Up Early...

It's extremely ironic that I took a natural sleeping pill before bed so that I could sleep a little deeper, yet ended up tossing and turning throughout the wee hours of the morning.

I also woke up an hour earlier than normal. 

I have had a lot on my mind, and it's not even 8am yet.

1. It's a beautiful morning.
2. I wish it were more quiet.  (The traffic can get a little busy at this hour in our small corner of Hespeler)
3. Why am I so awake?
4. I've been eating a lot of crap food this week. But today will be better.
5. Should I work out this morning, or wait to work out with Jake later?
6. What should I have for breakfast?
7. My kitchen is a mess.
8. Devos or blog first?
9. Must. Make. Coffee.
10. How are we going to raise the remaining $7000 for our trip in one week!!!
11. I need some fresh air.

Jake often tells me, "There is NO WAY that you can be thinking about all of that at once.  That's not even possible."

If you're like me, then you know, friend, that it is possible.  And if you're like me, you know that that list doesn't even scratch the surface of what I've been thinking about this morning.

For now, I'll finish this blog and enjoy my coffee, effectively taking care of two things at least!



Anita said...

ah yes - so true!!!
I do know that all those thoughts at once it totally possible :)
If you're looking for a good book I highly recommend Lalita Tademy's book - Cane River. If you liked The House at Riverton and The Kitchen Help you'll like this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ash
My thoughts are on a merry go round these days as we try to make order out of chaos here with our unpacking and settling in .
Pops keeps saying we are alright and it is coming along but somehow it doesn't seem that way to me!
I had a mini meltdown last weekend and the couple of days away in Haliburton helped a bit but things were still the same when we got back home!
We will continue to pray for you and Jake and your situation for the support for the trip.
Lots of love NAN xoxoxo