It Must Be That Time of Year...

I've been loving these cooler days.  Last night Jake and I went on a picnic with some friends of ours, and there were so many families and friends at the park with the exact same idea in mind.  You know the weather is more bearable when...


I have many fond memories of various picnics I've enjoyed over the years, and yet, it'd been so long since my last one, I couldn't remember what are good picnic foods.  Here is a list of some of the good picnic eats that I was reminded of last night:

-chicken (KFC or a whole Zehrs' chicken)
-potato/macaroni salad
-deviled/hard-boiled eggs
-peanut butter/banana/jam/tuna sandwiches (perhaps not all of those options together)
-cookies/brownies, etc.

A few weeks ago, my fellow teacher and I took our students to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in Guelph, and we had a little picnic there, as well.  Another student and I made peanut butter/jam sandwiches, as well as tuna sandwiches.  However, my students, being Korean, also made delicious rice balls, which are usual picnic fare for Koreans.  I hadn't seen them make it, so when they pulled out these little balls wrapped in aluminum, I was intrigued.  The picture below-which I can't take credit for- is similar to what ours looked like, the only difference being there was seaweed wrapped around ours.

They were delicious and satisfying, and I'm sure if you enjoy rice and fresh veggies that you would enjoy these too! Who knows, maybe I will try making them sometime and surprise people at a picnic.

So...I'm curious...what food do you and yours like to take with you on picnics?  Feel free to leave a comment so we can all broaden our picnic 'horizons' a little more.


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