Somebody's Birthday...

Boa noite, gente. I hope that you are all taking care. I have a big announcement to make...today is my sister Melissa's birthday...she is one year older than she was last year! :) Big surprise there. I just want to send out a big birthday wish for you, Mel, and hope that you had a wonderful day, and that it was everything you expected! Hugs and kisses!!!
It has been beautiful weather here, lately. I don't think it has rained since Friday. Today I sort of puttered around this morning at home, and then I went to the school and helped with Cristina and Andréa's classes.
I wanted to tell you all about this certain drink that they here in Brazil. They make it with beets and oranges. And I don't think they add any sugar, so it's very healthy. So, if any of you are willing to take a risk and put these two vegetables together, you just cut the beets up into pieces and then blend them until they are smooth... chunky vegetables are not cool in a drink! Then you probably have to use a juicer to get the juice out of the oranges, but my goodness it is a tasty drink!
Sorry this is short, but now that I'm sort of keeping up with myself, I don't have to write alot. Please take care, and I will write tomorrow...hopefully!
Love, Ash :)


SInging Lady said...

Yo girl!
This is the first time in a long time we haven't seen Mel on her birthday at HI.
Hopefully when we go there this week we will get to see her.
Phoned in a birthday blessing on Life 100 for her and included Ashleigh in Brazil! That got a response from Woody!
By the time you come home, if we try all your healthy recipes we should really be in good shape! haha
Now I do like beets cooked with an orange sauce but in juice form...no sugar added ..hmmm!
I might have to think about that one!
Mind you I am not very adventuresome at the best of times, when it comes to eating new foods . Just plain cooking for this girl!! hahah
Our weather here has been for the pits the last few days.. rainy and cool winds.
We also have some varmints tearing up our lawn again. Both a skunk and racoon are suspect!

Você sabe o que esse os meios não você?
estrondo! estrondo! você está inoperante!
Suposição que disse aquela o?????
Bigboy diz dizer demasiado hello com amor dele.
Aquele é todo para agora o mel.
Hugs e beijos de seu Nan fresco.
O papa emite-lhe lotes dos hugs demasiado!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, sounds like a yummy drink....you are sure becoming the "mikey" of Brasil...yea! she'll try anything! (like the old Life cereal commercial). Sorry that I missed your call...waaaaahhh! I was so upset.Oh well ...we shall talk soon. Love Cece Mama