On being joyful...

Something I need to learn how to do is rejoice (Zephaniah 3:14).  There are many instances in the Bible that begin with 'Rejoice!', among which I read this morning.  I equate that word with 'Cheer up!  You have much to be thankful for!'  Is that true in my life?  Do I have much to be thankful for? Of course!

My God supplies all that I have, provides me with love and grace.  He has saved me from spiritual death.  So why does it seem so hard to 'give thanks' and 'rejoice'?

Last night, Jake said something along the lines of, "We get so used to not being thankful that it seems to catch us off guard when we realize that we don't have it so bad after all." (At least, he said something like that)

But it's true.  We train ourselves to look for things that make us unhappy in life.  But why?  It only leads to more stress and negativity.

I've decided to let God train me into being a more thankful person.  I'm going to try to write down at least one note of praise and thankfulness every day.  I'm sure I could do more, but you've got to start somewhere, right?



Singinglady said...

Since I did not get a chance to get a response back to you on your last blog re joy in your life as I read this email to day I thought I would share it with you as there are some good thoughts in it

Author: Charles H. Gabriel

1. I stand amazed in the presence
Of Jesus the Nazarene,
And wonder how He could love me,
A sinner, condemned, unclean.

(Refrain) O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
And my song shall ever be:
O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
Is my Saviour's love for me!

2. For me it was in the garden
He prayed: "Not My will, but Thine."
He had no tears for His own griefs,
But sweat drops of blood for mine.

3. In pity angels beheld Him,
And came from the world of light
To comfort Him in the sorrows
He bore for my soul that night.

4. He took my sins and my sorrows,
He made them His very own;
He bore the burden to Calvary,
And suffered and died alone.

5. When with the ransomed in glory
His face I at last shall see,
'Twill be my joy through the ages
To sing of His love for me.

Saturday, August 11, 2012
Today's Devotional
Joyful Christians
Psalm 92:1 - It is good to praise the Lord and make music to Your name, O Most High. (NIV)

Psalm 100:1-2 - Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. (NIV)

A few weeks ago, we were privileged to hear an African children's choir sing. The joy that these children exhibited and their love for Jesus were quite contagious and very uplifting!

Since then, we hosted a couple of young men from Malawi who were part of a group of youth who were attending Canada Youth 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We had a potluck supper for them at our church, and they taught us a couple of songs. One was called "Making Melodies". It goes like this:

Making melodies in my heart,
Making melodies in my heart,
Making melodies in my heart
To the King of kings.

There were actions that accompanied the song: thumbs up, elbows back, chest out, knees bent, turn around, tongue out. They had everyone participating in the actions, and we had such fun. They truly exhibited the joy of the Lord!

We, as Christians, should be joyful people. Jesus has forgiven our sins and conquered our worst enemy, death. This is good reason to be joyful! We should be excited about Jesus and what He has done for us, just as these African young people are. Do we show our joy when we sing praises to God? Do we clap our hands? Do we raise our hands to Him? Do we dance? Do we look happy?

What witnesses of their faith these two groups were! Those of us who met these young people only have to hear the words "Making Melodies", and we are smiling. The tune usually stays with us for the rest of the day (or longer). We bought a CD of the children's choir, and I am playing it wherever I go in the car. In one of the songs the children sing, "He is the reason that Africans sing."

Psalm 126:3 - The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. (NIV)

God has blessed us in so many wonderful ways. The greatest gift of all is that He sent His Son, Jesus, Who died on the cross for our sins so that we can have a right relationship with Him. When we confess our sins to God, we can experience the love and forgiveness that comes from Jesus. We are set free. This is good reason to sing joyfully!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we praise You and thank You for giving us Jesus. Forgive us for our complacency and lack of enthusiasm. Help us to be the joyful Christians that we ought to be, so that we can be witnesses of Your great love for us and bring glory to Your name. For You alone are worthy of our praise. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Dee Renaud
Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada

Singinglady said...

Lots of love from a joy filled Nan! XOXOX