South Asia...

We arrived yesterday, safe and sound, exhausted but happy, and God is protecting us. Thank you all for your prayers!

It is hot here, hot and humid, and I can't believe the amount of sweat one can produce while simply walking around outside:)

Today we went to church, an English-speaking church, and then we toured some historical places, as well as saw the parliament buildings. It's beautiful here!

They are slowly easing us into the culture, and soon we will be visiting some of the poorer places.

The food is amazing, and the people are so nice!

Love and miss you all..I'm not sure of the next time I will have internet access, but please continue to pray for us!

Until next time....

Love, Ash


Made it to the Desert!

Hi everyone!

Just want to give you a quick update. Our almost 14 hour flight to the United Arab Emirates went well...long, but well :) and now I'm standing at a free internet cafe in the airport waiting for our flight to our final destination, which will be in about an hour and a half.

We have completed an 18 hour layover, which we were able to make faster by going on a desert safari with the team for initial bonding. I will tell you more about that later, but it was a blast!

Now the the real test of faith begins, and we are thanking God for the unity he has brought to a group of people who have never met, but have spent almost two days together on a long flight and a hot desert.

Thank you for your prayers, and I will let you know how things go as we go along! Please continue to pray that we will grow from this experience, and that we will learn much!

Love always,


Vision trip Update

To my dear family and friends:

The moment has arrived. I can hardly believe it, but tomorrow at 10:20 AM I will be on a plane heading for South Asia, where I will stay for two weeks! Only ONE more sleep! (Truth be told, I will probably get no sleep tonight!)

I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement, your prayers, and your financial support that has lead up to this time. I have some good news: I have all the financial support I need! Thank you all!

Prayer is one of the most important parts of the trip. I would ask that you would pray for our team in these next two weeks. None of us have ever been on an adventure like this before, and I am sure that many on the team have nervous stomachs today!

I also ask for prayer that we will not take things at face value, but that we will get into the culture and learn more about the people in a deep way. I hope that we will learn much, and that we will experience how God is working in this country.

The team from Wycliffe that is there also asks for prayer, as they are going through some changes to make Bible translation more effective. Pray that God will give them the strength to do what they need to do for Him!

Please pray that we will be safe as we travel there, as well as our travels while we are there, as we will be going to many different places.

I’m not sure if I will have access to the internet too much. May God bless you all in the coming two weeks, and I will update you all when I get back!

Thank you again, and please continue your prayers!