I forgot to mention something about the wedding yesterday. At every Brazilian wedding, after the ceremony, the groom takes off his tie. Then, one person carries the tie, and the other carries a basket and they go around during the dancing or during dinner and ask people if they want a piece of the tie. If they do, the person holding the tie will cut off a piece with scissors, and then give it to them. Then, they can put money in the basket. It was very different. When I saw it, the basket was full of money. When all the tie is gone, then they give the money to the bride and groom. It's a very fun little tradition. I think it's neat.
Yesterday I got some sun on my shoulders... finally. I've been inside most of the time so I never get to do that hardly ever! It was awesome.
The traffic here is the craziest I have ever seen...except maybe from Toronto. But I hardly ever go to Toronto, and in my city we usually have very civilized drivers. Here , drivers are so rude to other drivers, and the buses are too. They just cut in front of people. It's crazy. And, the air is different too, when we're driving. All I can smell is the fumes from cars all around me, and then I see the black fumes come out of the trucks, and I think"I'm gonna die!" LOL
They have the most beautiful trees here. They are just blooming with pink, red, and purple flowers. So pretty.
Today Cristina is not feeling well, so I'm going to be taking her last class this afternoon, the one that goes from 5 to 6:30PM. It will be easy, because they're an advanced class, so I just have to take up homework and then just listen for words in an English song.
Tomorrow we're going to Aguas Lindas again.
I keep thinking about my family, and all my friends. I do miss you all, but not enough yet. I'm sorry to say. Actually, it's not really a bad thing, is it? It only means that I'm comfortable here, and that I feel at home. Give me about a month or two, and then I'll start to get homesick. I really am having a good time, and I'm learning lots. Sometimes I wish I could do more for the teachers when I'm helping them, but I know that it's hard for them to get used to me being around.
I don't know how many of you were worried about me, but I did not drink at the wedding on Sunday night. There was plenty of opportunities, as the champagne just kept coming around, but I have absolutely no interest in drinking. Personally, I don't see the need. I have my chocolate to keep me addicted to something, and that's all I want!! :)
I love and miss you, and thanks for your prayers for me. I have been doing my devotions every day(almost) because there is lots of time, especially at night. It's so much better, because when I was at home and working at Timmy's, I was usually too tired. So it's good.
That's all folks...please, don't forget if you're curious about any topic, just write a comment and tell me what you want to know, and I'll do my best to fill you in.
Love, Ash:)


SInging Lady said...

Hi Ash
I guess it is good that even though we are missing you, you are not feeling homesick yet!
You still have a quite a bit more time to be there and lots more neat things to experience! So you are allowed!
As long as you keep writing your experiences fairly regularly, as you have been, it will help us feel close to you though!
We are thankful that you have settled in so well and have been made to feel at home by the family there.
Of course it never entered our mind that you would be anything but "well behaved" at the wedding!

Glad you finally got some sun on your little white body!!
You must stand out from your friends there!! hahahah!
Be thankful for the sun!
After yesterday's lovely sunny weather here.... we are now having a lovely snow squall outside and everything is white again!!!'
That little bit of news should take away any hint of homesickness!!! hahahah
We'll keep the prayers going at this end.

Eu te amo assim muito... mas você sabe aquele
Nan xoxoxo

Eu apostarei que você está contente que você não está dirigindo lá! Hahahah

CeCe dansa said...

Hey Babe...you are allowed to have fun and not miss home...we are so excited that you are experiencing so much of a different culture and atmosphere..you know that the Lord is with you and is there at each new adventure. You are not alone..your best friend is there with you. so enjoy every moment. Glad that you are feeling better. Hope that you can tell us more. The tulips in the front yard are up one inch and now are covered with snow again. ...just for now it will be gone soon, I hope!
Do you have chocolate bars like in Canada, or are they new to you...please reply . We need to know what your addiction of choc is like in Brasil. Love and bye for now....CeCe wanna be.xoxox