Finally I was able to put up some pictures of the "Sweet 15" party we went to last Saturday. This first picture is of me, trying to dance with Lucas, one of the students at Yale. As you can see, "trying" is the operative word! It was so much fun!
This picture was lots of fun...near the end of the party they gave out all these feather boas and funky sunglasses and stuff. The "Anniversariante"(the birthday girl) is the girl directly in the middle of the pictue in the white dress. Her name is Flàvia, and she had so much fun at the party.
So, there you go...some more pictures. Eu tenho notícias boa e mã...I have good and bad news. Let's start with the bad news first, because the good news is REALLY long. Celça left last night for the airport. I know she was supposed to go on Wednesday, but we missed her flight. Both of the girls went with her too, so now they're all up in Natal. I will miss them, but they have to go on with their lives.
And now, for the good news!!!
Iwas in Àguas Lindas Wed, Thurs, and Fri. On Thursday, Joyce and I got to go to the Ambassador's Residence of the Embassy of Canada in Brasília!!!!!!!! HOW COOL WAS THAT!!!!
This was for a Canada Day celebration, and they had invited all the Canadians they knew that were living in and around Brasília, as well as ambassadors of other countries too. It was from 12:30PM to 2:30PM, just a light luncheon. My goodness, their residence is HUGE! There were alot of people there too. The ambassador's wife is French, so they make a good representation for Canada. They both speak Portuguese very well. They had a brass band there, and they played the National anthems for both Brasil and Canada...it was very patriotic! I'm glad Joyce invited me to go...it's horrible going to these parties and not knowing anyone else. We did meet a really nice single lady who is about Joyce's age named Rachel, and we talked to her for the whole party. She is the General Manager for a huge hotel here in Brasília, and she is also a Canadian citizen(she has dual citizenship). She lived in Canada for 10 years, with no intentions of moving back to Brasil, but then her father got sick so she had no choice. And now, she is the only woman in Brasil who has this title of General Manager. I know that she wants to go back to Canada, but has no idea when. So she was a nice lady, and a Christian too.
What a grand day out! I loved going there so much!
It also rained on Thursday!!! Shocker McShockerton...it hardly ever rains during the dry season. But it was good for Águas Lindas. There is so much dust now. Everytime I go there and stay at Joyce's, I get sick with allergies to the dust! But it's normal now, so I don't worry about it.
Last night was the graduation for 10 students from the English school. Only 8 made it, but it was a good night anyways. I got to say something to them, and of course I almost cried(so proud of myself that those little drops of water from my eyes didn't spill over! haha). I really like that group alot. We had the dinner at a restaurant, in a party room, so it was nice and private. It was a really good night, and really late too. I didn't get to bed until midnight, but that's normal here. I'm telling you now as I've said before...these Brasilians keep the weirdest hours! It's craziness!
I should go now...today in Águas Lindas at VôoLivre Joyce is having a workday, and I might be going to that. Don't forget for all of you that can, today is the game between Brasil and France, at 4PM my time(not sure when it is there), and watch it!!! And wear green and yellow if you're going to cheer for Brasil...I will be wearing a mix between green and yellow and red and white. Because of course, it's CANADA DAY!!!! and I have to be patriotic too! (I just have to figure out wear the little girls put my CANADA roots hat...hmmmmm...)
So, have a wonderful Canada Day, be safe, watch the parades, and have fun!!!
My thoughts are also with friends of mine, Jayme and Aaron, who are getting married today, and I can't be there :( but I hope you guys have a wonderful fairytale wedding, and all the best in everything! Love you all, and take care!
Love, Ashleigh


Pops said...

Hi Ash,
Happy Canada Day
Pops here!
I wanted to be your # 1 comment for a change and beat out the singing lady!! HAHAH!
Thanks for the neat pix of the Sweet 15 party!. They came though really well!

Enjoyed your blog immensely!
Good to hear that Joyce included you on her trip to the ambassador’s residence.
Just another great experience of the many you have had while you are there!
Hopefully we will get to see some of the game to-day at our end and hope that you have lots of fun in the celebrations of this as well if they win again!
Do know that we pray for you continually.
Lots of luv Pops xoxox

SInging Lady said...

Ho ho ho Ash

BigBoy Poppa beat me to it today!
His face was beaming as he read the printout of to-day’s blog with all you recent experiences.
Good news indeed, as you had the opportunity to be at the Canada Day celebrations at the Ambassador’s residence, as they recognized the Canadians in and around Brasilia.
Also interesting for you to meet some new people.
You are certainly having the experiences of a lifetime!
Sad for you to say good-bye to Celça and her family though!
I hope you will be able to continue to keep in touch wuth her family though.
Sounds like to-day will be a very full one for you, if you go to the work party at VôoLivre and then watch the game as well! We will be cheering for Brazil!
Have a great week end and try to get some sleep sometime!
You are turning into quite the “Party Animal!!!!! Hahah!

Lots of luv, hugs, kisses and prayers

SInging Lady said...

Hi Again
Just a PS to say that your new header and comments on life and Brazil look good at the top of your blog!
xo Nan

leelagoon said...

Hi Ashleigh: You have nmade me watch soccer!!! Sorry Brasil lost today but I was rooting for them for sure. You have had a wonderful week - you are so fortunate. Take care & will talk later. Kathy - Lagoon City