First Day of Missions Conference

Every year at my school, around this time in January, we host a missions' conference for 3 days. Starting tonight, today is the first day. I am so excited, because there are going to be so many missionaries here, and so many fun activities to do. For example, tonight one missionary will be coming into each of our impact groups and talking to us in that small group setting. Then, tomorrow night after a full day of seminars and talking with the missionaries, we are going to have an international soccer tournament! I signed up for team South America...I am looking forward to this so much! Then Wednesday is going to be much like Tuesday throughout the day, but at night there is a cake auction and an international dinner. This will be the last day of the conference, and it will be sad to see it end. I have to work tomorrow, but thankfully not on Wednesday so I can make full use of the time the missionaries are here. I am really excited about this, and the mission's committee has gone full out decorating and things like this. They have made posters of the theme verse, Matthew 24:14, in many different languages and posted them up(I did the one for Portuguese) and they have put up many flags from countries around the world in the chapel, and guess what? They have a Brasilian flag up! I was so happy to see that! Classes have been cancelled and everyone is expected to participate in this event. I can't wait for tonight!
Last night, after I babysat for a service that goes on here Sunday nights, I went and played soccer in the gym for about and hour and a half. I'm feeling so much better, but there's still a lot of running involved in that game, so I left early because I couldn't breathe! haha...it was so good to play though, I have missed playing it since I have been sick for so long. One of our girls tripped though, during the game, and hurt her ankle. They took her to the hospital just to make sure she was ok.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week...
Love, Ash


Choir and Count of Monte Cristo

Today was an awesomely fun day. We went to a church and performed for choir for both of the morning services. It was a very good day, and then on the way home, a bunch of us sat at the back of the bus and took turns reading a story to one another. I love doing that so much! I thought it was very thoughtful that some women from the church provided lunch for us afterwards. It was delicious, and only just now I remembered that I forgot to thank them for doing that for us. When we go back to school, me and some other people watched the movie "The Count of Monte Cristo". Watching that movie made me think how much bitterness can ruin a person's life. One of the main characters in the movies through away his friend's life because he was jealous and bitter and coveted everything his friend had. Years later, although he has everything he could ever want in life(including his "best friend's" true love), he has become so embittered and only wants that much more in life. It's scary to think that bitterness can take over someone's life to that extent. I only pray that God will keep my heart humble, not lettting bitterness corrupt me as well.
Love, Ashleigh


So you know what I hate the most? When you have to get your braces tightened and then your teeth hurt for like a whole day or two afterwards...but you know what? They're worth it all in the end...at least I hope so! It was so good to visit with my grandparents...stayed at their house after my appointment and came back today all rested up. It was nice to just relax and get away from college, and there were no reminders of homework or such things like that. Then on the way back to the college today, before we got out onto the highway, the trees in the country had some ice left on them, and they were so beautiful, white and crystallized, and looked like they belonged in a snow palace garden...exsquisitely beautiful!
Love, Ash


Ode to Winter

I was bored in class tonight, unfortunately, so I wrote a poem...here it is:

Why so cold?
I can see my breath.

Flakes fall down.
Everything is white.

Ice is
Take care not to fall.

Snow on trees;
What a masterpiece!

Oh, so fun!
Race on down the hill.

Hot Chocolate-
Warming up inside.

Season full of bliss.


Some thoughts...

I read something for homework last night that I thought was really amazing: "In whatever vocation, we are called to bear the image of the Creator"
It's not like I had never heard anything like this before, but it made an impact on me especially last night. God created humans in his image. As a Christian, however, I have a responsibility to show who God is to the world. This doesn't necessarily mean in the things I say, but also in how I act and what I do. The quote especially reminded me that I need to be content even in my job. It doesn't matter that I don't like working at my job...most of the time anyways. That's not the main reason why I am there. God wants to use me to show his love and who He is and was as a Creator to those who don't know him. That is a powerful thought when I actually think about it. People watch Christians. People watch me. They watch me in what I do and say, and they notice when I am sad, angry, upset, and generally in a bad mood. They notice when I am happy and excited. If I am going to be a Christian who wants to show God to the world, I need to be content in where I'm at. Certainly that's easier said than done. Of course I have my bad days, where I don't feel like being happy, when it's just been an overall bad day. But God wants me to show love through my life. He wants me to show those who aren't Christians what it's like to be one, and how He can change their lives. That said, I sure have my work cut out for me!
It's not going to be easy and I sure know that I will slip up many times, in fact, I will probably slip up today. However, God is my Creator. He knows what I'm like...He knows what you are like. And that is a comforting thought!
Love, Ash


Good evening, everyone.
Did I mention how hard college is lately? My goodness, this "managing time wisely" business has got to take effect soon, or I'm going to go insane! I wish that I had formed better habits when I was in highschool; unfortunately hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I can't change what happened in the past! It seems that I always learn things the hard way. However, I've gotten myself into this predicament...have a million things to do..all I can do is climb in and hang on for the ride.
I hope that everyone is not stressing out as much as I am...take care!
Love, Ash


ok, so I have been extremely bad at doing this journalling stuff as of late...it's not that I don't want to write anything, but seriously, I get really tired of writing sometimes. I have also had a really bad cold for almost 2 wks now, and that has affected alot of what I do. These classes this semester are much harder than my last ones, and I'm finding it difficult to have any desire to do my homework. However, if I want to do well I know that I need to work for it.
I will write later...for now, sayonara...


Back to School

I decided it's about time that I write another blog. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. It was a good time to visit with family and friends. Well, one of the boys that I knew in Brasil(George) came to Canada on Thursday and he's staying for 5 weeks! I was so excited, and I went to the airport with other people from church to pick him up. It was so good to see him; kind of like he's a connection to Brasil. But I have to go back to school tomorrow, so I won't be able to see him until I come back for my dentist appointment at the end of the month. We went bowling today with my family and some friends and George came as well. That was lots of fun.
I enjoyed the holidays, but I am looking forward to going back to school and finishing the year out.
Hope everyone has a great week-end.
Love, Ash