Clean-eating Caramel Popcorn...

I bought an air popper at Value Village a few months ago.  Not having tested it at the store, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked.

I pulled it out last night, only to find the motor had burned out and it wasn't working.  It was only my second time using it.

Not to be outsmarted by technological delays, I went traditional and made popcorn on the stove.  I found this recipe for caramel popcorn, but made my own change.  

Don't be deceived by the ingredients.  It tastes exactly like caramel popcorn, without all the added sugar!

  1. Make 8-10 cups popcorn (air-popped or over the stove)
  2. Sprinkle some sea salt (to taste) over the popcorn when it's still hot 
  3. Over a stove or in the microwave, heat a 1/2 cup of brown rice syrup (the recipe called for honey)
  4. Add 1/4 cup peanut butter and heat just enough to make the mixture runny
  5. Pour over the popcorn and stir until combined
I haven't tried it with honey, but I like the mellow flavour of brown rice syrup.  It tastes similar to corn syrup, but much healthier.  You can find brown rice syrup in the health food section at Zehrs, or at your local health food store.

This popcorn tastes good both hot or cool, but it's much easier to eat once it's cooled.  I would have added a picture, but I happened to eat it all before the thought even crossed my mind.

It's just that good.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ash
I am sure this was delicious but I will bypass this one because of the peanut butter! LOL!


krystle ann-marie said...

Great idea, Ash! Much better then corn syrup. I'm going to try this for Hallowe'en. We don't go out, but I always make special treats for an evening in.