New Favourite Fruit...

I've recently started eating healthier, and I mean extremely healthy.  I haven't had anything sweet in 13 days and  counting.  It's been an amazing diet transformation, one that my body is still getting used to.  Jake always tells me that I need to stick with something for three months before it actually becomes a habit.  I hope I don't have to go without sweets for three months, but when I do let them back in, they've got to be extremely moderated.

Anyways, that wasn't the point of this post.

The point of this post was to sing the praises of: the grapefruit, my new favourite fruit.

Bananas are my all-time favourite fruit, but I'm not eating them right now due to their high sugar content (yes, I know it's natural, but if you saw what I like to eat bananas with, you'd understand.  I mean, who else eats bananas and chocolate chips for breakfast?!)

Since this is grapefruit season, I've basically been having one every day for the past week.  I have never been so content with slicing up each little section, and digging out the perfect segment of juicy sourness.  They are just the right size to keep me going until lunch.

Back in the fall, I actually ate a grapefruit like you eat an orange. The skin is more tough than an orange, so I couldn't eat that, but I peeled it and sucked out the juices!  It was delightfully satisfying.

Get your grapefruit on!


p.s. why do they call it 'grape' fruit, when it looks nothing like a grape?!


krystle ann-marie said...

It's actually takes 14-21 days to form a new habit! Trust me, I'm in the business of forming new habits! So you're in luck, Ash! Only 1 week left! :) I have a great winter fruit salad recipe to share! It consists of grapefruit, clementines and pomegranate. It's the perfect combo of sweet, tangy and crunchy! Enjoy!

Susan said...

They say 21 days and it becomes a habit or you kick one. I know how you feel and you do notice a huge difference.