The Hours...

You'd think one wouldn't be inspired to write something profound at this hour in the morning.  You'd be right.  As much as I'm enjoying this new habit of writing a blog as soon as I get up, I sometimes feel like you're getting the worst of my brain.  Sometimes I sit for 5 minutes trying to think about what to write, or I get distracted and navigate back to facebook.

Jake and I often talk about our 'optimal' working hours.  I have discovered that I work really well in the early afternoon.  I can function perfectly in the morning, don't get me wrong, but I do best work later in the day.  Why?  I have no idea.  But when you know certain details about yourself, it makes it easier to plan when you'll do certain activities.  It might even help you to decide which job to take.

When are your optimal working hours?



KSA said...

My optimal working time is from 6:30am-till about 9:30. If I get out of bed I can get more done in those three hours than I do the rest of the day. Even though I know this, there are still some cold winter days where bed seems to call loud and about an hour of my ideal time is spent snoozing.

Susan said...

Ashleigh, I, too work better later in the day. I am not great in the morning but like to enjoy a tea and devotions. Sure cannot work out as this old body takes some time to loosen up. :)