Bom Dia!!!

This is how I want to look. Unfortunately today, I am very pale. Thank you all for your prayers for me. They worked! That antibiotic that I took made my strep throat go away that very night. However, I still have sore gums and it hurts a little to eat still. But, that is a big improvement! Considering I still felt kind of dizzy when I stood up, today I am totally fine, except for my poor little gums!!!
It's a good thing I'm feeling better, because today I'm going to Àguas Lindas to stay there for a week...sabe porque???? Do you know why? Because the group of Canadian ladies from Ontario are coming to do a DVBS this week at Vôo Livre. They're arriving tomorrow, and then on Saturday they're putting on a ladies day at Vôo Livre.
Please please pray for me. It seems like everytime I go to Àguas Lindas, I get sick from the dust and other people being sick. I know that God will take care of me, but a little few extra prayers won't hurt. I'm not exactly sure what the ladies will want me to do with helping their DVBS, but I'm sure that it won't be too hard. I have helped out with plenty DVBS's over the years. Also, pray for Joyce, that she will have enough energy to do everything that she has to do. She needs tons of energy! Pray that there will be enough kids showing up next week for the DVBS. It's their holidays right now, and so we're not quite sure how many will actually come!
Well, I have been thinking alot lately about the day I come back. I don't like talking about this because it makes me cry. I think it's less than a month now. August 15 is the big day. I am having such mixed feelings. I love being here in Brasil...love the people, the food, the music, the culture. And yet I miss the Canadian culture too...even though it is sooooooooooo much busier than here. And I miss my family and friends. However, when I go back there, I know that I will have such great "saudades" for the people here. (FYI: The English language doesn't have an actual word to describe when you miss somebody. We just say "I missed you"or "I will miss you". In Portuguese, they have this word "saudades" which is actually a noun for "missing". For Example: "Eu sinti saudades de você" "I felt missings for you". Or when you haven't seen someone in a long time, you can say, "Que Saudades!" "What missings!" It doesn't make sense in English, but in Portuguese, it's a very important feeling, and it has alot of emotions in it when you say it to someone. Way more than just saying "I missed you!" It's really nice)
Yesterday Cristina and I walked home from the English school. It really isn't a long walk, maybe 20 minutes or so, but felt longer for me because I haven't walked like that in a week, since before I got sick! It was interesting. I got home all out of breath.
I don't know if I told you, but for breakfast in Brasil they have lots of breads and stuff, and even chocolate cake!
And friends here in Brasil, when they say goodbye to each other whether in person or on the phone, they always say, "Beijos!" which means "kisses!". I thought that was interesting! They even say it to their guy friends too!
One more thing I haven't told you yet...every gas station is full serve. I don't think anyone here knows how to put gas in their vehicles. It's different. I guess they hire people to do that for two reasons. 1.) So that more people will have jobs. 2.) So that people won't steal gas.
Those are my opinions...don't quote me on anything! If you have any other ideas, then go ahead and put them in the comment section.
I forgot to answer one question. Taguatinga is about 20 minutes from Brasília. Taguatinga, Àguas Lindas, Guara, and all sorts of other places around Brasília are calles Satellite cities. They are small, but they all make up the surrounding area of Brasília.
Well, hope that answers everyone's questions, and satisfies everyones blog appetites, because I think that will be it until another week.
Hope you all take care in that heat, don't do anything strenuous.
Love to you all...
Beijos, Ashleigh


Anonymous said...

Hey Ash,
It's great to hear that you feeling better now..I am praying for you each day bud. When the big day happens the memories will stick to you when you live here and come back home.
Miss you.

SInging Lady said...

My Poor, dear, Ash

I was so sad when I finally read your Monday blog last evening (Thursday).
Sorry I could not comment. It is rather hard when you are without power for 47 hours! Praise the Lord it came on last night at 8:45 pm!!
So glad to hear that there is some improvement now that the antibiotics are kicking in.
We have all been praying for you, including the ladies at VBS and Mr. Williams as well.
We will continue to pray that you will stay healthy this week as you assist at their VBS and that it too will be an exciting time for everyone.

We will pray for you as the days wind to a close for this trip but even though there will be very mixed feelings as you leave them and return home, we know that you will never forget this experience and in God’s time, if it is His plan for you, there will be more opportunities in the years ahead to return and serve Him once again.
Thanks for some more of your Brazil education re: languge, customs, locations, foods and gas stations!
It has been many years since we have had full service stations around these parts, although there is still Sony’s on Hwy 48, who give you the works!
Now I must go to my big power point presentation for tomorrow night. I will miss having you to help me as we burn the midnight oil tonight to get it done.
Mel is taking over for you, so it should work out fine.
Lots of luv
Nan xoxoxox