My day...

7am: Finish work, drive home
8am: Nod off to sleep
11am: Wake up to an empty house (Jake went to a friend's wedding...Congrats Megan and Joey!), go back to sleep
1:30pm: Wake up for the 2nd time, go for a run
2pm: Library, watch Miss Congeniality with Jake, make chocolate chip blondies (using chick peas! AMAZING)
5:30pm: Visit from Natalie(my 1st year roomie!!) and her husband Bruce, and cousin Janette and fiance Chris.  I haven't seen Nat in so long, and it was good to catch up for a little bit!
6:20pm: Going crazy preparing snacks for work...only have 20 minutes until I have to leave!
7pm: Start my last shift for the week

It was a pretty good day :)

Here's to a crazy evening of bar rush, and missing out on many visits that could have happened tonight if I didn't have to work.



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