The End of Something Good...

Enjoying the beauty of Canadian nature on our last day together

Even though I haven't had a chance to write a blog since ETC ended, it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about and missing my students.  This week has been nice in that I've been catching up on friends, baking, and other things.
It's not just that I'm out of a job.  ETC was more than just work to me.  It was imparting knowledge to people who couldn't have gained it otherwise.  It was getting to know a different culture and meeting new people.  It was building lasting relationships that are grounded in Christ.  It was sharing faith, stories, laughs, love, and so much more.

We had a good time, didn't we?  Yes, it came to an end.  We all knew it would.  But...we have memories that will last forever.

You know, people might think it's crazy that I gave up my job at the taxi company just to teach for 6 weeks, knowing that I would be out of a job like I am now.

But you know what would have been crazier??

Not teaching.

It would have been crazier to not do what I love, and to not have met those students and to not have had wonderful experiences together.  I don't regret a single moment.

I miss everyone, but I'm happy.  It was fulfilling and God-honouring.


I have many places to stay when I go to Korea one day :)


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Anita said...

always good to follow your heart's desire!
also I need a good book to read, any recommendations?