Water is Good...

I went home on the week-end, and had a great but challenging time with my family. This is one of those times when I wish I wasn't an adult, and that people would just make decisions for me.

I learned a lot in my devotions today, from Judges 20-21 if you can believe it. I learned that when the Israelites needed to know God's will there were a few things involved:

1.) They came before Him. They sought Him out. They didn't just sit back in their lazy boys and expect God to give them answers.
2.) They were humble. They openly wept before their God, which can sometimes be a humbling experience.
3.) They asked and inquired of God what His will was for them. How else could they have known if they did not ask?
4.) They were persistent, and prayed from morning until night. They did this not just once, but three times.
5.) They fasted, allowing God to speak to them without being distracted by food.
6.) They presented burnt offerings to him on behalf of their requests.

What do we need to do to ask God about His will?
1.)Be there-Seek His face
4.)Be persistent-don't give up on God
6.)Surrender-present ourselves as "living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is our spiritual act of worship" (Rom. 12:1)

Even though God didn't tell me what His will, for now I need to do these things.

Love, Ashleigh

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Singinglady said...

Hello my darling,
You are really coming up with some profound things as you share with us your inmost thoughts and feelings.

You weekend at home was a mixture of comfort and challenge and seeking the help of your parents to guide you or at least to give you some suggestions to consider as you work out the decisions that you have been dealing with.

Welcome to adulthood!

I know that for you it has been hard to make important decisions on your own, but there comes a point in your life when those who have been the decision makers, i.e. your parents or others you look up to, have to take their hands off and I assure you, it is just as hard for them to do that as it is for you to be left in the driver’s seat.

You have been raised in a Godly home, where His Word has be taught and you know that the Bible holds many of the answers that you are seeking and it is good to read that you are availing yourself of this and making practical applications to your own life and situation.

In the meantime no one is abandoning you or setting you adrift to flounder helplessly around.

We are all here and praying continually for you.

I close with a thought on Worry



What does it mean to worry? The Latin concept of worry describes a
Turbulent force within a person. Worry is a heart and mind in turmoil.

The ancient Greeks thought of worry as something that tears a person

In two and drags that person in opposite directions.

It is like
Opposing forces in deadly conflict within the very being of the

The word "worry" itself comes from an old Anglo-Saxon term meaning to
Choke, or strangle, and that is exactly what it does - it chokes the
Joy of living wage right out of its victim.

And it chokes off the
Energy to improve one's condition.

There is a place for healthy concern, but too often our concern turns
Into fearful worry.
And worry, more than the problem, becomes our real

Some people have worried for so long that they have become good at it.

Just as we can become good at any attitude or behavior if we practice
It enough, we can also become good at worrying.

Worry is habit -
a Habitual response to life's problems.

I rather like the attitude of the late United Methodist Bishop Welch.
When he reached the age of 101, he was asked if he didn't think a lot
About dying.
With a twinkle in his eye, he replied, "Not at all!

When Was the last time you heard of a Methodist bishop dying at 101?"

One reason for his longevity is that he never developed the habit of

Next time you feel yourself worrying, be like the frogs - they eat
What bugs them.

Decide to no longer practice needless worry and
Instead practice peace.

Replace your habit of fearful worry with the
Habit of courageous action.

As Harvey Mackey has said,
"Good habits
Are as addictive as bad habits and a lot more rewarding."

Practice Joy.
Practice faith.
And practice courage.
Soon your life will be too
Rich and full for worry.

~~Steve Goodier