The day my fingers bled...

I worked at the school for six hours. Not a full day, but rewarding nonetheless. I was able to fold letters and stuff 100 envelopes in a half an hour. Not bad, considering all the paper cuts my fingers were putting up with. Even now they're a little raw around the edges of the cuticles. I know I was being taught perseverance, and this lesson does not stop today. I have a Christmas mail-out to do next week, and there will be around 2 000 envelopes to stuff and send out. Yet I am not complaining. I have a job, and am so thankful for that.

Jake and I didn't get to spend much time together tonight, but sometimes it's quality over quantity, right? He made us dinner, and we enjoyed one another's company while we munched down on eggs, toast, cheese, and fried corn beef. Ya, it was tasty. Then, before either of us wanted, he had to leave for another 12-hour shift at the factory. I admire his determination, and his love for me.

I am going to try to do some editing for a friend's paper tonight, so I should head off to do that.

Hope everyone has a great night!


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On God's path said...

You do editing for papers for friends? Hmmm... oh and fyi Christmas cookie fest next Thursday 7pm...should be a good time