mmmm...Chinese food!

I just have to say something..when you haven't had anything in a long time, you learn to appreciate it way more when you do have it. Like last night. Andréa and I had Chinese food and my goodness it was sooooooooooo good!!! We walked to the restaurant and took our food to go, so we just got to different things and split it. The food was so greasy but incredibly good(isn't that always the way things go? When you know it's bad for you it always tastes better!). Andréa told me that here in Brasil they don't have any Chinese buffets all you can eat, but it's a buffet where you pay by weight. How unfortunate!
Someone asked me what it is I do in the English classes, and if it's different every day. Well, let's just put it this way. It usually is different every day, but the usual thing I do is sit and watch and occasionally if they have a dialogue to read I help with that. The only thing I really do is just read for them, so they can see how the right pronunciation is supposed to be. Occassionaly I have helped with marking papers or writing stuff on the board, but really I'm not needed that much. I am really just here for the experience, and help whenever they need me. But it's such a good experience, you know? And I'm learning so much about the culture here.
It was funny, yesterday in one of the classes, Andréa asked each of her students to write 3 questions to ask me about Canada and Brasil and the differences. Alot of them asked me about the culture, and what is different. And you know what? I couldn't give them an answer! Because I know that there is such a big cultural difference, but I don't notice many of the differences anymore. I feel totally comfortable here, and there is not much of a cultural shock. They asked me whether I liked Canada better, and I had to tell them that I like both of these countries equally...I can't choose!
Today we went to Àguas Lindas again, and it was alot of fun. Sadie came with her instruments, so we were able to do play some music after an English lesson. I think the kids had alot of fun!
Well, trust that you all are taking care, and we shall talk soon.
Love to you all!
Love, Ashleigh :)


SInging Lady said...

Dear Ash
Thanks for being so faithful with your writings . You are helping us to enjoy your trip right along with you. Hugs , kisses and all that good stuff xoxox Nan!!

bigboypoppa said...

Read your most interesting blog to-day! ...greasy Chinese food ...healthy??????
Buy it by weight !!! I'd be broke!!!!!!!!

We will just have to settle for the King's buffet when we head away this week!! hahah
Hugs and kisses from your ever lovin' Pops