African Lion Safari...

It was a wild day on Saturday.  Jake and I spent the afternoon at the African Lion Safari, courtesy of his company; picnic was provided, and fun was required.

Much fun was indeed had by all, including that time when we got soaked during two of the freak downpours that spread across the grounds. 

If you're not familiar with how the popular attraction works, there is a 1-hr safari through the park's 6 reserves (in which you can take a safari bus at extra cost or risk your precious Volvo in the baboon reserve...your choice!), three shows, some birds and other animals on display, a water safari ride (duly named The African Queen), and a train ride.

The three 20-minute shows consist of "Parrot Paradise", "Birds of Prey", and "Elephant Round-up", each taking place at varying times during the day.  It was during two of these that we were soaked to the bone.  My umbrella even started to leak.  By the end, I was gritting my teeth as I walked around with a wet backside, trying to smile and remind myself that I was blessed to be doing something fun with my husband.  We still managed to finish well, with a delightful and informative tour in their little museum, containing skulls, furs, and eggs of various animals. 

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty fun day.  I mean, it was free, we were served BBQ, and we got to spend the day together.  That is something worthy of thanks to our God.


P.s.  I was consoled by having a warm bubble bath when I got home...ah, that is the life!

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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling
We have never been to the African Lion Safari.
Except for the rain that drenched you, it sounds like it would be an interesting place to visit.
I am glad that all in all you did manage to find some joy in the excursion but I am sure that the warm bubble bath when you got home was the highlight of the day!!! Lots of love from NAN xoxox