Whining? No me likey...

It doesn't happen very often, but today I feel like whining. And complaining. And anything else you can think of to make my life feel more miserable.
That's the worst part. It isn't miserable, and I know that. Just today I woke up feeling unrested, and then have felt very "not myself" for the rest of the day. It's just one of those things women go through sometimes, and only women understand. How unfortunate.

However, I am resolved to not let this mood take over. I am in control of the situation, I must CHOOSE joy, even when I don't feel like it at the time.

Tomorrow I am going to work with my manager. It will be strange to work a Saturday with only 2 people, but hopefully that means the day might go by faster.

I should go, going on a date with Jake tonight :D At least it's a nice night for a walk.



Singinglady said...

Hi sweetie
It is all right if you have a whinny day once in a while.
You have Nan’s permission!
You deserve it after all you have gone through.

As a matter of fact, my day hasn’t been the greatest either.
I hope your day will be a good one tomorrow at the store and I am sure that your evening with Jake tonight will help to brighten your day.
I found this reading and I have edited it.
It may not be exactly how you are feeling but there is some good thoughts in it for all of us to meditate on

Lots of love NAN

Comfort is a rare and wonderful gift. I remember as a
Child there were many times when I needed comfort.
Maybe it was a skinned knee or later as a teen, a
Broken heart over some boy that I thought I loved.
It was at those times that I reached out to another
Person for comfort and words of encouragement.

However, sometimes the comfort from another
Human being is not enough.
Sometimes the hurt
I experience is so deep and raw that no human
Words can ease the pain. There is nothing on
Earth large enough to bandage the brokenness
I sometimes feel.

These are the times when I need to look beyond
Humanity. I need something more effective. . . And
I have learned that only God can do this for me.
God has often provided me with great comfort,
If I go to Him and call on Him in my times of need.
However, there were sometimes, before I realize it,
That I forgot to call on God; maybe I was subconsciously
Angry with God or blaming God for the pain I was
Dealing with...

I forgot that unlike human comfort which feels
Good for a few moments, hours or even
A few days, God's comfort can last for a lifetime.

The Bible talks about God's comfort and describes
It as a comfort of strength and refreshment.

At the
Root of God's comfort, is the idea of nearness,
Because God calls us to be close to Him while He
Wraps His arms around us in a gentle hug that
Only He can give.

Now, when I feel deep sadness and pain, I go to God
In prayer and I find a strength, safety and solace
That only God can give.

And the wonderful thing
Is that God has never turned me away or said He
Was too busy for me.

~~Amber Rose

"He is the source of every mercy and the
God who comforts us."
2 Corinthians 1:3

Singinglady said...


I forgot to mention that I noticed you changed the picture.
I like this one better XO Again