Strange Feelings...

This morning I woke up feeling a little bit out of sorts.  Traveling to other countries and experiencing new things kind of takes that toll, doesn't it?

There is a lounge with a kitchen on the third floor of our building, and the TEAM people stocked it with literally everything- breakfast-wise, that is.  Jake and I enjoyed some eggs and toast with bacon, and he also had waffles and cereal.  We met one of the other TEAMservers here for the orientation, and he plans to travel to France once he gets all of his support.  

It's been weird not having the use of our cell phones.  As Jake and I were sitting down for 'lupper' yesterday afternoon, we were a bit fidgety, feeling vulnerable because we couldn't text or check FB.  Yes, it's our technological-culture, but it does concern me a little bit that I feel the withdrawal already.  I have to fight my need to be 'connected', especially because now Jake and I are sharing my laptop, rather than having the use of his desktop at home.  

We already had a 'learning' experience this morning, because, as I mentioned before, my strange feeling this morning has got me feeling slightly insecure and a lot out of control. 

On a side note- remember that booked I dropped in the bathtub a couple of weeks ago? Ya, it's mine.  The library called me, just as we were leaving Cambridge, to let me know that they can't reshelve it because of the damage. 


Good thing I enjoyed it!



On God's path said...

Oh dear about the book...that strange feeling sadly will not be something you will get used to just yet. However in the coming days maybe week or sooo you'll finally get there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashleigh,

Sure do know that feeling as I experienced it when going to Uruguay for my honeymoon (36 years ago). Technology is great but North Americans are so dependent upon it. I'm feeling something of it now as I've never responded to a blog and hope that I don't "blow it". Memory verse lady at Vivian is signing out now. Take care.

Singinglady said...

Hi my darling
I think that it is perfectly natural to feel unsettled and on edge right now as you have come though a period behind you when you and Jake have had so many expectations and uncertainties for the arrangements for this long waited trip.
Now things are coming together in God's timing and I am sure it must be rather overwhelming.
We are so glad that Jake is with you on this trip and you can lean on one another for support when things get a little bit more than you can handle for that moment.
I am sure that each day will bring its own challenges but just keep your focus on Him and let Him be the guide.
Much love from Nan and Pops