We made a cabbage stir-fry for dinner last night.  It was very good with rosemary (apparently I've got Jake hooked now).  I ate mine with lentils, and Jake had chicken and potatoes smothered in Diana sauce.  It looked amazing.  I love cabbage, and how versatile it is.  One of these days I might try cabbage rolls...


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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling Ash
You must think I have deserted you as I have been so remiss in replying to your recent blogs
I have read them all and been enjoyed the diversity in each one.
You new eating patterns sound like the you are working hard at trying to establish a healthy regime.
We have been working hard at packing this past couple of weeks and have taken two or three large loads of boxes up to the house.
We still have a long way to go but would like to try to make the big move sometime in mid March .
I had a crash day today though and didn't do anything after I came home from my dental appointment and now I am annoyed at myself.
I think I will give myself permission to lag a bit and try to make up for it when I have had some rest.
Love you always and say hi to Jake and give him a hug from me.
Lots of love