Open to His Leading...

I took a writing class in high school.  Besides the fact that my teacher was uber creepy, I enjoyed expanding and pushing my creative boundaries.  One of the exercises we had to do almost every day was called free writing, or stream of consciousness, where we wrote non-stop for an allotted time.  The hardest part about the exercise was that we had to let our minds wander, and write whatever popped into our heads.  The idea was to discover some hidden or repressed thought.  I always found it interesting to read over what I had written afterwards, and more often than not it was something very self-depreciating.  

In recent years, I have experienced a new and exhilarating stream of consciousness, and that is when the Lord uses my hand while I'm journalling to write something profound and convicting to my heart.  In those moments, I'm aware that words are flying out from the end of my pen faster than I am normally able to think them, and I know it's a holy moment.  I love looking back over the words and letting them sink in to change and impact my spiritual life.  

The Holy Spirit's conviction is an important aspect of a Christian's life, so I am always thankful when He so clearly outlines what He wants me to learn.


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