Goodbyes and Packing...

Only in hindsight do you realize the irony of things. You can spend a whole summer living with people, but it is only at the moment of their departure that you wish you had spent more time with them while they were here. That is how I am feeling right now. One of my roommates, Leanne, who graduated in May, left on Friday for her home in London, and the other, Christina, is moving to Calgary to spend four months there, then will be living in the Czech Republic for another four months. Both of these women are amazing, and I am pleased to have had the privelege of getting to know them. I will miss them so much, and I wish them all godspeed in the next stage of their lives!!!

Yesterday marked mine and Jake's third month of dating. We had Missy and Rob over, and we all, including Caitlyn, enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner! It was a lot of fun! Afterwards, Jake and I celebrated dating by watching a Bollywood movie he bought in Toronto two months ago, called Jodhaa Akbar. It was a very good movie, for Bollywood. It wasn't overly cheesy, and actually had a happy ending! I have been wanting to watch it for a long time, so it seemed appropriate. I like dating him :D

Today, after a week's worth of turmoil and prayer about my living and schooling situation, I feel at peace. I have decided to stay where I am, and to switch into a 3 year bachelor, in just a general degree. I would like to finish in my current program, but without going into a mountain of debt, or taking time off to save up money, I think this is the most sensible course of action to take. This way, I only have to take four more courses, and I will be finished. I am moving into a house walking distance from the campus, which I will be sharing with two other girls. Since I will only be taking two courses this semester, I need to find another job to help out with things, and to seriously save up some money.

I am not copping out on missions. I know that God has called me to go into missions, but not by means of debt. However, I am going to finish a degree because I believe that this will be something of a personal accomplishment, and commitment to God with the money that I do have saved up. I have never finished anything major in my life before, and I want to finish this. After, I don't know what God has planned. I want to get my TESOL certificate and teach English to people, or learn a spate of languages and communicate the love of God with others. Or both. I just want to use the gifts God has given me so that His name may be glorified!

I know that if this is not what God wants for my life, if I am going against His will, that He will open and shut doors as he sees fit.

Ah, now on to packing. What a dreadful bore. I am excited, though, because after my shift tomorrow, I am having lovely friends come over and help me move, and then we will hang out!!! This makes me very excited indeed!!! I hope some of you can come and see my house. It is exceptionally nice!

Just a shout out to all those people I have been stressing on lately, namely mom and dad, and Jake...I just want to thank you all for your care, support, and patience. Most of all, I want to thank you for your prayers!!! And Nana, thank you so much for your faithful comments, even though you don't have to write them. They are very encouraging, and make me want to write more often.

I also want to publicly thank my Lord and God, who, even though it may seem like He is messing with me, patiently teaches me and carries me through the mountains and valleys of life. It is to you alone I surrendered my life when I called upon your name and believed, and it is to You alone that I continue with my education in hopes of serving you here in school and in whatever ministries it is that you would have me serve you in! I love you LORD!!!

Love always,

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Singinglady said...

Hi my love,
Only two more to go and I am all caught up, that is unless you post a new one before I get finished!

You have indeed been very prolific for the month of August and it has been great reading each one of your blogs.

I do not like it when I get backed up though but under the circumstances, this time I had a valid excuse.

Not that I think you are expecting me to write, but I just like to let you know that we are reading your notes and enjoying them.
It makes us feel closer to you.

Good byes are never easy and I am sure that you had some feelings of sadness as your friends moved out this week and when you realize there is always the possibility that it may be the last time you will see them.

However you had a good summer with them and I am sure that they have enjoyed your company as well.

It sounds like you had a good evening with friends, as you and Jake had a mini celebration of you "quarter year" anniversary!
(How’s that for a description!)

Again by the time I am getting back here, the packing is now behind you and thankfully for you, some of the “stressers” are also resolved and decisions that you were working on have also been addressed and it seems as if there is a peace about the changes in some of your directions for school courses and accommodations.

I am so glad that you have your mom and dad and now Jake to be there for you when you need them most.

More important than that, God is the Ever-present help and He will never leave you or forsake you!
I know that you know that and if you are sensitive to his guidance.

Keep on thanking Him for being in your life as your ONE and ONLY!
He will take you in the direction He wants you to take.

Thank you for your kinds words about my notes to you.
I am glad that in some way I can encourage you and keep that bond between us that we have always had.

I leave you with this note on priorities


It is critical for me to keep my priorities in order
And to keep my life the same way.

Sometimes as I
Trudge on my pathway in life,
I find that my
Priorities get out of whack.

I over-extend myself
In my effort to do all that I feel I must get done
For that day . . .

I must exercise, pray, work,
Care for the family etc.

As worthwhile as all of these efforts may be,
They all work toward the same goal of helping
Us be people more capable of loving.
If I am a Person that truly loves, what else really matters?

There are going to be many days when I can
Accomplish all the goals I set out for that day;
But more often than not,
I will only accomplish
One or two of the goals I set up for myself.
No one
Is telling me I must do all the things on my list...
Just me.

So, I am going to be sure that my 1st goal is
Loving those around me and then work on the
Other goals as time permits. That doesn't mean
That I will be lazy... Just making sure that love is
My top priority.
That is what Jesus tells us...
"Love one another as I have loved you."

~~Amber Rose