So I've been thinking a lot lately, about serving God and being available to His purposes. It's kind of hard to become a servant when you don't actually "practice" being one.

If you want to learn something from God, be open to get outside of your box and experience something you have never done before. Let Him teach you in new ways, and open your mind to the diversity He has created.

Love, Ashleigh


Random Thoughts...

Love is in the air.
Heavy it hangs like a fog.
I walk through it, unfazed, because I can overcome.
Eu vou vencer.
The flowers blossom on the trees, their shade a rosy hue, hanging above me while the wind carries the fragrance of their smell so sweet.

How can I resist the tantalizing aroma, when my senses are assailed with it?

Appeal to the senses, must appeal to the senses,
spear an apple and watch the juices flow from the core.

Love too much, love too less.

What is the meaning of love in this day and age? How can I love the way Jesus taught?

Christians are supposed to work together, love one another with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind.

I feel weighed down, how do I go on in this strange abyss of a place?

Burdens for friends, happy for relationships, can't wait for my own.

How do I deal with all of it-balance-show my love?

Why doesn't he understand? I don't think it's meant to be, but only God knows. So Deus sabe.