It's April 1st!!!

Wow, how the time flies. I can't believe that it's the first of April today...how cool is that? And for all those of you who has a birthday in April, you're totally psyched up!!! ( I know you are, Mel!) This morning was really fun. I forgot that we were going to Águas Lindas again today. We were going to a practice for the puppet group. The girls were already there when we got there, and so were alot of guys. This was because it was also a work day on one of the buildings at Vôo Livre. So, there was about 25 guys ranging from 14 yrs of age to about 60. While the girls were inside practicing the songs, all the guys were mixing cement and putting it on the roof. The practice went well. I think they have a performance for American Women's Group International in the next week or so, and they had to do some touch-ups on their songs. It was fun.
Then we had lunch, and all the guys were hungry. Trust me, I was near the end of the line, and their were no noodles left for the rest of us!!! They worked hard though. Too soon after lunch Graça said we had to go! I was sad!
I think tomorrow I'm going to a wedding. Andréa is going, and she asked me if I wanted to come too. I am really excited, and looking forward to it. I don't have any really nice things to wear though, so either Andréa or Cristina is going to let me borrow one of their dresses. I'll have to tell you how it went. I'm not sure what time it starts, but I'm pretty sure that Graça and I can go to church in the morning.
That's all for today folks! Love, Ash :)


Mel said...

Hey Hey! exactly 23 days....thankyou! and i still haven't gotten a reply yet....hmmm pretty shifty if u ask me! lol! Luv ya lots!

SInging Lady said...

Hi Ash . April Fool's day
Pops played a trick on me this morning while we had breakfast. I don't usually fall for these things but he got me good!!!
Do they do April Fools jokes in Brazil???
It rained here quite a bit of the day so most of our snow is gone.
Finally!!! We lose an hour sleep tonight for Daylight Saving so I had better get to bed early. haha. Do they change the clocks there?
Have fun at your wedding tomorrow . That will be something else for you to tell us all about. Luv Nan xxoxoxo

leelagoon said...

Hi Ashleigh: finally had time to read your updates - soo interesting. It is great fun for me seeing & experiencing thru' your eyes. We still have ice on the lagoons & lake but open water outside the Harbour Inn & had a pair of swans visit the other day. We also have 2 male merganzers (they have white heads) and a female. Spring is so great - wonderful to see the geese back & all the different birds & animals. Saw 8 geese chasing a mink - but the smarty disappeared into the shorewall! Spent the last 3 days working 7-3 & then going up to Foodland to sell daffodils for the Cancer drive. We did well - $1100 in "downtown" Brechin. Do they have such things in Brasil? Take care & enjoy - will talk soon, hugs. Kathy

Karl, your bro said...

hi Ash, I love you and miss you. What did you eat today? love KARL