Home Alone 5 ...

Well, thanks to all my very good friends, Missy, Rob, Nathaniel, Tricia, and Jake, I am moved in to my new place! It is even more beautiful than I remember! The only thing that I need to ask my landlord about is to get some screens in the sliding door and the kitchen window. There needs to be some air circulation upstairs!

The moving party was amazing. We only filled one and a half cars, but I felt really awful because I have a lot of stuff. However, most of what I own I have- I have only left a few boxes of my stuff at mom and dad's.

Nathaniel and Tricia made a delicious meal of ground beef sauce over mashed potatoes, and cooked snow peas and broccoli with butter. I know, your mouth is melting as you read this. So is mine! They stayed until 10:45pm, and then I was left alone. In that house.

It kind of freaked me out, but it was fun. I feel like a grown up now! And I want to take pride in my house, and keep it clean and everything. I can't wait for my roommates to move in.

Thursday is my last night of work at this tuxedo shop. It is very bittersweet, as I will miss working with these people, but I am very happy to be doing something else as well. I cannot wait to go to the library!


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Singinglady said...

Dear Ash,
I finally made it!
I really wanted to start with this one when I began the responses, but I thought that it would be best to go back to the earlier ones first.
I am so glad that the move went well for you and that you had the help of so many of your friends to get you settled in.

That sure sounded like a good meal that they prepared for you.

Is anyone else going to be there with you or is this just a self-contained apartment?

It sounds like already you are feeling proud to have your own place.

I hope that your last day at the tuxedo shop goes well.

Now you can look ahead to the library job and another semester with your friends who will soon be returning to school after their summer vacations.

God bless you as you begin a new semester and may you continue to draw you strengthen and direction from Him.

1 Kings 17:8-16
Are you focusing on the instrument or the source of your provision?
The means God uses may change, but his faithfulness endures forever.

He's infinitely more reliable than any other
The Lord is inviting you to trust Him and live in both the adventure and security of a life of faith.
Dr. Charles Stanley
In Touch Ministries