Coming Alive...

Burning legs
Sweat dripping from every pore
Clear mind and thoughts
Heart pumping wildly within my chest
Aching muscles
Feeling so alive

These are just a few of the reasons I love working out.  The funny thing is, it takes a little bit for me to actually start the exercise.  Sometimes I'm so tired, or so just a little bit lazy (or I don't make the time). However, with a little push (often from my loving husband), I start, and then sometimes I can't stop.  Yesterday, I was just planning on doing a 12 minute HIIT workout, and after that I was energized enough to go for a 20 minute run.  It never ceases to amaze me how good I feel after working out.  It completely changes my disposition.  

What helps you to focus and feel better when you're having an off day?


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krystle ann-marie said...

I can so relate! I just posted something very similar, without realizing you wrote about it too! Most days it's a mind game. Some days it can be so hard to eat better and exercise. I focus on how I feel after and try to remind myself of that the next time around.