Every month there is a community dinner at my church.  Jake and I have been helping out with the cleanup, which means we get there early to enjoy the meal first.  Last night they were serving lasagna with caesar salad.  Everyone was salivating over this lasagna, and, unfortunately, there is no recipe, since the church ladies made it off the top of their combined heads.

I love coming out and helping, and I especially love eating the food.  What bothers me is how little I actually talk to the people from the community.  Some of them don't have much, and come from hard backgrounds.  I sometimes feel like an imposter.  I belong to that church, go there every week, but I have such difficulty engaging them in polite conversation, let alone sharing about Jesus.  Many of them intimidate me, if I'm going to be honest.  Big biker guys with tattoos all over them, hardened single moms- I have absolutely NO idea how to start a conversation.

However, I'm grateful to have these opportunities, and pray that God will use me even when I feel inadequate.


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Susan said...

Hardened moms? Sometimes the have to do that to protect themselves. Just be yourself and engage them and you will be sharing Jesus. As for the tattooed biker guys remember Ron has multiple tattoos...they just tell a story sometimes. Maybe ask about their significance.