Butterfly Memories...

Yesterday in class, my students decided that the word 'last' was banned, and that we wouldn't cry until today.

I would like to, however, keep in my memory those wonderful times we've had during the past 6 weeks.  Yesterday we went to Elora, and they fell in love with the beautiful village and tourist area, as well as the Gorge itself.  No matter how many times I've gone there with students over the years, it always comes alive for me when I see their faces light up and hear how beautiful they think it is. 


You know how it is when you see a butterfly in a place completely out of the ordinary, like in the middle of an intersection, and you marvel at the stark contrast of that graceful fluttering against the harsh concrete?  Moments like those happen in my life, where the grueling pace slows, and I can see the joyous peace of God rippling around me like butterfly wings.

This is truly beautiful.


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Such a nice way to complete your time with this years' students. Always some sadness for everyone as you say your farewells, but you have made some special memories for them to take back home and have your own as well.
Lots of love NAN XOXOX