it ironic, I had a huge breakfast and only paid $3.09 for the food, and then found out when the bill came that the juice was $2.00... that means that the juice was over half the price of my huge meal! How does that even make sense at all? I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that.
I should go and work on some homework for tomorrow's classes.
Have a great afternoon!
Love, Ash


Ode to Homework

Work today was really good-gotta love those four hour shifts. Now I am sitting here at my computer trying to work myself up to do homework for tomorrow morning's class.
Whyfore art thou so depressing?
Thou art not my friend
Thou hast made me lie down amidst the dust
I have resigned myself to thy hatefulness

haha...I'm really not this angry at homework. Reading week is coming up soon, and I am so grateful for this fact. Blessed reading week, thy presence is blissfully awaited!
Love, Ash


I love days where you can just rest and do nothing...but the funny thing is, I can't rest knowing that I have a pile of homework to do. It means that your mind can't even rest properly.
I bought frozen yoghourt, of the peach type, and mini eggs. They're very good.
I just woke up from a nap, and seeing as my mind is still fuzzy, I will sign off. haha
Love, Ashleigh


Tonight I made spaghetti for dinner. Actually, I made sauce with macaroni, because I didn't use spagehtti noodles. This is the first time in a long time that I have actually made a nice dinner for myself. Normally I just toast a piece of something and put apple butter on it. How nutritious! I have been having a craving for a good Brazilian meal today: beans and rice and overly salted beef. I miss being in Brasil so much. I wish I could go back this summer, but I can't. So, I've been thinking. If I can't be with Brasilians and work with them in their own country, I would like to work with them here in Canada. I don't care what work it is, I just want to speak Portuguese and be with Brasilians. If anyone knows of a job that I can do this summer, starting in May, along these lines, please let me know! Thank you..
Love, Ash


God's Goodness

I always knew and know that God is a great God, but honestly, that was proved this week. My grandpa had a heart attack, and we all know that those aren't to be taken lightly. God was gracious, and gave us another chance, more time to spend with him. He is fine, gracas a Deus(thanks to God), and he went home from the hospital today. Things like this make you take a step back and realize, "no, I really don't know when I'm going to die. It could be today or tomorrow, but we have to be ready for it". We have to live each day to the fullest, and not take God for granted even. He has given this life to us, and it is Him that can take it from us. It's how we use it that counts. Are we glorifying Him? Am I glorifying Him in everything that I do each day? In the things that I say and do? I can only pray and hope so.
I just want to say, because I know that life is short, that to anyone who reads my blogs, I love you! Just want you to know!
Love, Ash