Nossa, gente. It is so cold here right now!!! My fingers are like ice as we speak! I thought that after Easter it would warm up a little bit, but it hasn't yet. Last Sunday though it was the hottest it's been since I got here. I think the temperature was 33C. I don't know what it is right now, but it's freezing!
Yesterday we took another English teacher, Sadie, to Àguas Lindas with us when we went to Vôo Livre. She plays the harmonica and the accordion, and I don't know what else. She is a friend of Graça's and is VERY talented! So she brought her harmonica and accordion, along with a whole bunch of percussion instruments, like the tambourine, and maraccas, as well as this cool shaker from Bolìvia made out of goat's toenails. That was definitely the weirdest instrument I'd ever seen!
So, Graça wrote some English songs on the board for the kids to copy down. There were three, and they were "Our God is an awesome God", "My God is so BIG" and "Sanctuary". After they were finished copying them down, then I worked with them on their pronunciation of the songs. Then Sadie gave them all a shaker of some sort, and she played a couple of songs on her harmonica, and then we sang the songs from the board. After that she got out her accordion and we danced along to the songs, and that was it! We did that for all three classes yesterday, and it was sooooooooooo much fun!
Graça is coming to Canada to stay with one of the members from our team from November, as well as to visit other many other people from the team. I'm sure that all of my immediate family will be able to meet her especially at church, and I'm so excited about that. She's probably coming in late May and maybe to stay for a month or so. I will miss her terribly while she's gone.
This morning I went with Andréa to the school, and this afternoon I am going to three more classes. I think maybe tonight we're going to a concert of this famous group called Brune & Marrone...they sing Forro music. I'm not sure how to describe Forro, so for all you research likers, there is probably something you can find on the Internet about Forro. It's so much fun to dance to!
Anyways, I think that's all for today. I am praying for you all, and hope that you are safe and well. Love, Ashleigh :)


SInging Lady said...

Hey ho Ash.
Another good one to-day and I am even doing my homework!
I found several interesting sites about Forró


Below is the definition site and if you look on it there is a lot about it
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Forró is a type of dance popular in Northeastern Brazil, as well as a type of music which accompanies the dance. Both are much in evidence during the annual Festa Junina (June Festival).


Now teacher, do I get a good mark?
Agora professor, eu começo uma marca boa?

Lots of hugs and kisses
de você saiba quem!

PS . It is actually quite warm here to-day!

Anonymous said...

hey kiddo... my mum passed me this address, hope you don't mind!!

My email is jodywinder@hotmail.com

write to me sometime, k?

Love, Jody