Date Night...

Jake and I try to save one night a week that we can go on a date, or just spend intentional time together.  Last night I wanted to go with him  to a Cafe that I'd enjoyed this week, only to discover that it closes at 3pm every day.  Nonplussed, we went to William's instead.  I drank a lemon tea while Jake scarfed down the biggest Belgian waffle I'd ever seen, drenched in strawberries and caramel sauce, and topped with two huge scoops of vanilla ice cream.  It was so distracting that I had to hide it behind a menu while I chatted and he ate.  He's been craving waffles for a long time, so I'm glad that he finally ordered one.

Since we've been trying to save money, our date nights haven't included restaurants for a while.  We compromised by going to a coffee shop, where you spend much less.  I find it hard to count something a date unless we are eating out, or going out, or paying money.  My mind has come to a little rut in that area of life.  However, it's the quality time that counts, and I enjoy spending every minute with my Jake.

He's such a hardworking man.  He even chose to work today, and forfeit his two-day weekend so that we could make some extra money.  It's only a five hour shift, but I'm so thankful that he's able to provide.  I've started to work more (I've picked up four babysitting shifts and four extra hours at the college), so hopefully I can contribute something too!


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