Happy Christmas Eve!

So, as I sit here at home, finished my Christmas shopping and contemplating whether to go and wrap my gifts now or later, I remember-IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! A wonderful time of year, one of joy and happiness and an overall sense of peace from everyone.
I have to admit, I was angry today. I was driving, and there were these two boys in the middle of the road and they were ignorant enought to NOT get out of my way when I was driving. The INSOLENSE!!! THE NERVE! seriously, did they want me to hit them? I'm not sure some kids are in their right minds sometimes. The sidewalk was right there beside them; they only had to move one foot to the side. I was angry and frustrated, and felt like running them over. OH dear, nice Christmas spirit-nice CHRISTIAN spirit I should say. At that moment I didn't feel very Christian. It is hard for me to keep my temper in check, however, I need to remember that God wants me to live in a spirit of joy and happiness, because that is what He gave us....an incredible joy! It was found in Jesus when He came down as a baby to Mary, and eventually when He died on the cross to save us. His birth and the begin of His life as a human is the real reason Christians celebrate Christmas. So, as we are opening gifts and visiting with family this Christmas, let's not forget about Jesus, who is still giving peace and joy on earth even now.


two days until Home time!!!

I have to work today and tomorrow, it is because of this that I'm not going home until Thursday-yet this is how life can get once you get older. You start to get less and less time off for Christmas holidays. However, I have been enjoying these past few days here by myself, crocheting, watching sad movies(which never look sad when I want to watch them and then I get to the end of the movie...aaargh) and eating....eating...eating....oh man, ok, fine, I've been eating candy cane ice cream!!! Almost the whole tub!!! yes, I did share it with one of the girls who was here on Sunday, yet, I have felt rather compelled to eat it...ALL of it. Not too sure if I can handle anymore of it, but I have one more bowl left, and that is for tomorrow.
So, after we finish taking a look at my sliding foot eating habits, we can talk about the LACK OF SNOW!!! ok, I must admit, I have been an advocate of a green Christmas of late, but as we near the date, I start to wonder if I actually will enjoy a green christmas, if I can actually take this shock, this, undue pressure on my heart, this yearning to listen to the sound of snow falling on snow on Christmas day. All in due time, my dear friends...all in due time. Clearly God knows what He is doing, and we just need to trust Him that he will give us snow for Christmas (which is in six days, God, don't forget).
Love, Ash


100th post today!!!

I can hardly believe that I have now written 100 blogs since March. The time has just flown by, and I'm not too sure that I like it so much. I wish that I could hang on to memories forever, that I wouldn't have to watch them as they sift through my fingers, only to remain a tiny rememberance in my mind. Some things that meant so much, that had such an impact on me, are only small things now. Things that I wanted to remember and hold on to for the rest of my life, all of them but a whisper in the wind. It is a wonder that more people don't journal. Being able to write at least what happened during the day, a sentence, a word, a feeling...taking a memory and making it concrete. Holding onto it, keeping what you wrote it on. Knowing that future generations have that much more to remember you by, realizing you were a real person with thoughts and feelings, much more than just a name that was given to them when they were born. It is a way to look in to the past, feel things that were forgotten about, some that were meant to stay in the past- relationships that need to be restored, people forgiven, remembering who you loved- remembering who loved you. Mistakes you have grown by, learned from. Reliving the good old days when things were normal, peaceful, full of clarity, innocent, selfless, vibrant...Remembering what God has done for you-staying with you in times of loneliness, providing everything in time of need, saving a loved one, and even taking away a loved one-He does everything for a purpose. Reading a journal is like looking into another person's soul-many are not meant to be read by others-most are not meant to be read by others for that very reason. They strip barriers, leaving people inexplicably vulnerable. Yet it is in this way that true feelings come out, when otherwise suppressed. It prepares the heart for God to work, it reveals a canvas for Him to paint on when otherwise covered. Not a physical task, yet physical, for it is to the hand, through the pen, and on to the paper that the emotions flow. They flow, and flow,and flow, unabashed at the volume of their intensity, unbiased at the minuteness of their serenity, forever flowing until the very. last. drop. Slowly the pen is put down, as the muddled thoughts from the mind were put to right on the paper, and everything starts to make sense...memories are easier to conjure when reading back through these emotion-filled pages, and that last grain of remembrance slipping through the fingers is caught, scrutinized, held on to for just a little while longer...
Love, Ashleigh


9 days till Christmas....

Good afternoon to all-I hope that all of the college students are enjoying their time at home, while I am stuck at college all by myself-yes i'm a little bitter...JUST KIDDING!!! Although I am wishing I could be home right now, it is soooooooooooooo nice having this relax time all to myself. I don't have to worry about people keeping me from sleeping at night, or worry about being woken up in the morning. It's wonderful!
Today I bought new crochet hooks and some wool...I just got addicted to crocheting again-it's a good thing I had a gift card from wal-mart, because wool can get extremely expensive!
I just heard on the radio that tomorrow is supposed to be 11C. That is insane, but we really shouldn't be complaining-we should be soaking in every moment of this beautiful weather. Come middle of February we'll all be wanting it to come back, that's for sure!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening-I know I will, working on my culinary skills, watching movies, and crocheting!!! hehe
love, Ash


I think I am on my way to catching up on all my sleep. I got almost nine hours last night, and maybe seven the night before...sleep is very good!
It's getting lonely here. Pretty much everyone has gone home now. I think there are only four or five girls staying here until Monday, and I'm the only one who is here until Thursday! but that's ok, coming home in the morning, so I won't be here too much longer! I can't wait to come home and see my family and friends and people!!! so excited!!!
There is this lady at work who speaks Italian, she's actually my supervisor, and she's been teaching me a few words in Italian. It's a fun language too.
Today I made couscous and stirfried up onions, green and red peppers, and tomatoes, and then mixed in chickpeas and mixed it ALL together and ate it!! SO delicious! I'm actually eating it right now, and it's absolutely heavenly!
Well, it looks as if the white Christmas dream might be shattered this year. However, seeing as we still have more than a week to go(exactly 10 days today!) it's ok. Many things can happen in that period of time!
I'm going to get going now, get some candy cane ice cream and delve into the delightfully delectable and delicious dessert!
Love, Ash



haha, I know it really wasnt't that bad, but I'm so happy that I made it through. I stayed up all night last night writing an essay, but it's all finished now and I got to sleep so I'm ready to go...not really-think I still need LOTS more sleep to catch up on my late nights I've been having.
The weather today is incredibly beautiful. Although you can't see the sun, the air is mild and makes you want to go for a nice long walk.
We had a surprise birthday party for my roommate last night! It was awesome. She didn't suspect a thing. Her birthday is on Friday but most people are going home tomorrow, so we wanted to do it before they all went home.
It was fun! And we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2...I liked it!
I definitely bought candy cane ice cream! That is my absolute favourite part about Christmas-candy cane ice cream and egg nog. They are two Christmas time staples for sure! What other things are Christmas "must have" things for you? It doesn't have to be food, it could be something that you must do at Christmas time. Just leave a comment and reminisce!

Love, Ash


One down, one left to go....

I can almost smell the freedom...one more exam and one more paper to write and I'm officially finished with this semester!!!
It's so ironic: one of our professors said something that is so true-Although we pay for education(post secondary), it seems that everyone pulls their teeth to get through with it. I have enjoyed this semester though-the different classes and the experience itself have taught me many things about not only God but also myself.
I wanted to add the photo because I forgot to add them the day after the banquet, not to mention I haven't really been paying attention to much of anything else except school. This is of me and my residence advisor...she's so awesome and a great friend!
well, time to go study for another exam tonight and finish writing my paper on sibling and family rivalry in Genesis.
Hope everyone has a great day, and thanks for the encouragement!
Love, Ash


Exams, Papers, More papers.....

Well, we all know the outcome of procrastination. If you don't do it beforehand, the pressure becomes unbearable until finally you have to pull an all nighter to get things done. Which is what happened to me and most of the people in my John class last night. There were three papers due today, each worth 20% or our mark, and mostly everyone started them either Saturday night or last night. Me and a friend stayed up all night working on them...finished the first paper and wrote two papers all in pretty much ten hours straight. I slept for an hour and a half and now going to write another paper due today, plus work, plus study for 2 exams tomorrow! Ah, the life of a college student! So I know that most of my family is praying for me, but keep going, because I'm pretty sure I won't be getting a good night's sleep until Wednesday during the day! haha
Love to everyone, see you on the other side of this mountain!
Love, Ash


It was such a beautiful banquet last night. Although it was sort of boring, I still enjoyed it and had fun getting dressed up and getting my pictures taken with what seemed like everybody!
It's so wonderful to know that Christmas is almost here and I'll get to go home and visit with my family. I miss them so much. It's hard when you're the oldest in the family, because you miss seeing everyone as they grow up while you move on and do other things in your life.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, just like I am NOT having...haha, cramming for exams and last minute papers is so incredibly fun I can't even begin to express my happiness!
Love, Ash


An evening affair

I'm so excited. Tonight is our Christmas banquet at school, and all the girls in dorm are going crazy getting ready to look beautiful for tonight. It's going to be so much fun.
I bought my first little black dress for the event, but I'm wearing something over top of it because our school's dress code doesn't allow spaghetti straps by themselves.
My choir is singing, too, we're singing a remake on "hark the herald angels sing" and a new piece that is called "so wonderful".
I only have five more days to go and this semester is officially over. It went so fast, almost too fast. I don't even want to think how fast the next semester is going to go, especially considering the fact that after that I won't be coming back.
It's funny how Christmas time just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. What a wonderful and enchanting time of year. I wish it would feel like this all the time in the winter-the summer doesn't need to feel like snow and christmas lights-it's fine the way it is!
I hope everyone's evening goes a well as mine will-I don't have a date for it, which makes it stress free. Most of us girls are just going with each other, besides, it's more fun that way anyways!
Peace out...
Love, Ashleigh


I can't believe it's almost the end of the semester! Next week we just have exams left and that's it! I'm so excited!
Last night there was a coffee house here, and it was a Christmas edition. There were many performers, playing guitar, singing, acting, and fun things like that.
I even played a piece on the piano- I was so nervous, haven't played the piano in front of anyone for almost two years. It went surprisingly well,! though, and although I made a few mistakes I covered them up well enough that no one noticed.
Our choir sang as well without our director and acapella. It was so nice and I enjoyed it alot.
Another thing that was so random was what one of our favourite performers asked me to do. When he started playing "Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer" I was to come up onstage and speak in Portuguese until the end of the song. I asked, "well, what do you want me to say?" and he said, "whatever you want!" So I got up there and just started speaking random things in Portuguese, like saying one of the guitar player's guitar was beautiful, saying it was dark outside, random things like that! It was a lot of fun, and even though I knew that no one understood what I was saying, I tried to use inflections in my voice so it would be interesting at least!
What a random night! It was a fun way to spend our last coffee house of the semester.
There were a lot of beautiful and talented acts, and I commend everyone who performed.
I enjoy college coffee houses a lot!
hope everyone has a great day.
Love, Ashleigh