The rain ceases...for today!

I had to mention something that is very interesting here in Brazil. You know how they have the signs "push" and "pull" on doors to businesses? Well, here in Brazil, the word for "push" is "empurre" and the word for "pull" is "puxe". However, there is one problem...they pronounce "puxe" as "pushe" so, whenever I go to the door and see "puxe", naturally I always push it, and naturally it doesn't because it means pull! Oh, it is so funny! I have embarrassed myself many times trying to get out of a building. Andréa said that Brazilians who go to the States have the same problem I do, because they see"push" so they pull.
Anyways, today was a good day. It hardly rained, and all the classes went well at the school. This morning we got to exchange the chocolates in one of the classes. My chocolate secret friend gave me a huge egg, which was a mix of chocolate and coconut!!! mmmmm..he wasn't even supposed to give me that, because for this class we only had to give boxes of chocolates, and they're way cheaper than the eggs. It was nice of him, though, and the chocolate is so good.
Tonight I'm going to the university with Andréa, and then after that we're going out for dinner to celebrate a friend of hers birthday. He's going to be 21 years old, and he is so funny. He is her best friend. It should be lots of fun, and I think they bought a cake to have too.
Anyways, ttyl
Love, Ash :)

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