A million mosquito bites...

I am running on maybe 7 hours sleep in the past 2 days, due to the very real fact that my mosquito bites make it very difficult to get some good shut-eye. I never said I liked them, but I am starting to see how God uses the mundane and annoying things in life to draw us closer to Him.

When you can't sleep at night, you start to do things you wouldn't normally do, like take time to listen to sermons (maybe for some of you that is part of your daily routine, and I commend you!). The one I chose was on prayer, and the pastor(Mark Driscoll) did an excellent job with it. I took notes while I was listening, and I am very encouraged to pray! His sermon was outlining how we can pattern our prayer after the way Jesus prayed.

I was just sitting there, slightly annoyed at how early I was up, when all of a sudden I realized, "Hey, there is a purpose in this; when I don't take time to spend focusing on God, sometimes He does things to get our attention, and He does it in the most unpredictable of ways!"

It was neat, because I couldn't get to sleep at all in the first place. I decided to be proactive, and soaked my feet in chammomile tea. It worked, and I felt sleepy, and fell asleep on the couch for two hours. When I moved to my bed, the effects of the soaking lasted for only two hours after that. However, I did get four hours sleep, which I am so grateful for, as it is definitely better than nothing.

I am just grateful for the way God grabbed my attention, and said, "Hey! I want to spend some time with you! I need to tell you some things that you need to hear!"

Sometimes a million mosquito bites can prove to be less annoying than one would think...


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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling
I am so sad for you with those nasty bites.
Have you not got something you could put on them?
Calamine lotion is good or After Bite works good too.

Both of these things you could get at Zehrs or the drug store.
I am glad that the chamomile foot bath helped to relax you and that you got a bit of rest.
Maybe today you can catch up on the sleep you lost.
I hope you have a good day in spite of the bites

God does have ways to get our attention and sometimes it is in a way we least expect it.

I am glad that you turn your eyes to Him and meditate on His Word to calm you down and strengthen your spirits.

I leave you with this thought to meditate on

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished
By people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

- Dale Carnegie
Lots of luv NAN XOXO