Mugs of Tea...

One night Jake and I were walking.  We had steaming cups of hot tea in our hands, and were trying to avoid the little bugs that swarm people's heads at night. (Unfortunately for Jake, he did get one in his mug. Love that protein!)  We walked up one block, and just as we decided to turn around a couple of police cruisers rounded the corner.  Thinking nothing of it, we continued down the street.  All of a sudden, the cruisers pulled up beside us with their lights flashing.  I looked at Jake and said, "Are they wanting to talk with us?!" He shrugged and said he wasn't sure.  Nervously we stopped and waited to see what would happen.  Sure enough, the first cop stepped out of the car and came up to us.

"Hi guys, what are you doing?"
Me: "Ummm...drinking tea?"
"Well, why did you guys turn around when you saw us coming around the corner?"
Me: "Because we were finished our walk and decided to go home?"
[NOTE:  My answers came out pretty dumb in the face of conflict, so I decided to let Jake do the rest!]

"What are your names?"
Jake: Jacob Rivers
Me: Ashleigh

"Do either of you have ID's on you? We're just looking for a couple of people."
[Thankfully Jake had his driver's license on him]

Me: "Do we look like the people you're looking for?!"
[No, not at all. They just pulled you over for kicks. DUH!!]

"Yes, actually. [checks ID] Alright, thanks guys. Have a good night."

And with that, they drove off.

I felt odd, like maybe I had done something that they should be stopping me for, something that I didn't know I had done.  It felt so wrong to be stopped and interrogated.  As Jake and I talked about it on our way home-the magic of the night somewhat ruined- I was grateful that our police in Canada are much more pleasant than what I've heard about police in other countries.  Yes, we were stopped.  But no harm was done to us physically and we weren't simply arrested without any questions.



On God's path said...

Woah, that would freak me out a bit too. Was this after I saw you? What a story to tell your children one day lol...mistaken identity

Erika R. said...

Ashleigh! That does sound scary! I am glad that it wasn't overally intimadating though and that you were safe!

I really like your new blog layout, it's very pretty!