Mugs of Tea...

One night Jake and I were walking.  We had steaming cups of hot tea in our hands, and were trying to avoid the little bugs that swarm people's heads at night. (Unfortunately for Jake, he did get one in his mug. Love that protein!)  We walked up one block, and just as we decided to turn around a couple of police cruisers rounded the corner.  Thinking nothing of it, we continued down the street.  All of a sudden, the cruisers pulled up beside us with their lights flashing.  I looked at Jake and said, "Are they wanting to talk with us?!" He shrugged and said he wasn't sure.  Nervously we stopped and waited to see what would happen.  Sure enough, the first cop stepped out of the car and came up to us.

"Hi guys, what are you doing?"
Me: "Ummm...drinking tea?"
"Well, why did you guys turn around when you saw us coming around the corner?"
Me: "Because we were finished our walk and decided to go home?"
[NOTE:  My answers came out pretty dumb in the face of conflict, so I decided to let Jake do the rest!]

"What are your names?"
Jake: Jacob Rivers
Me: Ashleigh

"Do either of you have ID's on you? We're just looking for a couple of people."
[Thankfully Jake had his driver's license on him]

Me: "Do we look like the people you're looking for?!"
[No, not at all. They just pulled you over for kicks. DUH!!]

"Yes, actually. [checks ID] Alright, thanks guys. Have a good night."

And with that, they drove off.

I felt odd, like maybe I had done something that they should be stopping me for, something that I didn't know I had done.  It felt so wrong to be stopped and interrogated.  As Jake and I talked about it on our way home-the magic of the night somewhat ruined- I was grateful that our police in Canada are much more pleasant than what I've heard about police in other countries.  Yes, we were stopped.  But no harm was done to us physically and we weren't simply arrested without any questions.



Tea Smoothie...

When I was looking up recipes for a tea smoothie, green tea seems to be the most popular one.  I had cold papaya mango red tea sitting in my fridge, so that left it up to me to invent my own creation.  I rarely do this.  So here is the recipe for my very own tea smoothie!

Papaya Mango Rooibos (Red Tea) Smoothie

1 cup cold papaya mango rooibos tea (any red tea would work...vanilla rooibos would be delicious!)
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (or any protein powder of your choice)
1 cup frozen mango chunks (or whatever you fruit you have on hand-you can adjust the fruit depending on how thick you like your smoothie)

Mix them together in a blender. Enjoy!



On Taking the Bus...

So I sometimes take the bus. Not always. Just sometimes, when Jake needs the car. I like the freedom of our car, I appreciate its efficiency, but, truth be told, I enjoy the serenity of a bus ride.

I don't have to think about other vehicles around me, watch my mirrors, or worry about congested traffic.  For the most part I can sit back and relax, reading my book or listening to music.

Come on.

Who am I kidding? Most of my bus rides have not been the picture of tranquility that I would like.  The people who take a city bus make up a rare mix: the crying babies, the stressed out moms, the 'cool' kids, the 'street' riffraff, the elderly, the developmentally challenged, the regular 'joes', the working crowd, the university students.

All of these people share one vehicle. Together. They sit side-by-side, brush feet while walking by, accidentally jostle the person beside them.  All of this, without breathing a word. usually.

I don't often start conversations with people I sit beside on the bus.  I haven't been doing too good at this whole communication bit lately, especially with strangers. 

But I observe. Oh, boy, do I observe. 

That woman with the low rise jeans, bending over til you can describe her panties...
The elderly gentleman who stumbles and it takes him 5 minutes to right himself, even with the aid of another kind man...
The frazzled, slightly overweight mom who finally takes her crying baby out of the stroller so he can feel her nearness and wipe away his tears...
The distracted young man scratching away at his lottery tickets, listening to pop music that blares from his headphones...

I listen to their conversations, too (how can you not? They're talking loudly enough!).

The two young girls comparing body piercings and tattoos...
That early 20-something woman confiding in a friend about her custody battle...
Those students discussing the latest TV show using the crudest language possible...

True to the laws of judgmental nature, I often find myself looking at and listening to these people with a sense of superiority, forgetting that I, too, am a mere human being with my quirks and flaws. 

We're all taking the bus, we're all traveling somewhere.  We all have agendas and schedules, friends and foes, loves and losses. 

This is the human condition, but thankfully Jesus has offered a solution to our flawed, sinful ways. He offers forgiveness and grace, to replace my judgmental spirit and my pride.

For this, I am forever grateful.

I'm praying that this will change my attitude the next time I take a bus...



The Return...

This morning I felt so accomplished.  I made tonight's dinner, made the bed, exercised, watched a show, made cookies, did the dishes, and did my devos.

During all of that busyness, I was aching and yearing for Jake to come home.  I didn't feel complete, and wouldn't until I saw him.  My mind was preoccupied with thoughts of my husband.

God showed me an analogy in this:

that's how I'm supposed to feel about Christ's return. 

I should feel that yearning, aching for Him, wanting to see Him. 

and yet...my thoughts revolving around His return are often infused with fear and confusion, filled with trepidation of the unknown.  Of course, He will be returning as the conquering King, and that Day will be filled with much fear and wonder. 

However, His children need to be waiting expectantly...with that constant ache and desire ever-present.

I understand now how it's supposed to feel.



My day...

7am: Finish work, drive home
8am: Nod off to sleep
11am: Wake up to an empty house (Jake went to a friend's wedding...Congrats Megan and Joey!), go back to sleep
1:30pm: Wake up for the 2nd time, go for a run
2pm: Library, watch Miss Congeniality with Jake, make chocolate chip blondies (using chick peas! AMAZING)
5:30pm: Visit from Natalie(my 1st year roomie!!) and her husband Bruce, and cousin Janette and fiance Chris.  I haven't seen Nat in so long, and it was good to catch up for a little bit!
6:20pm: Going crazy preparing snacks for work...only have 20 minutes until I have to leave!
7pm: Start my last shift for the week

It was a pretty good day :)

Here's to a crazy evening of bar rush, and missing out on many visits that could have happened tonight if I didn't have to work.