Prep for the Day...

How do you start your morning? Do you put on the coffee maker, stumble into the bathroom for an obligatory shower, then guzzle your cup of java like it's your lifeline? Or do you get out of bed with the sun, and don some workout clothes to go for a winter run? 

More often than not, my morning routine includes a beeline for my laptop.  I stumble out of bed, grab a glass of water, then head online to see what's new.  If I'm not careful, I can easily spend the first two hours of my morning on the net, even before I eat breakfast.  

I think it's time to set parameters for myself.  I have been feeling almost physically ill by spending so much time in front of this screen.  It's time to take back the morning, to fill it with purpose, and get prepped for the day in clarity.

I'm always grateful when God shows me areas in my life that I can change; even small modifications are better than nothing. 


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Anita said...

I too tend to sepnd too much of my morning in front of a screen - thank you for this reminder!